5 Best Dansko White Nursing Shoes for Women

  • By: Edmond Clark

Importance of Using Best Dansko White Nursing Shoes for Women

It’s a well-known fact that most nurses spend a lot of time on their feet working in the clinics and hospitals. It is important that they have a shoe that is very comfortable and will give them the support that they need during their hectic work schedules.

The Dansko makes a great pair of nursing shoes for women. These shoes come in the standard color of white which is acceptable by most doctor’s offices as well as hospitals. The Dansko white nursing shoes will allow the female nurses the support they require for being on their feel all day.

It is important that a person use only the Best Dansko White Nursing Shoes for many different reasons. These nursing shoes for women will take comfort to another level.

These Dansko nursing shoes are made with a special material that usually provides the higher level of support which the nurses need. These shoes come in many different sizes including short and wide width. This often allows the nurse to find a pair of shoes that fits her perfectly.

There are slip resistant soles that come with these kinds of shoes. These types of soles are very important for nurses as spilled fluid and other liquids may cause accidental slips on the floors of most hospitals and clinics.

There are also soft foam insoles that make these shoes extra comfortable. There are even orthotic insoles that offer the nurses a freedom to change their insoles as and when required. Some nurses suffer from foot ailments such as bunions, plantar fasciitis, hammertoes, etc.

In this situation, right orthotic insoles make their life easy and comfortable to work. Using right shoes for bunions and other foot ailments is always preferential in such cases. But use of custom insoles is also a good option.

It is important that as a nurse, you should feel safe and comfortable in your work shoes. And this is where right Dansko nursing shoes provide you the much required comfort and security at the same time.

Are Dansko White Nursing Shoes Good for Nursing Profession?

I must say that Dansko white nursing shoes are great for nursing professionals. They have the non-slip protection that as a nurse you definitely need to have while working all day on your feet.  

This feature is really important to have in your nursing shoe so you can be quick to work on your feet without having to worry about falling. As a working nurse, you also feel more comfortable to work in these shoes.

One thing I can say about Dansko nursing shoes is that you do not have to worry about your aching feet when you work in these shoes. In fact, you can better concentrate on your patient and other duties conveniently while wearing quality Dansko white nursing shoes.

Are Dansko White Nursing Shoes Comfortable to Use?

Dansko white nursing shoes are some of the most comfortable shoes that a person can buy. These shoes are designed with comfort in mind and have extra features that will allow the nurses like you to be very comfortable and tension free at your workplace.

There are a number of different sizes including half size and wide size varieties available. As a nurse, you can definitely find the perfect fit for your type of feet to get additional comfort.

Sizing and Fitting Guide for Dansko White Nursing Shoes

The Dansko white nursing shoes come in many different sizes. There are half sizes so that a nurse can find the pair that fit her perfectly. The shoes were designed with a wide fit as well. This will allow a person with any sized foot to find a comfortable pair.

In order to get proper fitting for your Dansko nursing shoes, you can follow the fitting guide mentioned below.

  1. If you want to be aware about the proper fitting and sizing of your feet, you can do so by measuring the width between the back of the Dansko shoe and your heels. There must be a pinky finger width between the two in order to fit the shoes to your feet properly.
  2. Make sure that your heels can move up and down without any discomfort while walking in these shoes.
  3. After this, you can simply stand in these shoes by placing equal weight on both of your feet. In this situation, your arch should be under the arch of the shoe. Also, your toes should not touch the front of the shoe when you stand in this position.

If all of these things happen without any issues, then you can consider that the shoe you bought is of the right size and of the right fitting for your feet.

Where Should You Buy Dansko Nursing Shoes for Cheap?

When purchasing these shoes at retail value Dansko shoes are not exactly cheap. Many people feel they are high quality and are well worth the price.

When a person is looking for a pair of women’s Dansko nursing shoes for cheap they should look on the internet. Popular shopping sites such as Amazon, Zappos, Walmart have these shoes for a cheaper price.

A person can get a good deal and they may even get additional facilities such as free shipping. You can also go to stores that are considered to be wholesale and retail shoe outlets. The Dansko outlet stores often have nursing shoes at reduced prices and will allow you as a nurse to enjoy some great savings.

