10 Best Budget Cruiser Bikes for Women Review 2018 Buying Guide

  • By: Vishal Mahadik
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Hi, today we are reviewing top 10 best cruiser bikes for women in 2018. All of these bikes are very budget friendly and will not cost you dearly. We suggest you to first take a look at our latest rankings of top 10 women’s cruiser bikes.

Then do read our in-depth buying guide where you will get all the information such as how to choose the best types of cruiser bikes for women and what are the best features of these kinds of women’s bicycles, etc.

This will certainly help you to get the idea of what to look for when buying these cruiser bikes online or at your local stores. So, we wish you a Best of Luck!

Review of Top 10 Best Budget Cruiser Bikes for Women in 2018

Today we are presenting our thoroughly reviewed top 10 best cruiser bikes for women in 2018. This review will certainly help you select the most reliable and the best cruiser bicycle to ride comfortably and enjoy the free roaming experience on your bike.

No. 10: Kent Bay Breeze 7-Speed Women's Cruiser Bicycle Review

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Kent Bay Breeze 7-Speed Women's Cruiser Bicycle Review


[easyazon_link identifier="B00G7IWENU" locale="US" tag="vbar-20"]Kent Bay Breeze 7-Speed Women’s Cruiser Bicycle[/easyazon_link] comes at no. 10 ranking for the best cruiser bikes for women in our list. The reasons are very clear. The wheel size of this cruiser is about 26 inches and the overall weight is about 35 pounds.

It is one of the lightweight cruisers available for women to ride. It exhibits classic style and looks along with modern technology construction. It comes with durable and lightweight aluminium cruiser frame. This bicycle provides you a great support and comfort for riding on variety kinds of surfaces such as unpaved or paved paths, trails, etc.

This Kent cruiser is also equipped with great quality linear pull brakes, twist-grip shifting and a comfortable seat. You can adjust this saddle as per your height requirements easily. This blue colored cruiser bike comes with 7-speed Shimano gear system which is great for riding in high terrains and busy streets. You can watch the following video to understand more about Shimano Gear System.

Linear pull brakes of this cycle give you greater control in stopping your bike wherever and whenever you need. This Kent women’s cruiser bike is also well equipped with front and rear fenders as well as rear bicycle rack.

[easyazon_link identifier="B00G7IWENU" locale="US" tag="vbar-20"]Click Here for Latest Reviews and Price of Kent Bay Breeze 7-Speed Women's Cruiser Bicycle.[/easyazon_link]

No. 9: Schwinn 26 Inches Ladies Perla 7-Speed Cruiser Bike Review

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Schwinn 26 Inches Ladies Perla 7-Speed Cruiser Bike Review


Schwinn is one of the most respected and one of the most innovative cruiser bike producers in the world. This particular [easyazon_link identifier="B00P470BEY" locale="US" tag="vbar-20"]Schwinn 26-Inch Ladies Perla 7-Speed Cruiser Bike[/easyazon_link] is full of exciting features and benefits for the user. It comes with very classic cruiser frame style. It features exciting blue color along with matching fenders.

The overall weight of this bike is around 55 pounds. And the height is just about 26 inches which is one of the most preferred and comfortable height range for average height women. This bike possesses a very comfortable and specially designed Schwinn quality padded spring seat. It provides a soft cushioning and very comfortable riding experience for all kinds of female riders.

The full fenders of this Schwinn bicycle offer enhanced comfort and provide great support in all kinds of weather conditions. Plus this cruiser bike is equipped with Schwinn 7-Speed gear system. This twist shifter system provides very superior riding performance in strong windy conditions and on high terrains.

The handlebars of this bicycle provide you very upright riding position and greater comfort. It also comes with Alloy V brake system that gives you more control and support while riding on high slopes and in crowded streets.

[easyazon_link identifier="B00P470BEY" locale="US" tag="vbar-20"]Click Here for Reviews and Current Price of Schwinn 26 Inches Ladies Perla 7-Speed Cruiser Bike.[/easyazon_link]

No. 8: Critical Cycles Chatham-1 26 Inches Single Speed Women's Beach Cruiser Review

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Critical Cycles Chatham-1 26 Inches Single Speed Women's Beach Cruiser Review 2


Critical Cycles is another well-known cruiser bike brand in the market. [easyazon_link identifier="B019U5XBJM" locale="US" tag="vbar-20"]Critical Cycles Chatham-1 26 Inches Single Speed Women’s Beach Cruiser[/easyazon_link] is choke full of exciting features. Its one of the lightest cruiser bikes in our list. The weight of this bike is about 37 pounds and it comes with 26-Inches adjustable height frame.

