10 Best Running Shoes for Men in 2018 Reviewed with Buying Guide

Today we are reviewing the best running shoes for men in 201​8. Here, you will find our best tips on how to choose top quality men's running shoes. And then you will find our top 10 carefully researched and reviewed running shoes for men. We recommend you to read our buying guide first and then read the reviews to get more clear understanding about what types of running shoes are ideal for your own requirements. 

Buying Guide for Best Running Shoes for Men

How Do You Choose The Best Running Shoes for Men?

What is your criteria when you select a running shoe for yourself? Do you prefer fashionable looks or do you give preference to quality material? Do you shop them from your local shoe store or do you buy them online?

Do you like specific brands such as Adidas, Nike or do you also choose other brands such as Brooks, Saucony, etc.? Do you always think about your very specific requirements while choosing a running shoe?

Do you often look at the actual features of the shoe and read the actual real reviews from current users? These are the most burning questions that all of us should ask to ourselves in order to shop the best quality running shoes for men.

If you have the right answers to all these questions, then you are good to go. But if not, you certainly need to know the prerequisites or necessary criteria to buy the best running shoes for men in 201​8. The following are some of the most important tips that will be required for you to understand before you go out shopping for the men’s running shoes.

Important Tips to Buy the Best Running Shoes for Men

1. Think About Cushioning: The cushioning factor is the most important one for a runner to get while running. If your running shoes provide better cushioning then your feet will not get tired and will also get better support while running. So it is important for you to check the level of cushioning you need in your next pair of running shoe.

2. Your Arch Type: Another very important factor to think of is your actual arch type. Choosing right arch running shoe means you definitely get better support and comfort for your feet during running.

There are three arch types; viz. low arch, medium arch and high arch. People with lower arch need stability running shoes while people with higher arch need neutral running shoes. Depending upon your arch type, you should choose your running shoe.

3. Type of Running and Kind of Running Track You Use: It is equally important to think about the type of track you run on. At the same time, what type of running you perform on a daily basis is also essential to think of while choosing running shoes for men.

E.g. Trail runners will need running shoes that provide better traction, grip and cushioning. On the other side, road runners or track runners will require the running shoes that are lightweight and have less traction. At the same time, the kind of running you perform is equally important in order to buy the right running shoes.

Whether you do sprinting, cross country running, marathon running, indoor or outdoor running, the kind of running shoe differs greatly which depend upon your actual running type.

4. Your Foot Size and Width: Yes, this is one of the most overlooked factors that most beginner level runners forget to focus on. Your actual foot width and size is important to know when you shop for the best men’s running shoes.

There is always a great risk of buying the incorrect sized running shoe in case you are unaware about your actual foot measurements. If you don’t know your actual foot size and width, you can either measure it from a local shoe store professional or you can easily measure it at your home on your own.

5. Shoe’s Overall Durability and Breathability: Yes, these are also important things to know before you buy any running shoe for yourself. Good breathability running shoe means your feet will remain dry and warm for a longer period of time. Highly breathable shoe prevents excessive sweating, odour and moisture while running.

Your running shoes must also have a longer life span and durable material construction. Use of highly durable material in your running shoe increases the overall life span of your new shoe. So always look out for highly durable and breathable running shoe.

6. Comfortable Upper Design: Upper material of your running shoe must be made up of very comfortable, durable, breathable and supportive material. If your shoe upper is comfortable and breathable, it keeps your feet sweat free, moisture free, comfortable, and injury free. Therefore, upper material must be made up of high quality material for getting enhanced comfort and support.

7. Good Ankle and Heel Support: The heel and ankle support is essential for any runner while running. Good running shoes that provide great ankle and heel support always protect you from unexpected heel and ankle injuries during running schedule. So look out for those men’s running shoes that offer good heel and ankle support as well.

These are our top 7 tips that will help you make more thoughtful, and well informed buying decision. Never forget these criteria while choosing the best men’s running shoes.

In addition to above 7 tips, we have found more useful tips for novice and beginner level runners. Check out the following video where you will know exactly what to look for in a new running shoe when you are new to whole running experience.

Reviews of Top 10 Best Running Shoes for Men in 2018

10. Zoot Men's Ultra TT 7.0 Running Shoe

Zoot Men's Ultra TT 7.0 Running Shoe Review

Zoot Men's Ultra TT 7.0 Running Shoe is at no. 10 in our list of the top 10 men’s running shoes of 201​8. Zoot brand is the new entry in this list and it really deserves its place for sure. Its features such as asymmetrical quick lacing, High quality CarbonSpan+ material, etc. increase its efficiency and usefulness.