Review of Top 5 Best Dansko White Nursing Shoes for Women

No. 5: Dansko Sonja Clogs in White Box Leather Clog Review

Primary Features:

  1. These Dansko Sonja Clogs in White Box Leather Clogs have an open back which makes them easy to slide on and off of the foot.
  2. There is a sufficient toe box due to the boxy design of the toe.
  3. There are PU outsoles that allow the foot to move in a rocking motion without a problem. These shoes also absorb the shock so that a person will be comfortable and have great stability in these shoes.


  1.  There is a leather sockliner that comes with the shoe. This allows it to stay comfortable when you as a nurse will be on your feet for a certain period of time.
  2. This shoe has a TPU heel that allows the nurse to have additional stability while working in the clinics and hospitals. As a full time working nurse, you will not only be able to look stylish but also will be able to be work with full stable feet.


  1.  People that have worn the shoe have reported that the toe can be a little uncomfortable and takes some time in order to wear it in.
  2. A person has to make sure they order the correct sized shoes especially when ordering online. These shoes do run a little on the small side.

Final Verdict

These Dansko clogs are fashionable and they are comfortable. As a nurse, you will be able to spend a lot of time on her feet without them getting sore.

The leather design of the shoe will allow the nurse to be comfortable and will not rub against her feet. They are able to absorb shock allowing the nurse to be more stable on her feet.

If you are a full time nurse, you will not have to worry about your feet getting sore even when you work being on your feet all day. Overall we give these Dansko Sonja nursing clogs 4.1 out of 5 rating.

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No. 4: Dansko Women’s Ingrid Box Leather Clogs Review

 Primary Features:

  1.  These shoes are made from leather and have a synthetic sole with a two inch heel.
  2.  They are made of leather as well of fabric uppers which gives you extra comfort while performing your nursing duty.
  3. These Dansko nursing clogs have a padded instep collar. This offers enhanced comfort and support while walking on your feet all day.


  1. The shoes have additional arch support which allows them to be comfortable while you work on your feet all day.
  2. The shoes have a rock bottom motion that is really helpful in reducing your fatigue. At the same time, the shoes provide perfect fitting and follow the natural contours of your foot for maximum comfort.
  3. The strap of the clogs keeps the shoes safely on the foot while allowing the heel area to have some additional room.


  1. The toes of the shoes are said to be stiff which makes them somewhat uncomfortable and can have an effect on the way that they fit your foot.
  2. These shoes have been known to be hard and could not stand up to the expectations of some users who expected more comfort from this particular Dansko clog.

 Final Verdict:

Overall these shoes have been reported to be highly comfortable. They were designed to be stylish by having a little bit of a heel as well as a strap on the back.

This specific Dansko Women’s Ingrid Box Leather Clogs look stylish and offers high level of comfort at the same time. Some users also say that this clog is breathable and keep your feet warm and dry as well.

Overall these shoes have received a 4.3 out of 5 star rating. They have been known to provide all day comfort and good support for your feet.

The shoes are a little bit on the tight side so a person needs to be careful while ordering them online. This way you as a nurse can get the proper fitting pair of shoes and you can work comfortably while being on your feet all day in hospitals and clinics.

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No 3: Dansko Women’s Professional Box Leather Clog Review

 Primary Features:

  1.  Dansko Women’s Professional Box Leather Clogs are made up of premium leather. Plus they have a synthetic sole which offers great slip protection.
  2. These shoes have a two inch heel which is good for a little height but will not interfere with your work performance. The shoes are also stylish in looks.
  3. These Dansko clogs have a PU outsole which makes them very durable. It also gives you good shock absorption ability.


  1. This particular Dansko nursing clog has a very modern design. They are made from real leather which gives this shoe authenticity and durability. At the same time the shoes look really fashionable even though they are designed for use by nurses like you.
  2. Dansko’s unique Flagship design allows these shoes to be very comfortable to wear while working all day on your feet.
  3. These clogs are already approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association. This proves the authenticity and quality standards of the Dansko shoe which is really essential from the nurse’s point of view.


  1. These Dansko clogs are said to run little small so it may not be a smart idea to order the shoes without knowing your correct foot size. First you should know your correct foot size and then order the half size larger shoes online.
  2. These shoes may be a little tight and run differently than the other pairs of Dansko shoes.