It comes in several exciting colors such as blush pink, black & purple, coral, sand, seafoam, sky blue and turquoise, etc. The unique thing to mention about this bicycle is it is built with hand built Steel Step Thru Frame construction. So you can consider this cruiser bike as one of the most durable, lightweight yet very strong bicycles of this generation.

This bicycle is also equipped with single speed, three speed and seven speed gear system. We are reviewing single speed cycle here. The single gear system along with simple pedal oriented coaster brakes makes it very easy to handle this cruiser bike for all women. You need very little maintenance and upkeep cost to manage it.

Critical Cycles Single speed bike has more important features such as comfortably placed high handlebars, extra wide, stable and shock absorbent Wanda tires, life extending double wall rims and overall very comfortable and durable structure.

[easyazon_link identifier="B019U5XBJM" locale="US" tag="vbar-20"]Click Here for Real Price and Reviews of Critical Cycles Chatham-1 26 Inches Single Speed Women's Beach Cruiser Bike.[/easyazon_link]

No. 7: Huffy Bicycles 26657 Ladies' Deluxe 26 Inches Cruiser Bicycle Review

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Huffy Bicycles 26657 Ladies Deluxe 26 Inches Cruiser Bicycle Review


When it comes to top notch women’s cruiser bikes, we also should not forget the name, Huffy Bicycles. Yes, Huffy produces some of the very best quality cruiser bicycles in the world. This specific [easyazon_link identifier="B010X0D2OM" locale="US" tag="vbar-20"]Huffy Bicycles 26657 Ladies’ Deluxe 26 Inches Cruiser Bicycle[/easyazon_link] offers several exciting features for lady riders.

The overall weight of this cycle is about 48 pounds and the height of the frame is 26 inches. The color of the bike is color radiance which is a lady favourite color. 26 inch by 2.35 inch crème tires are made from light coral 38 mm steel material. It comes with coaster brakes which is a good thing for women who need more control while riding the bike.

This Huffy Bicycle is well equipped with adjustable, well embroidered spring seat and integrated rear rack. You can use this rack to carry small luggage or one more person too. Other worth mentioning features of this bike are steel uni-crown fork, steel 1 piece crank, 12 gauge spokes, dual density grips and pedals, etc. It also features Huffy Hang Tag, front basket and beverage holder.

[easyazon_link identifier="B010X0D2OM" locale="US" tag="vbar-20"]Click Here for Latest Reviews and Price of Huffy Bicycles 26657 Ladies' Deluxe 26 Inches Cruiser Bicycle.[/easyazon_link]

No. 6: Susan G Komen Single Speed 26 Inches Beach Cruiser Bike Review

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Susan G Komen Single Speed 26 Inches Beach Cruiser Bike Review


[easyazon_link identifier="B0060PL9XQ" locale="US" tag="vbar-20"]Susan G Komen Single Speed 26 Inches Beach Cruiser Bike[/easyazon_link] is made from top quality steel material. It is also one of the lightest cruiser bicycles in our list. It weighs just about 25 pounds and the height is 26 inches. The bike has 26 inches wheel diameter and it possesses very comfortable saddle for seating.

The Tig welded steel frame and fork enhances the sturdiness and durability of this cycle. It comes with single speed gear system and coaster brake system. This cruiser bike has foot brakes which provide you good control while you ride this Susan G Komen cruiser made by Kent.

You can easily adjust the height of the seat as per your requirement which is a plus thing for this bike. This is one of the easiest and most comfortable bikes in our list. It comes in pink and white color and looks really cute and attractive. It is certainly a fun to play with and made to ride on flat terrains.