This shoe is greatly comfortable and supportive for your feet. It has less cushioning but it does provide that barefoot running feel. It offers secure fitting and faster on and off. This Zoot running shoe does not have a lot of inner seams which means you get almost no blisters and hot spots while running for long distances.

However, it has some flaws such as back plastic which seems a hindrance in quick on and off. Plus the shoe has less padding which could be uncomfortable for some long distance runners. In spite of these drawbacks, this Zoot men’s running shoe is ideal for runners who are looking for well supportive, comfortable and quick lacing running shoe.

Check out the following overview video of Zoot men's Ultra TT 7.0 shoe from Zappos to get more clear idea. 

9. Merrell Men's All Out Crush Trail Running Shoe

At no. 9, we have Merrell Men’s All Out Crush Trail Running Shoe. This running shoe is ideal for runners who usually run through muddy regions, loose dirt and sharp rocky locations.

It comes with unique features such as protective toe cap, M-Select Grip outsole, and drainage ports, etc. The upper is completely washable and it is made from abrasion resistant TPU material. M-Select Fresh material of this shoe is good for protecting your feet from excessive sweating, moisture and odour.

The outsole of this Merrell men’s running shoe offers good grip as well as traction on slippery surfaces. The shoe’s unique Uni-Fly impact absorption system provides good shock absorption, stability and protection for your feet. Plus this running shoe is completely vegan friendly because it is made from zero percent animal products and offers higher comfort as well.

This shoe has its few drawbacks such as little toe box and less amount of padding on the footbed. Apart from these cons, the shoe works well for long distance male runners.

You can also check out the following video where you will get more in-depth review of this Merrell men's All Out Crush shoe.

8. Skechers Performance Men's Go Run Vortex Running Shoe

Another best men’s running shoe at no. 8 is Skechers Performance Men’s Go Run Vortex Running Shoe. This is the fifth generation running shoe of Skechers Go Run 5 series. This shoe is best for runners who are looking for very supportive, lightweight, responsive and fast running shoe.

The outsole of this shoe is made from Resa Grip Visual Technology. This outsole offers very good grip and traction on variety of roads and surfaces. Plus it possesses really good midfoot strike zone that assists exceptionally in getting enhanced grip on slippery routes. This sole is also very lightweight and durable in nature.

The insole consists of unique Goga mat energy-return technology. It retains energy and prevents untimely fatigue for long distance runners. The air mesh elastic tongue and straps are responsible in getting perfect and quick fitting for your feet. You can easily wear these running shoes and take them off fairly quickly due to these features.

However, some users do feel that these Skechers running shoes are little bit narrow and offers less arch support. Though, these opinions could vary person to person. In spite of these weaknesses, the shoe is still great for runners who are searching for highly responsive, lightweight and speedy running shoe.

Check out the following shoe expert video review about Skechers Go Run Vortex men's running shoe.

7. Salomon Men's Speedcross 3 CS Trail Running Shoe

Salomon Men's Speedcross 3 CS Trail Running Shoe Review

Next at no. 7 comes one of the most durable, stable and flexible running shoes on our list. Its name is Salomon Men’s Speedcross 3 CS Trail Running Shoe. It is especially best for muddy terrains.

This shoe offers great grip and it is highly comfortable to run in. The upper of this Salomon running shoe consists of extra durable material and it also gives more secure fitting for your feet.

The shoe possesses Climashield Technology which provides enhanced breathability and fast drying ability in rainy seasons. The one pull quick lacing system makes it easy for runners to quickly wear the shoe and also to take it off speedily.

The outsole is made from ContaGrip Traction technology. It offers good grip and traction on various kinds of roads. The mesh upper prevents entry of debris while running through muddy regions.

It also has a mud guard and the shoe is completely water resistant in nature. The footbed is well cushioned and it is made from injected molded EVA material. Apart from these good points, there are some bad points too.

According to some buyers, the tread of the shoe wears out fairly quickly and after that it squeaks loudly once the outsole gets wet. Though this can not be said for all the versions, there is a little doubt for these issues in this shoe. Nevertheless, these Salomon men’s running shoes are worthwhile for runners who are looking for quick drying, comfortable, quick lacing, lightweight mud trail running shoes.

