5 Best Reflexology Sandals for Men and Women – Get Best Foot Massage Sandals with Buyer’s Guide

  • By: Vishal Mahadik
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​According to the research paper published on NIH.Gov, the reflexology is a study of how one part of human body relates to another part of his / her body. Most professional reflexology practitioners study the reflexes map located on your hands, feet, ears and other sensitive body parts.

These reflexologists then apply appropriate pressure on certain body parts and lightly massage your feet, hands and ears in order to energize and rejuvenate your body. According to another research published by Dr. Stephan Barrett on Quackwatch.org, there are not yet any scientific evidences found about the effectiveness of using reflexology foootwear to treat the patients this way.

However, if your doctor or a reflexologist near you has recommended you to use the reflexology sandals for your foot massage, then you have come to the right place. Today, I am going to share with you 5 best reflexology sandals for men and women.

These sandals will help in performing right acupressure on your feet in order to rejuvenate and re-energize your body once again. So, without further delay, here are my top recommendations for reflexology sandals for men and women.

​Top 5 Reflexology Massage Sandals for Men and Women

​No. 5: U.S. Jaclean Foot Reflexology Sandal for Men and Women

U.S. JACLEAN Foot Reflexology Sandals for Mens Womens Therapeutic Acupressure Magnetic Massaging Sandals Slippers Accu Step (XL(M10.5-12)) Black

​At no. 5, I have ranked U.S. Jaclean Foot Reflexology Sandal for few important reasons. This sandal is unisex in nature means it can be used by both men and women.

Firstly, this sandal comes with adjustable strap. This strap is really useful in adjusting your feet according to your size and width. This makes it more comfortable to wear.

As far as sizing is concerned, the size chart is prepared according to Japanese foot sizes. So, it might be somewhat narrower sizes for US citizens. In case, you have wide or large sized feet, I recommend you to choose somewhat larger sized sandal for your feet.

The massage nodules that are present on this sandal footbed are made from hard plastic material. So, it may be difficult for folks who have very sensitive feet to wear these sandals for longer period of time.

Therefore, if you are planning to buy this sandal, I strongly recommend you to wear it only for 10 to 15 minutes every day in the first week. Then, as you feel more comfortable, you can increase the time of usage.

The main benefit of using this sandal is it helps in stimulating acupressure or reflex points on your foot sole with every step you take. This helps in getting relief from your foot pain and body pain gradually.

I recommend you to wear it only when you have no sensitive feet. You should also be very comfortable with reflexology sandals that come with hard plastic massage nodules.

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​No. 4: Neo Reflexology Therapeutic Unisex Sandal

Acupressure Massage Slippers with Natural Stone, Therapeutic Reflexology Sandals for Foot Acupoint Massage Shiatsu Arch Pain Relief, Nonslip Anti Bacterial, Fit 9 Women / 7.5 Men Feet Size

​This foot massage sandal comes from a Japanese firm, Neo Reflexology. The unisex sandal has incorporated unique and purely natural cobblestones on its footbed.

These stones are systematically placed on the footbed which stimulate certain pressure points present on our foot sole.

Some of the prominent health benefits of using this therapeutic sandal are improvement in blood circulation, metabolic speed improvement, immunity system enhancement and stress relief, etc.

The sole of the sandal is made from PU and EVA material. This sandal sole is non-slippery in nature.

I must warn you that in the initial few days of usage, you may feel some foot pain due to   footbed stones. But you can overcome this pain in few days as you get used to it.

I recommend to wear thick socks in the first few weeks and walk in them only for 15 to 20 minutes every day for first 1-2 weeks.

There is also an adjustable Velcro strap which comes with this acupressure sandal. It can be used to get proper fitting and for comfortable walking experience.

Only precaution you need to take before buying this sandal is to purchase the right size for your feet. It can be very uncomfortable and painful experience for you if you buy inappropriate size.

So, look for the differences in between foot size charts of Japanese measurements and US foot measuring system.

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​No. 3: ByRiver Mindinsole Jade Stone Indoor Reflexology Unisex Sandal

BYRIVER Acupressure Plantar Fasciitis Foot Massager Mindinsole, Jade Stone Indoor Massage Slippers Shoes, Reflexology Sandals for Men Women

ByRiver Jade Stone Reflexology Sandal is suitable for both men and women. The unique feature of this sandal is its footbed is covered with specially designed Jade Stones.

These stones are located at most sensitive reflex points which help in natural stimulation of your foot sole’s reflex points.

If you are currently suffering from various foot ailments such as bunions, plantar fasciitis, night splints, etc., then this footwear might help you to deal with these health issues more efficiently.

I must admit that these sandals hurt a lot in the initial days of usage.

But they are only made to wear 15 to 30 minutes a day. Once you take them off after using for 15 to 20 minutes a day, you will feel really relaxed and stress free.

