6 Best Harness Boots for Male and Female Motorcycle Riders with Buyer’s Guide

  • By: Edmond Clark
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Hey guys, if you are currently searching for a good quality harness boots then you have found the right place. At VBMBestReviews.com, today you will find some of the best and the most comfortable harness boots (engineer boots) for male and female motorcycle riders. But before getting to that part, let us first take a closer look at the buying guide. This guide is really useful for you in making informed and sensible buying decisions for yourself. So, I kindly recommend you to first to go through buyer’ guide section. Then, check out my review of 6 best harness boots for men and women.

Buyer’s Guide to Choose the Best Quality Harness Motorcycle Boots

What are Harness Boots and What They are Used for?

FRYE Men's Harness 8R Boot,Gaucho-87400,7 M US

Harness boots are also known as Engineer boots which can also be called as Engineering boots or Engineer’s boots. These boots are really popular in USA especially among motorcycle riding / bike riding communities.These types of motorcycle riding boots are often made from premium quality heavy weight leather material. Usually they are available in black color but in some cases you can find brown colored harness boots too.The common height of these boots range from 10 inches to 38 inches. This means you can obtain short boots as well as extra high boots depending on your height and preferences.These footwear types do come with metal shank in the heel side and steel toe cap. There is also this metal ring which is a unique characteristic of all harness boots.The main purpose why there is harness present in such types of motorcycle boots is your foot protection. These footwear mainly started coming in the market since 1950’s.They are mainly made to protect your feet from extreme heat of the engine block and exhaust pipes of your motorcycle while riding. In unfortunate cases of road accidents, your feet can easily be exposed and injured due to the extreme heat of your motorcycle’s exhaust pipes.To prevent these foot injuries and to protect them all the time while riding, the harness system was introduced way back in 1950’s. The metal ring of these boots always safeguard your ankles and feet while you ride your motorcycle / bike.

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Why Do Harness Boots Have Metal Rings?

Some people are often confused about these metal rings and they are often unaware about the main purpose of their inclusion in the boots. Let me assure that they are not just for the show. Actually they are there to serve a much better cause, viz. your foot fitting and foot protection.As already mentioned above, the metal rings protect your feet from the exposure of extreme heat of your bike’s exhaust pipes and engine block. They are made after the styling of motorcycle engineer boots.These metal rings perform the excellent job of holding together the leather straps of harness boots. Thus, they provide comfortable fitting experience for the boot owner.

Are Harness Boots Comfortable to Use?

Yes, most harness motorcycle boots like Frye, Chippewa, Durango, Dingo, Double H, Harley Davidson, etc. are comfortable for daily usage. The leather material used in these footwear products is usually very soft and breathable. The workmanship standards that are used in making these boots are often very high quality.As far as fitting is concerned, there is the harness used in these boots which makes it easier to adjust the leather straps as mentioned earlier. The metal rings do a very important job of proper adjustment and fitting of the boots around your feet and ankles.There is a comfortable leather lining inside the boot. Plus, there are easy to use pull on tabs on the top that makes these boots more comfortable to use.You can wear them while riding your bikes and motorcycles with ease and comfort. I am sure bike riders love these types of riding boots because they make riding experience more pleasant and comfortable for them.

Harness Boots vs Engineer Boots Comparison

Many people call harness boots as just another type of engineer boots. But there are quite a few differences between the two. There are 2 major differences in between them which are mentioned as follows.

Harness Boots

Usually comes with square toe

Have non-adjustable 4 leather straps and 2 metal rings around the ankle of the boot