Here is an expert review about this shoe where you will know its actual pros and cons in real time testing environment.

6. Brooks Men's Adrenaline GTS 17 Running Shoe

At no. 6, we have one of the most popular and bestselling running shoes of 2018. Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS 17 Running Shoe is definitely the best choice for the male runners who are searching for well cushioned and highly stable long distance running footwear.

This Brooks running shoe is especially ideal for runners who overpronate and are looking for stability road running shoe. The upper mesh is highly breathable and its material is structurally well supportive for your feet. The midfoot saddle of this shoe offers more secure and customizable fitting.

This running shoe also possesses the BioMoGo DNA cushioning design which aids in getting good cushioning and dynamic running experience. The tri-density midsole of this shoe is really good in keeping control on your pronation. The forefoot of the shoe is made by full blown rubber material and its segmented Crash Pad helps in getting smooth transitions.

HPR Plus design of the outsole increases the durability factor for the shoe. The outsole is made from Flextra Rubber material. This type of rubber offers great flexibility and support for your feet during running.

Besides these excellent features, there are some issues to discuss regarding the performance of this shoe. Some users have reported the problem of certain stitched on pieces in the front of the shoe. It seems to create unnecessary pressure on your toes and foot.

This could lead to some discomfort during long distance running. So it needs to be sorted out quickly by the Brooks manufacturer. Apart from this single issue, we have not found any major drawbacks. We highly recommend this Brooks men’s running shoe for all long distance runners who want well supportive, comfortable and well cushioned running shoe.

Kindly watch the following expert video review to get more understanding about this Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17 shoe.

5. Nike Men's Air Zoom Pegasus 33 Running Shoe

Nike Men’s Air Zoom Pegasus 33 Running Shoe is at no. 5 in our list of best men’s running shoes of 2018. Nike is one of the most beloved brands when it comes to running shoes. If you are looking for high performance, well cushioned and more comfortable men’s running shoe then this is the one you should look up to now.

The Nike Zoom Air Units technology offers great cushioning and breathability for your feet. The midsole of this shoe also provides good cushioning for runners. However, if you are looking for high arch support, you will have to buy another supportive insert for the same.

There is only one minor issue and that is the back side of the shoe. The lower internal heel side seems to rub the heels of the runners. This can lead to some discomfort for some users. However, certain users have reported that it went away after few days of usage.

So it should not be a major issue to think about. If you are looking for a high quality, extremely breathable, well cushioned and very comfortable Nike running shoe then this is the one you should get now.

Now, kindly watch the following performance review video about this Nike Pegasus 33 shoe where you will know more about this running shoe.

4. On Men's Cloudsurfer Running Shoe

On Men's Cloudsurfer Running Shoe Review

ON is the new entry in our top 10 list of best running shoes for men. ON running shoes are made for runners who are on the hunt of good quality, lightweight, responsive, and protective running shoes. This particular On Men’s Cloudsurfer Running Shoe is one of those running footwear that offers runners the much required cushioning, responsiveness, and breathability as well.

This ideal racing shoe has a very breathable upper which consists of synthetic overlays. This shoe offers really good structural support for your feet. It also possesses molded heel counter. This heel counter provides great fitting and locks your foot in the right place.

This On men’s running shoe has a breathable fabric heel lining that is really good for internal air ventilation. It offers sufficient arch support because of its molded insoles. Along with this feature, the shoe has a lightly padded tongue and collar that increases the comfort factor.

The shoe also comes with high quality EVA midsole that enhances the cushioning and comfort for the runners. There is a heel pull loop which helps you easily wear the shoes and also helps in taking them off quickly.

The shoe outsole is made from CloudTec rubber material which improves upon the durability factor of the shoe. At the same time, the outsole is built with honeycomb traction pattern that offers you good grip and traction on variety of roads.

The only issue we found with this On men’s running shoe is regarding the heel pull loop. Sometimes, the loops get loose or get damaged abruptly and then they cause discomfort for the runner while running in the shoes.

This is the only issue we think the company should resolve as soon as possible. Except this flaw, the shoe is really good for runners who want good cushioned, comfortable, responsive, good grip men’s running shoe.

Watch the following great overview video from Holabirdsports where you will know about the excellent features and strengths of On Cloudsurfer running shoe.

3. Under Armour Men's Charged Bandit 2 Running Shoe

At no. 3, we have ranked Under Armour Men’s Charged Bandit 2 Running Shoe. We are really impressed by this shoe because of its top notch construction, comfort level and appropriate price tag. There are many unique features to mention about this shoe.

