5 Best Indoor Basketball Shoes for Men 2017 Review

Best Indoor Basketball Shoes for Men Review

We have prepared the list of top rated and high quality best indoor basketball shoes for men for 2017. Before going to the buying guide and actual reviews, let us take a close look at our 5 top ranking basketball footwear list.

Best Indoor Basketball Shoes for Men


Average Rating


3. Nike Kobe IX Elite Mens Basketball Shoe

  • Full-Length Lunarlon Inserts
  • Fit Flywire System
  • Pressure Mapped Outsole
  • High Cut Collar


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2. Nike Men's Lebron XII Basketball Shoe

  • Nike Zoom Air Units
  • Mega Fuse Technology
  • Flywire Cables
  • Hyperposite Wings


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5. Adidas Performance Men's Crazy 8 Basketball Shoe

  • Integrated Torsion System
  • Pure Motion Midsole
  • Premium EVA Insole
  • Premium Leather Construction


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4. Nike Hyperchase Premium Prm Men Basketball Shoe

  • Polyurethane Drop-in Midsole
  • Micro Mesh Covering
  • Asymmetrical U Throat Design
  • Quality Rubber Outsole


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1. Nike Jordan Men's Air Jordan XX9 Basketball Shoe

  • Better Padding Lines
  • Integrated Flight Web Fit System
  • Flight Plate Midsole
  • Stretchable Upper


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Importance of Best Indoor Basketball Shoes for Men

For some, basketball is just a sport, for others, it is a passion. Those leaps, the 3 pointers and the sound of the ball going through that net are everything for an avid, passionate basketball player. To achieve all these moves and the precise coordination, proper grip and controlled movement are vital.

Those, who have played the basketball sport realize, how important the right shoes are for ground grip. A little slip or wrong foot movement can not only affect your game but may also give you sore legs and feet to worry about as well. Hence, searching out the right indoor basketball shoes for your feet is of great importance.

To help you out, we have compiled some valuable information about the different types of basketball shoes in the market. Read on to find out why some shoes are better for certain situations and which ones should you go for, the differences between the styles, their uses, their effectiveness and the reviews of some of the best indoor basketball shoes for men out there.

What is the Difference between Indoor and Outdoor Basketball Shoes?

A common misconception that people have is that they can use the same shoes for indoor and outdoor basketball courts. Nothing can be further from the truth.

You have to realize that different terrains offer different grounds, and unless your shoes are adapted to grip that particular ground; you won’t be able to have that footing. This is why there are two kinds of basketball shoes, one adapted for outdoor courts and the others for the indoor ones.

The main difference between them lies in the grip and the build of the outsole. Indoor shoes are made especially to grip the smooth surfaces of the basketball courts whereas the outdoor ones are designed more robust, keeping durability and greater wear and tear in mind.

Here is a very informative video that shows you the key differences between indoor and outdoor basketball shoes. Take a look.

Primary Features of The Best Indoor Basketball Shoes for Men

This is a relative term. You can’t really decide which shoes are the best. What works perfectly for one person may not necessarily be ideal for the other.

Generally, however, good indoor basketball shoes should be lightweight, but at the same time be well cushioned. Ankle support is vital for proper footing and a good shoe must have sufficient ankle support to be effective.

At the same time, the shoe should fit snugly but not be too tight to cause any discomfort. The closure system of the shoe is important as well. There are a number of options which includes zippers, laces, and straps, but whatever the method, it should secure the foot tightly and not get loose during play time.

Can You Wear Indoor Basketball Shoes for Outdoor Activities?

The answer to this depends on you and your actual requirements. Yes, indoor basketball shoes can be worn outside, but the rough terrain is sure to damage them. Once the contours of the shoe are damaged, it makes them ineffective for the indoor play.

Some shoes may be robust enough to suit both situations, but we definitely recommend you to keep the shoes for the two locations separate. This will increase the life of each shoe and will also help you utilize the right gear in the right place for the maximum results.