[easyazon_link identifier="B0060PL9XQ" locale="US" tag="vbar-20"]Click Here for More Reviews and Price of Susan G Komen Single Speed 26 Inches Beach Cruiser Bike.[/easyazon_link]

No. 5: Huffy Nel Lusso 26 Inches Women's Cruiser Bike Review

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Huffy Nel Lusso 26 Inches Women's Cruiser Bike Review


In case you are looking for a fashionable, attractive and feature packed cruiser bike, we do not have any inhibitions to recommend [easyazon_link identifier="B00FRR6TAG" locale="US" tag="vbar-20"]Huffy Nel Lusso 26 Inches Women's Cruiser Bike[/easyazon_link] for you. Huffy is one brand that is making very premium quality cruiser bikes for women in the market since last so many years. The unique thing to mention about it is that it comes with front basket where you can carry your small puppy or your everyday luggage.

If you want to carry more luggage or a bit heavier stuff, you can also do so with the help of the rear rack of this bike. There is even a beverage holder attached to the handlebar which you can use to carry some beverage bottles. So yes, you can consider this Huffy cruiser bike as your all-in-one shopping friend. This is perfect for those women who love to shop while riding their bikes.

The weight of the bike is around 45 pounds and the height is 26 inches. It has quality alloy rims which are more durable and provides high performance in all kinds of weather conditions. The handlebar of this bike is equipped with dual density grips which give you better control and enhanced handling while riding your bike.

[easyazon_link identifier="B00FRR6TAG" locale="US" tag="vbar-20"]Click Here for More Reviews and Price of Huffy Nel Lusso 26 Inches Women's Cruiser Bike.[/easyazon_link]

No. 4: Schwinn Destiny 24-Inch Cruiser Bicycle Review

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Schwinn Destiny 24-Inch Cruiser Bicycle Review


[easyazon_link identifier="B008J10ZY8" locale="US" tag="vbar-20"]Schwinn Destiny 24-Inch Cruiser Bicycle[/easyazon_link] is perfect for short and average height women. You can go for a ride with this bike in your neighbourhood, shop in your area, or can go for a trail riding with your buddies. This bike is built with strong and durable steel cruiser frame and a fork. It offers very comfortable and supportive riding experience.

The bike is equipped with full fenders which keep water away in the rainy season. If you want to carry light luggage, there is a rear rack attached to the bike. The bike height is 24 inches and weight is about 40 pounds. The seat is well padded and provides great cushioning due to its inbuilt spring construction.

This Schwinn bicycle has alloy rims which are very durable and lightweight in nature. The comfortable and upright seating position gives you great riding experience and we highly recommend this cruiser bike for women who are short or average in height.

[easyazon_link identifier="B008J10ZY8" locale="US" tag="vbar-20"]Click Here for Reviews and Price of Schwinn Destiny 24-Inch Cruiser Bicycle.[/easyazon_link]

No. 3: Huffy #54576 Women's Nel Lusso 24-Inch Cruiser Bike Review

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Huffy 54576 Womens Nel Lusso 24-Inch Cruiser Bike Review


Huffy creates some of the best and the most attractive cruiser bikes for women. This specific [easyazon_link identifier="B01C7G5PPE" locale="US" tag="vbar-20"]Huffy #54576 Women’s Nel Lusso 24 Inches Cruiser Bike[/easyazon_link] is designed for a comfortable ride and it comes with adequate space to carry your luggage.

We have ranked this bicycle at no.3 due to its attractive looks, comfort and its ability to carry extra luggage. It comes with a spacious front basket which you can use to carry your everyday luggage such as your keys, clothes, phone, vegetables, or any of your regular stuff.

It also possesses a rear rack which is extra useful to carry an extra man or woman or your kids too. It has a convenient beverage holder on the handlebar. Its steel cruiser frame features 2-tone grips, Mint fenders, well-padded seat, and a cruiser handlebar.

The height of this bike is about 24 inches and the average weight is about 46 pounds. This Huffy Nel Lusso bike is equipped with coaster brakes, double comfort 2-tone pedals and butterscotch rim which give you enhanced comfort, control and support while riding on the roads and on the slopes. This single speed cruiser bike offers you excellent riding experience with great fun, comfort and control. We highly recommend you to try this bike to experience its comfort and support level.

To see more features, watch the following review video carefully.