The high quality rubber material sole gives you full ground contact while running on roads. They come with deep flex grooves which offer enhanced flexibility for your feet. The high abrasion rubber on heel area increases the durability of the shoe.

The upper of this Under Armour running shoe is really flexible, stretchable, lightweight and breathable too. There is seamless internal heel cup which increases the fitting factor. The ultrasonic welded seaming along with Bemis tape helps to get more comfort and support during running. The shoe also has an external heel counter which again increases the fitting factor and comfort level for the runner.

The midsole of this shoe is built to provide increased cushioning for your feet. It is soft below your forefoot and firm below your heels. The tongue of this shoe connects well with the upper and helps to enhance fitting. There is also the presence of molded Micro G footbed. It fits your foot perfectly and offers good cushioning and fitting at the same time.

In spite of these good features, there is one minor issue to deal with. The size runs half size smaller for many medium foot size runners. So you need to order half size larger shoe when ordering them online.

Apart from this size issue, there are no major drawbacks. Therefore, this Under Armour men’s running shoe is great for all kinds of runners looking for good cushioned, well-built and comfortable running shoe.

Check out the following in-depth and honest review of Under Armour Charged Bandit 2 shoe from youtube channel Rizknows. 

2. Adidas Adistar Boost ESM Men's Running Shoe

Adidas Adistar Boost ESM Men's Running Shoe Review

When it comes to the best of the best men’s running shoe, you can not ignore Adidas Adistar Boost ESM Men’s Running Shoe. We have already reviewed this shoe in-depth at our site. Click here for our detailed review. This shoe really deserved its no. 2 ranking in our list.

It has many right features which are must have for any best men’s running shoe. It has the appropriate heel height, perfect forefoot height, medium weight category, good supportive heel to toe gradient, durable and responsive outsole, well cushioned midsole, and breathable upper. The material used in this Adidas men’s running shoe is also of top notch quality.

It offers you a very good grip and traction on all types of roads. It possesses boost midsole technology which provides more energy returns and increased support for your feet. Adidas’s unique FORMOTION technology aids in adapting your shoes as per your environment where you usually go for jogging and running.

There are only few minor issues we need to mention here. It seems that few people have concerns about the durability of its outsole. The midsole also seems a bit stiff and unresponsive in some cases.

If you are ready to deal with these minor issues, this Adidas men’s running shoe is ideal for you. We highly recommend you to use it if you want a highly comfortable, well cushioned and supportive Adidas running shoe.

Watch out the following review where you will know more about the features, pros and cons of Adidas Adistar ESM shoe.

1. ASICS Men's GEL-Fortitude 7 Running Shoe

And finally at no.1, we have ranked ASICS Men’s GEL-Fortitude 7 Running Shoe for this year. There was a tough competition for no. 1 rank in between Adidas and ASICS shoes. But by very few margins, ASICS has beat Adidas in this race. Let us see what made it beat Adidas shoe.

There are so many features to mention here regarding ASICS running shoe. This is one of the best stability running shoes for men which have a very breathable mesh upper. The shoe comes with a removable insole which is good for runners who use orthotics for support and comfort.

It also has a wicking ComfortDry Sockliner that offers enhanced cushioning and comfort for the user. This shoe has a special forefoot and rearfoot GEL cushioning feature which enhances the overall comfort for your feet. It also possesses unique Guidance Trusstic System along with Guidance Line vertical flex grooves. This helps you to get the required flexibility, support and comfort during running.

These are some of the best features of ASICS men’s GeL-Fortitude 7 running shoe. Apart from these good points, there are some disadvantages of this shoe. This shoe is best for stability runners and its not ideal for runners who have flat feet and require enhanced arch support.

If you are looking for motion controlled running shoe then we recommend you to look at our other shoes from this list. Despite this fact, the shoe is highly recommended for stability runners and for medium to large sized feet runners.

Watch the following video review about ASICS GEL-Fortitude 7 shoe to know its actual pros and cons in detail.


So, these are our top 10 best running shoes for men in 2018. We recommend you to read our buying guide first and then check out the respective reviews in detail. We are sure that you will get a very good idea about what kind of running shoes are best for you after reading our complete review.

We wish you best of luck in your hunt for the best running shoe of this year. In the meanwhile, you can also check out our other reviews of best types of shoes, boots and sneakers at our site, VBMBestReviews.Com.

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