 Final Verdict:

When a woman is looking for a pair of comfortable shoes that are stylish to wear for her job as a nurse, you can not go wrong with Dansko Professional Box Leather Clog. These shoes certainly provide all the features that any female nurse looks for in a comfortable nursing footwear.

They are made to absorb the shock which allows you to stay steady and comfortable on your feet all day. They are stylish and they are designed with comfort in mind.

When ordering the shoes, be sure to measure your foot size correctly. Then order the right sized shoes that could fit correctly to your feet. This way you can make sure that they would be comfortable for your work hours.

Overall we give this Dansko Professional clog the rating of 4.5 out of 5. They are certainly very comfortable and durable for all lady nurses. Therefore, we highly recommend making use of these shoes for your nursing duty.

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No 2: Dansko Women’s Pro XP Clog Review

Primary Features:

  1. Dansko Women’s Pro XP Clogs are made from premium leather and have a synthetic sole. They have a heel that is 1.5 inches in height.
  2. The shoes have room in the front with a toe box design that gives the toes plenty of room to move around.
  3. There is a removable leather lined density footbed that has memory foam which keeps your feet comfortable while working all day on your feet.


  1. These Dansko nursing clogs are designed to be extra comfortable with the memory pad. This is great for nurses that work more than 12 hours while being on their feet all day.
  2. There is a slip resistant outsole in this shoe which provides very good grip and traction on oily surfaces. This is really helpful for female nurses in avoiding accidental slips and potential injuries from falling.


  1. When purchased online the shoes may not fit as a person expects. They may run a little on the small side. So it is in your best interest to order half size larger whenever purchasing these shoes online.
  2. These shoes take some time to break in to be comfortable and to allow a women to get the best working experience. It may take from few days to few weeks to break in these shoes. If you want to break in these Dansko shoes quickly, read this article from Leaf.Tv site.

Final Verdict:

Overall these Dansko nursing clogs are designed by focusing total comfort in mind. The tongue of the shoes is properly padded which provides you the best arch support. It also allows the lady nurses to work comfortably without any fatigue.

As a nurse, you will be able to concentrate on your patients instead of worrying about your painful feet. These shoes have a memory foam pad that offers enhanced support and comfort. These shoes provide you a custom fit and the required support to the heel of the foot as well.

Overall these DanskoPro XP Clogs are comfortable and very supportive for a female nurse who work on their feet all day. Just make sure that you order the correct sized pair of shoes while purchasing them online. We give these clogs a rating of 4.7 out of 5 for its sheer comfort, durability and traction features.

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No.1: Dansko Women’s Professional Pro Cabrio Leather Clogs Review

Primary Features:

  1. These Dansko Women’s Professional Pro Cabrio Leather Clogs are made from premium quality leather and they have a synthetic sole.
  2. The heel measurement for this version of Dankso nursing shoe is about 1.75 inches.
  3. These clogs have a snub toe, are shock absorbent, and made to be very durable and long lasting.


  1. These clogs have higher arch support which is needed for nurses that are working on their feet all day.
  2. There is a padded instep collar as well as breathable Pu foam footbed which allow the feet to stay cool and dry even when you work in moist atmosphere and damp environment.
  3. There is a rocker bottom for additional comfort. It also helps in reducing fatigue which might come by working all day and by constantly standing on your feet all day.


  1. The shoes are narrow and a nurse has to keep this into consideration when they are ordering these shoes.
  2. These shoes also take some time to break in. It may take a couple of weeks for the shoes to mould to the foot size.

Final Verdict:

Overall this pair of Dansko Professional Pro Carbio Leather Clogs was designed to give the nurse the support that she needs from being on her feet all day. The rocking motion that is provided by these shoes allows your feet to feel less tired and less stressed while being on your feet the whole day.

When ordering this pair of shoes, be sure to order the correct sized shoes. These shoes come in many different colors but they are available in white color which meets the dress code of many nurses.

The extra padding that they contain provides a nurse the ability to stay comfortable on her feet even during long shifts. Overall these shoes get a 4.9 out of 5 star rating from our side.

Click Here for Latest Reviews and Price of Dansko Women’s Professional Pro Cabrio Leather Clog. So, these are our top 10 best Dansko White Nursing Shoes for Women. Now, all you have to do is decide which one is the best for your actual requirements and buy the one that you need the most. Click here to discover our other best shoes categories.

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