[easyazon_link identifier="B01C7G5PPE" locale="US" tag="vbar-20"]Click Here for Latest Reviews and Price of Huffy #54576 Women's Nel Lusso 24-Inch Cruiser Bike.[/easyazon_link]

No. 2: Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle Review

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Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle Review


At no. 2, we have ranked [easyazon_link identifier="B004D65JLW" locale="US" tag="vbar-20"]Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle[/easyazon_link] as our best cruiser bike for women. There are some obvious reasons for this rank.

The seat and the handle bars are very comfortable and gives you enhanced comfort while riding this bike. You can easily sit up straight on this bike and it amazingly do not put any unnecessary burden on your shoulders while riding. Their after sales service is much superior according to the customer reviews online.

You can really enjoy your ride with this bike due to its amazing features such as 1-speed, 3-speed and 7-speed gear options, 7-speed hand brake, 1 to 3-speed coaster brake system, double spring saddle, etc. The weight of this bike is just 38 pounds and this bicycle is available in two height models (24 inches and 26 inches). 26 Inches model is ideal for 5 to 6 feet riders while 24 inches model is right for 4 to 5 feet riders.

The tires of this bike is 2.125 inches wide which give you smooth, soft and shock proof riding experience. This Firmstrong Urban Lady cruiser comes 80 percent assembled which is a good thing for newbie riders. The handlebars are really wide and they come with rubber grips which give you great control and support while riding. We greatly recommend this classic curvy designed, attractive and stylish cruiser bike to women who love riding comfortably for a long distance.

Take a close look at this wonderful bike in the following video to see its uniqueness.

[easyazon_link identifier="B004D65JLW" locale="US" tag="vbar-20"]Click Here for Latest Price and Customer Reviews of Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle.[/easyazon_link]

No. 1: Sixthreezero Around The Block Women's 1-Speed Cruiser Bike Review

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Sixthreezero Around The Block Women's 1-Speed Cruiser Bike Review 2


Here comes our no.1 best cruiser bike for women. [easyazon_link identifier="B00AK0S07K" locale="US" tag="vbar-20"]Sixthreezero Around The Block Women’s 1-Speed Cruiser Bike[/easyazon_link] is one of those bikes that give you unparalleled performance, comfort, support and excellent riding experience you crave for.

It is ideal for women who want a casual riding experience in their neighbourhood. It is fit for women with 5 to 6 feet height and the best thing is it comes 85 percent assembled. This requires less work and time from your side to completely build this bike and to make it working. This bicycle has a beautiful curved design with aluminium wheels and 17 inches durable steel frame.

The tires of this bike are very wide which feature black colored double walled rims along with a waffle tread. This offers very smooth and soft riding experience for women. Its coaster brakes offer great control and stopping power to you while riding. The bike also features a rear rack along with an optional bike bag.

The handle bars of this bike are also wide and come with superior high-density foam grips. The great thing about this bike is you can easily customize it with various types of accessories which can change its look and style the way you want.

Due to the seat’s ergonomic positioning, you always ride in the upright position which keeps your back straight and offers great comfort while riding. The height of this bike is 26 inches and its overall weight is less than 40 pounds which is great for women with average weight category.

Watch this video to take a close look at the actual riding experience of Sixthreezero Around The Block Cruiser.

[easyazon_link identifier="B00AK0S07K" locale="US" tag="vbar-20"]Click Here for Latest Price and Customer Reviews of Sixthreezero Around The Block Women's 1-Speed Cruiser Bike.[/easyazon_link]

Buying Guide for Best Cruiser Bikes for Women in 2018

The following is an in-depth buying guide for best cruiser bikes for women in 2018. Here, we have provided the complete answers to most frequently asked questions by the users online. Read them, understand them and then take your buying decision properly.

What is a Cruiser Bike or a Cruiser Bicycle?

According to Wikipedia sources, cruiser bike is also known as a beach cruiser. It was previously called as motobike. These types of bicycles are usually very heavyweight in nature but highly durable due to their strong steel construction.

Their construction usually consists of very high quality steel material, balloon type tires, single-speed drivetrain (also known as single speed bicycles), as well as straight and upright seats. These bicycles look very stylish and attractive.

All casual women riders and vacationers can use these cruiser bikes with ease. Due to their construction quality, they are very comfortable and stable to drive on paved roads. But due to their balloon tires and higher weight category, they do not provide high speed.