How to Clean Indoor Basketball Shoes for Men?

You may want to give in to the urge of throwing the shoes into a washing machine after a long game, but that could possibly ruin the built of your shoes. The best way to clean basketball shoes is to:

1. Use a soft brush to first take off the excess dirt from the outsole and the body of the shoe.

2. Mix a small amount of laundry detergent with warm water to create a soapy mixture.

3. Use a small brush, a soft cloth or a sponge to use the liquid mixture to clean your shoes.

4. Use some warm water with a soft, clean cloth to wipe off the extra detergent.

5. Dry off the shoes in the air, to have the pair ready to wear for another basketball match tomorrow!

Here is one more video that shows another cleaning method for your outdoor as well as indoor basketball shoes. Watch it to know how it is done.

Reviews of Top 5 Indoor Basketball Shoes for Men in 2017

Now coming to the fun part, here we have reviewed the top 5 best indoor basketball shoes for men in 2017 to tell you all the pros and cons of each pair. Some give you exemplary support, whereas others focus their quality on the grip of the outsole.

Starting from the 5th upwards, let’s introduce you to the 5 men’s indoor basketball shoes that we think are perfect for you.


Adidas Performance Men's Crazy 8 Basketball Shoe Review

Adidas Performance Men's Crazy 8 Basketball Shoe Review

Coming at number 5 is the Adidas Performance Men's Crazy 8 Basketball Shoe. These colorful shoes scream of an attractive and energetic design that catches the eye immediately.

If you are one of the fun lovers, looking to experiment and keep up the flavor in life, these are the perfect shoes for you to add color to your game. Their elegant built follows the modern designs with the standard lace pattern to grace their outlook. If you are looking for a great pair of shoes that are built to last, the Adidas Crazy 8 Shoes are the best ones for you.


These shoes display a number of classic features that add to the advantages of owning the pair. They include:

  • 0.5-inch Shaft measured from the arch, to provide the extra support around the leg for a better grip and connection between the foot and the shoe.
  • Rubber Sole, ensures there aren’t any slippery accidents, giving you the strong grip and support needed for extraordinary moves on the court.
  • Integrated Torsion System that spans out the forces on your foot evenly to support the midfoot.
  • Pure Motion Midsole, is made to regenerate the feeling of a bare foot with subtle stability and efficient placement.
  • Premium Quality Textile Insole that allows for great absorbance and provides a comfortable feel during long hours on court.
  • Molded EVA Insole for the precise anatomical foot support that you need while making all those precise throws.
  • Premium Quality High Grain Leather built to give that exemplary look, while providing quality, style and soft comfort at the same time.


  • The shoes are extremely stylish and look perfect on the court. The 90s design gives it an eye-catching heavy look which really adds to its overall appeal, making them one of the must-haves indoor basketball shoes.
  • Extremely light weight which allows for the easy pouncing and jumping required on the basketball court.
  • Long lasting built and superior quality materials used in crafting them make this footwear one the most durable basketball shoes to have.


  • Lack of ankle support which is what makes them somewhat less ideal for professional basketball shoes. We feel that they can be made better with the addition of side supports to each angle to suit the professionals who need a thorough foot support from all aspects.
  • The shoe does have one construction fail, which becomes evident once you wear it for long hours. It is relatively unbreathable. The ventilation in the shoe is almost zero and this can be a setback for some people.

Our Verdict

Customers of this shoe have rated it 4.6 out of 5 and we give it 4.5 out of 5 rating. We moderately recommend using it as an indoor basketball shoe for men.

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Nike Hyperchase Premium Prm Men’s Basketball Shoe Review

Nike Hyperchase Premium Prm Men’s Basketball Shoe Review

Nike Hyperchase Premium Prm Men’s Basketball Shoe is the futuristic shoe in many terms. It is a state of the art basketball footwear masterpiece that has taken style as its number one priority.