Engineer Boots

Most of the times comes with rounded toe

Have adjustable leather straps across the ankle of the boot

5 Primary Features to Look for While Buying Harness Boots

Harley-Davidson Men's Westmore Motorcycle Harness Boot, Black, 9 M US

1. Non-Slip Non-Marking Outsole: The first feature that you should always look for is how much anti-skid or non-slippery your boot sole is. Getting a good grip on your motorcycle brakes and being able to walk on slippery roads is really essential for you while riding your bikes.A soft sole provides your feet better grip but they are less durable. On the other side, hard soles are very durable but provides less grip as compared to the soft outsole. Choosing the right outsole with right grip is important for you in this case.The sole should be oil-resistant and anti-skid in nature. This should be your first priority while choosing the good quality harness motorcycle boots.2. Premium Leather Material: The quality of leather for your new harness boots matters a lot too. Most of these boots are made from thick and full grain premium leather which is highly durable in nature.Canvas and soft leather boots are not durable and can not provide proper foot protection. High abrasion resistance is important for such types of motorcycle riding boots. This is only possible in premium quality full grain leather harness boots.If you ride constantly across different locations, then you also need to pay attention to weather changes. The harness boots made up of treated leather and breathable material are essential to wear in dynamic weather conditions.These types of boots are best to prevent entry of water and they are good to keep your feet warm and dry while you ride for long distances.3. High Standards of Workmanship: The standard of construction of these types of riding boots is of prime importance. Best quality harness boots are always made through double or even triple stitching techniques.This makes them highly reliable and durable in nature. Take a look at how the outsole is made or attached to the main boot. If it is just glued to the body, then it will fall down in few months of usage. If it is part of overall construction or sewn handmade properly with the body, then you can rest assured about its durability and strength. So, always pay attention to the quality of material and overall construction standards. This is to make sure these boots last longer and to really get the best returns on your investment.4. Proper Fitting and Comfort: Every boot manufacturer produce different sizes and lengths of harness boots. The height of your boot as well as overall width and length of your boot makes a whole lot of difference when you wear it to ride your bike.Most of European boot companies tend to produce narrow fitting boots. There are quite a few differences between US and UK boot measurements. You need to exactly know your foot size and width to get the right fitting boot for your feet.Always wear a pair of thick socks and then wear these boots to better understand their real fitting ability. Proper fitting boots provide more comfortable walking and riding experience for the user.One more thing to look at is how easier it is to wear and take off these boots. If it is comparatively easier to wear and take off them, then you should consider wearing other pair of boots. Because if it takes some time to wear and take off these boots, then you can rest assured about the fact that they will not come out or slip off easily when you ride for long distances.The last important fitting factor is the height of your boot. The height of your boot should be sufficient enough so that it can provide proper protection and support for your ankle and foot. So, always pay attention to the fact that the height of your harness boot should be high enough to get maximum coverage of your foot to avoid heat exposure. 5. Foot Protection: Getting sufficient foot protection is one more feature that you can not ignore while purchasing these kinds of riding footwear. Some of these boots come with additional armour protection made up of Kevlar, plastic or carbon.Look for such boots that come with additional lining and armour protection. The rounded toe box also protect your toes from falling objects. Safeguarding your feet from high impact during unfortunate bike accidents is really essential for your safety. And this is why sufficient foot protection features like steel toes, armour addition, extra lining and premium leather material are important to have in these types of motorcycle riding boots. You should always look for such types of boots that provide the best foot safety features, stability, abrasion protection, impact protection, rigid inserts, toe sliders, proper padding around the ankles, and many others.

Review of 6 Top Harness Boots for Male and Female Motorcycle Riders

So, after the buying guide, let’s have a closer look at the best quality harness footwear for both men and women. First, we will start with male bike riders.

Top 3 Harness Boots for Men

No. 3: Harley-Davidson Men’s Scout Harness Boot

Harley-Davidson Men's Scout Motorcylce Harness Boot, Black, 10 M US

At no. 3, Harley-Davidson Scout Harness Boot for men is also my favourite one. Because its leather material is really soft and nice to touch. It is durable in nature too.The stitching is done on this boot in such a way that it makes it durable and premium quality. Harness around the ankle looks good too. It provides more support and protection for your feet as well.The Harley-Davidson metallic logo on the upper gives it more authentic and premium look. There is this side zipper on the boot which makes it easier to put your feet inside the boot. You can quickly take off your feet due to this zipper facility.What I also liked is its non-abrasive leather lining. It offers really good protection and support for your heels, ankles and feet while driving your bike and motorcycle on the road.The footbed of this HD harness boot is removable in nature. It is really soft and provides very good cushioning for your feet. The outsole of this boot is made from premium rubber material. It gives your feet better grip and traction on slippery roads.My Verdict:

Style: 8Comfort: 9Foot Safety: 7Durability: 9I request you to kindly check out the following short video where you will get to see this boot up close.

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No. 2: Durango Men’s 11″ Harness Boot

Durango Men's DB510 11" Harness Boot Oiled Black 11 D - Medium

Durango 11 Inches Harness Boot for Men is my second favourite motorcycle boot. This boot is made from 100% rich leather material which is extremely durable and comfortable to use.If you look at the inside of the boot, you will understand that the leather lining is highly supportive and well cushioned as well. It has considerably large opening which helps to get comfortable fitting and quick entry of your foot inside the boot.The sole of this boot is made from durable rubber material. You get much better slip resistance and oil resistance while walking on the roads or driving with your bike.There is this well cushioned flex insole inside the boot. It is great in obtaining higher comfort and cushioning for your feet.The unique thing about Durango boot is its harness ankle strap with metal rings and dual pool handles. They are great looking and also provides good support for your ankles.My Verdict:

Style: 9Comfort: 9Foot Safety: 8Durability: 9Kindly check out the following short review video of this boot to see its features closer.