There are springs in these pressure points which help in proper foot massage at certain points. I also recommend you to wear a reliable pair thick socks before you wear this sandal. It will reduce your pain and will provide more comfort while walking in these footwear types.

It comes with adjustable strap which is helpful in getting proper fitting for your feet and to make it more comfortable for daily use.

Sizing is something you should pay attention to when ordering it online. I suggest you order a little bit higher size as compared to your current foot size.

Before you see this sandal, I recommend you to check out the following video review to get more understanding about this footwear.

​No. 2: Adidas Adissage Sandal for Men and Women

adidas Originals Men's Adissage Slides,Black/Black/White,10 M US

​Adidas Adissage Sandal is also my favorite one when it comes to wearing a reliable pair of reflexology foot massage sandal. What I really liked about this sandal is its ergonomically placed massage nodules on its footbed.

These massage nodules are really comfortable and do not cause any foot pain while walking unlike other sandals in this list. The outsole of this Adidas footwear is equally comfortable due to its injected EVA material construction.

There is adjustable synthetic bandage upper which is great for perfect fitting. You can adjust it according to your foot width. You can wear it more than 30 minutes every day which is a great benefit of this sandal.

There are just two things that I would like to point out here. First one is you need to properly break in this sandal to walk in it comfortably in the initial days.

The second issue is its massage nodules or nubs may fall off after few months of heavy usage. In this case, it might be difficult to get proper foot massage on the points where there are no nubs on the footbed.

Other than these two points, this Adidas sandal is excellent in terms of proper acupressure and getting more stress free and pain free in the long term.

I recommend you to watch the following unboxing review video of this beautiful and stylish Adidas sandal.

​No. 1: Revs Classic Reflexology Massage Sandal for Men & Women

Revs Classic Reflexology Massage Sandals for Men & Women. Massage Therapy for Better Health, Pain Relief, Increased Circulation & Energy. Relieves Plantar Fasciitis & Heel Pain Black

​At no. 1, we have Revs Classic Reflexology Massage Sandal. It is again unisex product which is comfortable to wear by both men and women.

I consider this footwear a little superior to Adidas sandal.

The main reason is it is more efficient and effective in providing stress relief and foot pain relief. There are more health benefits of using this sandal on a regular basis. And it has more unique features as compared to Adidas massage sandal.

Its sole gives you great cushioning and offers better shock absorption.

There is a good arch support that is provided by this Revs Classic sandal. The company also claims to improve the user’s blood circulation and overall health improvement upon regular use.

The massage nodules on the footbed are made by durable rubber material. They are made with varying heights so that they can target various pressure points on your foot sole more efficiently.

Plus its bio-mechanical design helps in proper adjustment of your walking method. This is really helpful in obtaining proper stance and posture. In turn, it helps in targeting sensitive foot sole pressure points more effectively.

This sandal offers way more features and maximum foot massage benefits as compared to the other sandals in this ranking. I highly recommend you to prefer this Revs foot massage sandal if you want maximum health benefits for yourself.

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​Buying Guide for Choosing Right Reflexology Sandals for Men and Women

​I recommend you to read this buyer’s guide from start to end. This information will definitely help you in making more informed and insightful buying decision.

​What are Reflexology Sandals?

What are Reflexology Sandals

​If you want inexpensive reflexology treatment sessions from the comfort of your home, then one of the simplest ways to do so is to wear reliable reflexology acupressure sandals at home.

According to reflexology and acupressure treatment principles, you can alleviate and cure certain painful body parts by pressing certain pressure points on your hands, ears and foot soles.

Most of the foot massage sandals or reflexology sandals come with massage nodules and pressure points created on their footbed. When you wear and walk in these types of footwear types, the pressure points on your foot sole are pressed in certain manners.

Thus, by constantly pressing these pressure points, the blood circulation in your legs is improved a lot. And the connected painful body parts are also rejuvenated and relieved to a certain extent.

Therefore, these types of sandals do stimulate the reflex points that are present on your foot sole. The massage nodules on these sandals help to follow the contour of your feet.

Only precaution you need to take is to not wear these sandals all day long. Just wear them for few minutes in the day time and get relief from your body pain and body ache.

​Do Reflexology Massage Sandals Work in Reality? (How do they work?)

​As I have already mentioned above in the introductory part of this article that there is no specific scientific study performed yet which proves that reflexology sandals work perfectly.

But thousands of people have reported their own experiences and have told several positive things about the effects of wearing these types of sandals on a regular basis.

The speciality sandals like Kenkoh reflexology sandals do seem to offer great health benefits for the users. According to official Kenkoh site, they claim to improve blood circulation, reduce foot pain, pain in your ankles, hips, and back.

With constant usage of these sandals, people have experienced important health improvements such as realignment in body postures, reduction in swelling and overall stress from their body.