Not only this, Nike has incorporated many technologies to make the shoes as comfortable for the wearer as possible. The shoe is a great buy for those, looking to have a great indoor basketball shoe at an affordable price.


The shoe has a number of characteristics to add to its credit. Among all the great features, those worthy of mention include:

  • Polyurethane Drop-in Midsole adds lasting comfort to your foot. The sole is easily removable. Therefore, you can easily replace it and use these shoes for a longer time than many others.
  • Quality Micro Mesh Coverings which are made to be durable and breathable at the same time. Nike has even fused overlays at the high-wear areas to ensure the shoe’s increased durability.
  • Asymmetrical U Throat Design that allows for quick and sleek movements, at a moment’s notice.
  • Rubber Sole designed to give you the perfect grip for those slippery basketball court floors.


  • The shoe is extremely lightweight and perfectly adjusts to your feet, making it extremely nimble and easy to perform quick moves.
  • It is also one of Nike's most affordable basketball shoes but still gives you premium quality and comfort when playing.


  • Narrow structured which can be a bother for even the slightly wide footed gentlemen. Although a simple solution can be to buy a size bigger for your feet.
  • Lockdown isn’t perfect, which makes the shoes a little insecure. The lacing and material incorporation make the lateral support weaker than we would have liked it to be. The problem isn’t big, but it does become noticeable once in a while.

Our Verdict

If you are a fan of Nike basketball shoes, then this is one of those affordable choices you can make while shopping for the best indoor basketball shoes.

Most customers have rated this shoe 4.5 out of 5 and we give it 4.7 out of 5 rating and moderately recommend for your regular indoor basketball practice.

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Nike Kobe IX Elite Basketball Shoe Review

Nike Kobe IX Elite Basketball Shoe Review

Coming in the third position are these skilled Nike Kobe IX Elite Basketball Shoes that offer a unique combination of masterful excellence and polished fashion. The signature series brings out the best in basketball shoes with the implementation of Nike's latest technologies in the basketball footwear category.


The Kobe 9 elite are another standard in basketball wear and outrun their predecessors by a major mile. Their features include:

  • A Full-Length Lunarlon Inserts that is designed with a full foot support in mind. The sole has been made denser and is certainly more responsive in comparison to the Kobe 8.
  • Added Grip to the Cushion excludes any possibilities of slip or mishaps, ensuring sure footing on the court.
  • Innovative Fit Flywire System that aims to secure your foot in place with the perfect strap-in technology.
  • Pressure Mapped Outsole that follows the natural contours and pressure points of the sole of your feet to give you a light, almost barefoot stepping feel.
  • High Cut Collar that adds to the overall foot to shoe grip and contributes to the security of the shoe.


  • The Kobe IX gives excellent traction support thanks to its pressure map traction sole. This gives you the ultimate control over any type of lateral movements, quick stops or any other immediate maneuvers on the basketball court.
  • The comfort and the amazing support of the shoe are exceptional. It allows you the perfect support for your feet while securing every aspect at the same time.
  • Being Lightweight only increases its usability on the court. The great maneuvers and pounces, immediate stops and startups are made comfortable and possible with these masterpieces.


  • Their breathability can be an issue. Although not significant, the shoe can’t be called airy footwear. We would definitely like to see some more ventilation along the sides of the shoe which packs in the foot without any source of air whatsoever.
  • The Fly Knit material does have its effect on durability. Of course, the shoes aren’t as long lasting as some made from HyperUse or Foaomsite.

Our Verdict

Nike Kobe IX Elite Basketball Shoe provides you excellent support, comfort and grip on indoor basketball courts. Customers have rated it 4.7 out of 5 and we also give it the rating of 4.8 out of 5. We highly recommend this shoe for your regular basketball practice for indoor activities.

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Nike Men's Lebron XII Basketball Shoe Review

Nike Men's Lebron XII Basketball Shoe Review

If you are in search of a classic all-rounder basketball shoe, then the Nike Men’s Lebron 12 Basketball Shoe is the preferred choice for you. This elegantly designed footwear portrays a delicate balance between traditional footwear and new innovations while being fully loaded with the leading technologies in comfort and support departments.