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No. 1: FRYE Men’s Harness 12R Boot

FRYE Men's 12R Harness Boot, Brown, 10.5M

​At no. 1, obviously the brand that gets the top rank is Frye. Frye 12R Harness Boot for Men has lots of amazing features and benefits for the motorcycle riders.It is made from 100% rugged leather which is highly durable and comfortable to use. This Made in USA motorcycle harness boot comes with square toes and stacked block heels.The harness strap with metal rings looks really good on this Frye men’s boot. The stitching and the overall Goodyear Welt Construction standards are much above my expectations.At the top, there are pull on tabs at the opening shaft of the boot. It makes it easy to wear and take off this boot.The inner leather lining is treated in such a way that it provides good breathability and anti-bacterial protection for your feet. This means your feet remains dry, moisture free and sweat free for longer period while you drive for long distances on your motorcycle or bike.There is a well cushioned and comfortable Poron insole. However, I feel there is less padding on this footbed and it is not fully lined. This is the reason you get somewhat less shock absorption from this footbed.However, I liked the stitched down outsole which is made from durable rubber material. It offers better stability, oil resistance and grip on slippery roads.My Verdict:

Style: 8Comfort: 9.5Foot Safety: 9Durability: 9.5Check out the following short review video of this boot to see its features.

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Top 3 Harness Boots for Women

Now we will take a closer look at some of the most reliable and comfortable harness motorcycle boots for female riders. So, here they are.

No. 3: Harley-Davidson Women’s Christa Harness Boot

Harley-Davidson Women's Christa Motorcycle Harness Boot, Black, 7 M US

At no. 3, I have ranked Harley-Davidson Christa Harness Boot for female riders. Its construction standards are top notch and offers greater reliability when you wear it for long distance motorcycle riding.The boot opening is fairly large and sufficient enough for comfortable entry and exit of your foot. There is a stacked block heel along with mid-calf harness with metal rings. It increases the style factor and also helps in getting proper ankle support and fitting.This boot is made from 100% premium full grain leather that provides high comfort and durability for the user. The internal footbed provides good cushioning and comfort as well while driving bikes and walking on the road.The height of the boot is sufficient enough to get good support and protection for your feet. There is this instep zipper attached to the side of the boot. It makes it simpler and comfortable to get proper fitting and easier entry for your feet.This Harley Davidson 8 inches Christa boot looks vintage style and provides much higher foot safety as well. The rubber outsole is extremely abrasion resistant and oil resistant in nature. My Verdict:Style: 9Comfort: 9Foot Safety: 9Durability: 9Kindly look at the following short review video of this boot to see its features more up close.

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No. 2: Durango Women’s Harness Boot

Durango Women's RD510 10" Crossroads Harness Boot,Black,8 M US

If you are in search for a good quality, reliable, durable, comfortable and vintage looking harness motorcycle boot for women, then this is it. Durango Harness Boot for Women is one classic example of how female motorcycle rider’s boot should look like.It comes in both brown and black colors. It is made from premium quality full grain leather material which is very soft, comfortable and durable in nature.You can easily wear these boots with your jeans or any other casual dress. They look really good and stylish when you wear them while riding your bikes.There is interior soft leather lining on the shaft which makes it more comfortable experience for the user. There are leather pull tabs at the top that helps you to comfortably wear these boots and also speeds up the process of taking these boots off.The classic designed harness with metal rings provides much better look and good support for your ankles as well. When it comes to outsole, it is made from durable rubber material and it provides really good grip and traction on slippery roads.As far as the footbed is concerned, it equally provides good comfort and cushioning for your feet.I highly recommend this 10 inches women’s Durango harness boot due to its durability, comfort, slip resistance and foot protection. My Verdict:Style: 9.5Comfort: 9.5Foot Safety: 9Durability: 9Watch the following video to get to know this boot up close.

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No. 1: FRYE Women’s Harness 12R Boot

FRYE Women's Harness 12R Boot, Tan Crazy Horse, 8.5 M US

At no. 1, obviously FRYE 12R harness boot for women tops the list. When it comes to using the best quality motorcycle riding harness boot for women, this iconic classic boot is favourite choice for thousands of female bike riders.The 100% full grain heritage leather of this boot makes it more comfortable, durable and secure for your feet. Similarly, there are leather pull on tabs that makes it easier to wear the boots faster and take them off quickly.The boot opening is considerably larger and the height of the boot is about 12 inches. This mid-calf motorcycle riding boot for women comes with stylish harness strap. This strap provides good ankle support and is also a style icon due to its unique metal rings and attractive design.The rubber outsole of this boot is stitched down really well. This makes it more durable. At the same time, it offers the best in class grip, traction as well as oil and slip resistance on road.The footbed is well cushioned and offers good comfort and support for your feet. You can wear these boots with your jeans or any other casual dress with ease. I am sure you will love them when you ride for long distances on your bike. My Verdict:Style: 9.5Comfort: 9.5Foot Safety: 9.5Durability: 9.5Watch the following short review video to get to know this boot in detail.

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As far as the best in class motorcycle harness boots for men and women are concerned, the above six boots are definitely worth your investment. I am not telling you that you should buy only these boots, but I am informing you about my favorite choices.You are still free to do your own research. The above buying guide will definitely help you make more informed and well thought out buying decision. If you want to check out more affordable motorcycle riding boots for men then click here to check out my buying guide. In the end, I would like to offer my good wishes for your purchase. Best of luck.

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