You can use them for slow, casual drive on the beaches, pavements and in beautiful jungle streets. And this is why these cruiser bikes for women are included in non-touring and non-racing bicycle class.

Using a best cruiser bike is a great experience not in terms of speeding your bicycle but in terms of enjoying the environment around you.

You can take a drive on the beach or you can use it for local trailing. Its more like a fashion statement for many women. They are considered as an old-school, stylish, and very simple to use cruisers with low maintenance.

How to Choose The Best Cruiser Bikes for Women?

If you look at the actual types of bikes for women, you will see lot of variety. When it comes to usual bikes category for women, you can choose different types of bikes such as regular commuter bikes, road bikes, flat bar road bikes, mountain bikes and finally cruiser bikes.

Now when it comes to choosing the best type of cruiser bike for women, we have to first identify our actual needs and preferences. Depending on your need, your selection can vary from model to model.

There are various categories which you have to take into account while deciding the ideal cruiser bike for you. The following are few important categories we have prepared for you that will definitely help you understand your actual need and requirement.

1. User Age and Sex Type: The first category to consider is your actual gender and age group. Depending upon your sex, male or female, the type of cruiser bike changes. The characteristics and features differ a bit depending upon whether you are a man or a woman. The next differentiation is your age group. The type and features of cruiser bikes are different for baby boomers and for young women.

2. Your Height and Weight: Your height and actual weight also matters a lot while choosing the best kind of cruiser bicycle. If you are a short woman of height from 4 ft. 5 inches to 5 ft., there are certain adjustments that come in a new cruiser bike. If you are a tall woman of height ranging from 5ft. 7 inches to 6 ft., you need to choose the bike with a tall seat adjustment.

Women with higher weight or plus size category should look for a bike that can manage your body weight comfortably while cycling. If you are overweight or obese, there are certain models available that can support your weight without any hassles.

If you come under normal or medium weight category, there are certain lightweight bikes available in the market to fulfil your needs. So depending upon your actual body height and weight, you should carefully choose the right cruiser bike for you.

3. User Experience Level: Your actual experience of handling these types of cruiser bikes is also an important factor to think about. If you are a new or beginner level user, you need a bike that can provide maximum support and protection for yourself.

In such cases, you should prefer a bike that is also equipped with quality brakes and gears. This will provide you maximum possible protection as a beginner level user. The next category is for advanced level user who is more experienced in using cruiser bikes. For these women, you can use a normal bike without gears, brakes and all the other accessories.

4. Current Condition of Bike: These cruiser bikes for women do come with hefty price tag. The price range can vary from 100 bucks to even 1000 bucks. Depending upon your budget, you should carefully select the rightly priced beach cruiser for yourself.

You can either buy a fresh new cruiser bicycle or an used one from the market. Used cruisers come at very cheap price. Usually you can get an used cruiser bike for 30% to 50% less price than the new original one.

If you are short of budget and looking for pocket friendly cruiser bikes, then do not worry. We have already prepared a top 10 list of bikes that come under the budget of $200 only. So you can choose from our list given above.

5. Types of Bike Accessories: Now, the new cruiser bikes for women come with lots of different types of special accessories. Some come with hand brakes while some are equipped with gear box. Some bicycles possess coaster brakes too.

If you are a lady with a baby, you can definitely go for a bike that comes with a baby seat. You can even get the beach cruiser that comes with a shopping basket. This is very useful for women who want to go on shopping with their cruisers. So it all depends upon your needs and preferences when it comes to choose the type of bike accessory.

6. Actual Activity Purpose: Finally, it all boils down to the actual purpose for which you want to buy your new or used beach cruiser bike. Some women purchase these bikes just for casual strolling in the park or on the beach. Some use them as a fitness or exercise tool.

Some women want to go trekking and hillside riding with these cruisers. Some ladies use them for a long distance travel and some use them for short distance strolling. So the purpose for which you want to buy these bikes makes all the difference.

Because depending upon your purpose, the bike models vary by the features. You have to choose the type of cruiser that suits your purpose in the best possible manner.

Primary Features and Benefits of Best Cruiser Bikes for Women

1. Comfortable Ride: Most classic beach cruiser bikes for women are built with strong steel construction and comfortable seat design. You can take a comfort ride in this type of cruiser bicycles at the places like beaches, parks, neighbourhoods, cities, pavements, etc.