These sandals do help in stimulating Sole Reflexive Zones on your foot sole. With regular stimulation of these important nerves, the overall health of your body seems to get improved over a certain period.

So, the answer to the above question is yes. Yes, these types of acupressure or foot massage sandals do help in improving your overall health after wearing them on a daily basis.

To explain more vividly, I strongly recommend you to check out the following informative video from Kenkoh sandal creators.

​What are the Different Types of Reflexology Sandals?

​It depends on the material type that is used to make such types of footwear. There are 3 main categories or types of these sandals.

1. Wooden Sandals: There are certain sandals that are completely made from wooden material.

The pressure points may or may not be made from wood in this case. You need to wear them few minutes everyday to get proper health benefits from these types of wooden reflexology massage sandals.

2. Rubber Sandals: Similarly, there are sandals made of durable and flexible rubber material.

The pressure points on these types of sandals often come in the form rotating massage heads. These massage heads on regular wearing help in improving internal blood circulation and provide relief from body stress and body pain.

3. Magnetic Sandals: Then, there is something called as magnetic sandals. These types of footwear are often made from either wood or rubber material. There are thousands of pressure nodules on the footbed of these types of footwear.

These Japanese technology bio-magnetic spiral reflexology foot massage sandals will help in massaging certain reflex points on your foot soles. This helps in stimulating and curing several health problems such as high blood pressure, muscle pain, foot pain, etc.

These types of footwear are especially helpful for people who suffer from mental and physical illnesses such as insomnia, poor blood circulation, foot pain, etc.

​How to Use Reflexology Massage Sandals?

How to use Reflexology Sandals

​It is rather very simple to understand.

You only need to wear these sandals for 15 to 20 minutes every day in the initial days. Once you get used to wearing them, then you can start using them for slightly longer duration, say like 30 to 40 minutes every day.

These types of acupressure or acupuncture massage sandals come with little massage nodules on the sandal footbeds. They are designed in such a way that each one of those nodules press certain reflex points that are located on your foot sole.

By regularly wearing them, the pressure points on your foot are constantly stimulated. The stimulation correlates to the other body organs. This gradually leads to the overall improvement in your health.

This pressure point therapy slowly and gradually helps in reducing your mental stress, body pain and swelling, etc.

Thus you can completely rejuvenate your body and improve your mental and physical health just by wearing these sandals on a daily basis for few minutes every day.
You can wear them for indoor as well as outdoor activities. Some sandals do come with adjustable strap which helps in proper fitting of your feet. Depending on your foot size,  you can adjust the fitting.

In the initial days of wearing, you might have to wear a pair of thick socks.

Thick socks will prevent a pain or discomfort that may arise due to initial break-in period. It takes some time for your feet to adjust to the size and system of massage nodules of the new flip flops or reflexology sandals.

Once you get used to wearing them, you can either extend the time of wearing or you can use them all day if you want. After constant usage, gradually accumulated toxins and waste from your body starts to disintegrate and slowly throws out of your body.

I recommend to drink more water to get rid of this disintegrated waste from your body. This is how you use reflexology sandals to get maximum health benefits for yourself and for your family well-being.

​Sizing Guide for Reflexology Sandals

​As far as sizes are concerned, they come in 3 main categories. Small, medium and large sizes are available for you to wear. For very large sized feet, like 12 US, there could be some problem finding the sandals to fit this size.

But if you have 11 US, 10 US and lower sized feet, then you can easily find the right fitting sandals for yourself. I recommend you look for the brands that offer true to size fitting footwear such as Kenkoh, Revs and Adidas.

While ordering online, if you order size 7 and shoe box mentions size 8, then obviously you should return it to get the right sized sandal for your feet. I also suggest you to look at different measurement systems such as UK, US and Japanese foot measurement styles.

There is a slight difference between these 3 systems. So order your sandals accordingly by looking at sizing chart provided by every shoe company.

​5 Main Health Benefits of using Reflexology Foot Massage Sandals

Health Benefits of Reflexology Sandals

​The prime health benefits that are provided by constant usage of reflexology foot massage sandals are as follows.

1. Improvement in your sleep pattern and reduction in sleep disorders such as sleep apnea and insomnia

2. ​Enhancement in your blood circulation and reduction in high blood pressure

3. Gradual relief from foot pain, muscle pain, back pain, headache, and body pain

4. Reduces swelling in your feet and ankles

5. Relaxes your mind and reduces your mental stress and depression

You can read more about these health benefits that are offered by reflexology at foot.com site.

​Wrapping Up

​In the end, I would like to suggest you to read our buying guide from start to end. This will surely help you to understand what you really need from these types of reflexology sandals.

Just choose any one from the list above and try it out for few months. I am sure, you will see some health benefits for yourself in coming months. If you are looking for quality sandals to get relief from bunions, then click here. For more footwear reviews, check out our other footwear categories.

Best of luck for your purchase.

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