This Nike Lebron 12 shoe houses a number of features which land it the 2nd position in our round up. These specifications include:

  • Five Nike Zoom Air Units located in the forefoot section for the deliverance of an ultra-responsive cushioning effect.
  • Mega Fuse Technology allows the wearer to comfortably lock down and secure his feet for the ultimate experience.
  • Flywire Cables that are made to be extremely light, adjusting according to your foot pressures to provide a retractable support.
  • Hyperposite Wings on either side add to the side support of the shoe taking its support during complicated maneuvers, up to several folds.
  • Mesh Covering contributes to a properly ventilated breathable shoe, giving you long lasting comfort during your indoor basketball playtime.


  • Durability and quality construction allow these shoes to exceed all expectations. The great manufacturing contributes to endless hours on the court that surpasses similar quality shoes.
  • Exemplary traction, which gives you the ability to move as precisely as you can be making slips very hard and difficult.
  • Dazzling eye-catching design that is sure to wow other men and women, everywhere you go.


  • Some may have a slight size incompatibility, as the shoe is made to fit a specific foot. Those with slightly wide or narrow feet should do better to try it out first.
  • Although the lacing system has been upgraded on these shoes, we would still like them to be a bit better. The shoes are really hard to lace down tightly which interferes with their lockdown.

Our Verdict

Overall the shoe is perfect in many departments such as comfort, support, grip and traction. The premium design quality of the shoe is well complimented with latest Nike technologies.

Though the shoe has little drawbacks such as size incompatibility and a bit uncomfortable lacing system, those issues are minor as compared to its excellent features.

Most customers have provided very high ratings of 4.8 out of 5 and we also like to give this one a rating of 4.9 out of 5. We highly recommend this shoe for regular basketball players who practice on indoor courts.

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Nike Jordan Men's Air Jordan XX9 Basketball Shoe Review

Nike Jordan Men's Air Jordan XX9 Basketball Shoe Review

The Nike Men’s Air Jordan XX9 Basketball Shoe features a sleek design and cool colors that make them a real eye-catcher. Along with this, the shoe doesn’t disappoint with its qualities either, which earn them the first position on our list of best indoor basketball shoes for men of 2017.


The Nike XX9 Jordan’s are designed keeping simplicity and basketball sport in mind. The shoes have:

  • Articulate Padding Lines incorporated in the collar to better support the foot and ankle, and prevent any slips during playtime.
  • Premium Quality, Performance Driven Single Piece Upper to exclude the need for multiple layering hassles.
  • Integrated Flight Web Fit System that incorporates webbed straps which wraps around the foot and then merges with the laces to provide a complete and secure lockdown.
  • Flight Plate Midsole that supports the foot with excellence, providing a smooth ride through the court.
  • Zoom Air Cushion provides the best cushioning system for your feet and the bounce you desire during the playtime.
  • Stretchable Upper that contorts to your feet, adjusting to your feet, whether you have wide or narrow feet.


  • Perfect Fit and Support from all aspects of the foot. The TPU plate, heel counter, and the outrigger all add in to make a masterpiece.
  • Innovative Design that stands out while you play, making you draw eyes wherever you go.
  • Premium Quality Materials make this shoe a high performer, giving you comfort, style, and durability all in one.


  • The ventilation of the shoe may be questionable as the woven upper fabric tends to soak in all the sweat. This can be a bit difficult to dry off without a fan, which makes it slightly tedious to prepare your shoes for the next day.

Our Verdict

This no. 1 best indoor basketball shoe for men perform best all the departments of comfort, grip, traction, support and fitting. We strongly recommend making use of this Nike Air Jordan XX9 shoe for your regular indoor basketball practice and matches. Most customers have rated it 5 out of 5 and we also give this shoe a rating of 5 out of 5.

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