2. Relaxing Handlebars: The handles of these bicycles are made in such a way that you get maximum comfort and support. Your shoulders and hands remain in very comfortable and relaxing positions when rested on handlebars. On the other side, your back also remains in the more upright position due to the ergonomic construction of the seat.

3. Shock Absorbing Seat: The seat of these bikes also gives you maximum comfort and support at the same time. Certain bikes come with double coil spring seats which offer very soft and smooth riding experience. These seats are usually come in extra width which gives you ample place for a comfortable sit. Plus these seats protect your buttocks and back from high jostles and bumps by providing maximum shock absorption.

4. Soft and Wide Tires: The tires are very important part for any cruiser bike for women. Quality cruiser bike manufacturers such as Firmstrong and Sixthreezero provide very soft and wide tires with their bikes. These 2.1 inches tires roll easily on different types of terrains without any hassles. They provide maximum cushioning and support even on hard trails and on paved surfaces. They absorb high bumps easily offering maximum comfort ride for the user.

5. Availability of Gears and Brakes: New models of cruiser bikes also come with special set of gears and hand brakes. Most single and 3 speed bikes offer rear coaster brakes. Certain 7 speed models give you rear and front hand brakes. Even if you are opting for a bike with gears and brakes, it is always recommended to go with less complicated gear systems and with bikes having very less handing cables.

Most bikes come with 1 speed, 3 speed and 7 speed gear systems. If you want to perform higher intensity riding such as hill climbing and long distance riding, then and only then think of getting bikes with 3 speed and 7 speed gears.

Otherwise, if you ride casually on flat surfaces, it is better to go with bike having single speed gear system. Higher gear bikes come with sophisticated internal gear shifting system. So you can take advantage of that gear system when you are involved in higher intensity riding activities.

Sizing Guide for Women’s Best Cruiser Bikes

Many of the new models of cruiser bikes today come with adjustable seat and handlebars. So it is possible to adjust the height of your bicycle according to your own height requirements. There are different models present in the market depending upon your age category.

Basically the beach cruisers are measured in two traditional ways. The first factor is the outside diameter of the tire. The second important factor is the frame size which is usually measured from top to bottom of the seat post tube.

This also means you will have to take into account the distance of the crank from the seat clamp. There is great information provided on Tumblr page of Beachbikers which you can check out for more details.

Here is the general sizing chart for best cruiser bikes for women as well as for men.

Wheelsize (1) in Inches

Frame Size Range (2) in Inches

Height Range in Feet

Age Category


8 to 10

2 ft. 10 inches to 3 ft. 8 inches

1 to 5



3 ft. 2 inches to 4 ft. 4 inches

4 to 10



4 ft. to 5 ft. 4 inches

8 to Adult


15 to 21

5 ft. to 6 ft. 4 inches

11 to Adult


Extended Frame

6 ft. and above (Long Frame Design Recommended)


You can watch the following videos for more information regarding sizing guide for women’s cruiser bicycles.

What are the Different Colors Available for Women’s Cruiser Bikes?

There are wide varieties of colors available for women to choose from. Popular manufacturers of women’s cruiser bikes provide bicycles with colors such as magneta, red, green, blue, black, white, mint green, pink, purple and many others. You can choose your favourite color from the wide selection available online.

Best Women’s Cruiser Bike vs. Comfort Bike Comparison

Comfort bikes and cruiser bikes both offer enhanced comfort and upright position. They are much more comfortable and supportive as compared to your traditional road bikes. However, there are certain differences when it comes to comfort bike and cruiser bike features.

Cruiser bikes for women are heavier as compared to comfort bikes. But cruiser bikes are more durable and stylish in comparison with comfort bikes for women. Many beach cruiser bicycles provide upright riding position that comes with relaxing handlebars and large wheelbase. Tires of these bikes are wider and provide more stability and shock absorption as compared to the comfort bikes.

You can get more detailed comparison of comfort bike with women’s cruiser bike on Chron.com site. Click here for more information.


This is our complete buying guide and at the top we have provided our top 10 best cruiser bikes for women in 201​8. You can take a close look at them, check their reviews online and then decide which one is most suitable for your needs. You can also check out our other product reviews at VBM Best Reviews. We wish you good luck for your purchase.

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