5 Best Boots for Line Dancing Reviewed – Dance With Style and Comfort

  • By: Edmond Clark
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​Recently I came across a 2008 National Institute of Health (NIH) study which reveals an interesting results about the physical and social effects of line dancing on older women of age 60 and more.

This study proves that line dancing is not just beneficial for physical improvements but it also helps you to develop your overall personality and social activity as well as community involvement.

There are several positive social and physical benefits of this dance style especially for older aged men and women.

So, if you are interested to learn this dance style, then you definitely need a good quality pair of line dancing boots.

If you are a big fan of line dancing and want to learn the famous Boot Scootin’ Boogie or Bossy Boots or even Blazing Boots line dancing steps yourself, then also you should always opt for a comfortable and supportive pair of footwear for this dance exercise.

This article will cover some of the best boots for line dancing that will aid you in performing this dance safely and without any foot injuries or ankle pain.

These boots also offer the best in class comfort and support for your feet.

This allows you to enjoy your dance sessions without worrying about your foot pain and discomfort.

​5 Best Boots for Line Dancing for Men and Women

​First, we will take a closer look at men’s cowboy boots and then we will review top cowgirl boots for women.

I am sure you will love these boots once you start your dance practice in them.

But before that, if you are in a hurry to check out my top recommendations, then I am providing my no.1 recommendations for men and women.

Check them out.

Ariat Men’s Heritage R Toe Western Cowboy Boot

Ariat Men's Heritage Western R Toe Cowboy Boot, Black Deer Tan, 12 EE US

1. Lightweight & Stable

2. 100% Full Grain Leather Construction

3. Excellent Arch Support & True to Size Fitting

4. Comfortable to Wear for Long Hours

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​Dan Post Women’s Maria Western Boot

Dan Post Women's Maria Western Boot,Black,8 M US

1. Good Cushioning and Comfortable Footbed

2. Leather Outsole Perfect for Line Dancing

3. 100% ​Flexible and Comfortable Leather

4. Durable in Nature and True to Size Fitting

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Reviews of ​5 Top Men’s Western Boots for Line Dancing

​5. Laredo Men’s London Western Boot

Laredo Men's London Western Boot,Black Cherry,11 D US

​Laredo is one of my favorite cowboy boot brands. Specially, this Laredo London Western Boot for Men is more suitable for line dancing because of its 100% leather and synthetic sole.

Its heel height is about 1.75 inches and it comes in 4 different colors viz. tan, black, burg and black cherry.

Plus, it is very affordable and looks really attractive for line dancing performance.

Its fitting is great and it offers higher comfort for dancing activities.

You can also insert padded insoles to get more comfort during long dancing sessions.


a. ​Very affordable price range

b. ​Offers good comfort for longer dancing sessions

c. ​Leather is easily stretchable and moulds to your foot faster

d. ​Sturdy built up and more durable in nature

e. ​Style and look wise these boots are great for line dancing


a. ​Takes a little more time to break in due to synthetic sole

b. ​You need to order half size or one size larger than your actual foot size

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​4. Tony Lama Men’s Vintage Smooth Ostrich Western Boot

Tony Lama Men's Vintage Smooth Ostrich, Antique Tan, 11.5 EE US

Tony Lama is my next favorite brand when it comes to quality cowboy boot for line dancing.

This specific Men’s Vintage Smooth Ostrich Cowboy Boot is made from 100% premium quality leather material.

It is 100% Made in USA boot and its leather sole is perfect for line dancing activities.

Heel height is about 1.5 inches. So, its also good for moving and performing various dance moves.

I also liked its broad square toe which offers enough space for comfortable toe movements and does provide more support for your toes.


a. ​Stylish vintage ostrich pattern that attracts people’s attention

b. ​Leather sole is perfect for sliding and spinning without any hindrance

c. ​Broad square toe offers good comfort and prevents toe pain during longer dance sessions

d. ​100% Made in USA brand and its leather quality is excellent

e. ​Heel height is perfect for line dancing exercise


a. ​A bit over priced

b. ​Half size larger boots. Its width is much wider than expected. So, order your boot accordingly.

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​3. Laredo Men’s Hawk Western Boot

Laredo Men's Hawk Western Boot,Brown/Gold,8.5 D US

Made from 100 percent leather and synthetic material, this specific Laredo Hawk Western Boot for Men is perfect for line dancing.

Because it is stylish and very comfortable at the same time.

Though it has a synthetic sole which is slip resistant to some extent, I still believe it is sufficiently slippery enough to dance comfortably.

You can still move, spin and slide in these boots without any difficulty.

Its heel height is about 1.5 inches and shaft height is 12 inches.

Its unique design makes it stand out among the crowd.

Therefore, if you are looking for a quality and stylish dancing western boot with a synthetic sole then I recommend to choose this one.


a. ​Very durable due to its intricate stitching and leather synthetic material

b. ​Highly stylish and attractive due to its snip toe design

c. ​Synthetic sole gives you comfort of sliding, spinning and dancing effortlessly

d. ​Fits like a glove

e. ​Highly comfortable and supportive for your feet


a. ​Some people have complained about its poor construction as it is Made in China

b. ​Less durable

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​2. Dan Post Men’s Milwaukee 13 Inches Western Boot

Dan Post Men's Milwaukee 13 inch R Toe Western Boot,Black Cherry,9 D US

Dan Post is my number one loved brand when I think of shopping for best cowboy boots that are Made in USA.

This particular Dan Post Milwaukee 13 Inches Cowboy Boot fulfills all the conditions that are required for line dancing sessions.

It is made from 100% leather material. Its sole is also made up of leather which is our prime necessity when we choose boots for dancing.

Its heel height is perfect for dancing which is about 1.5 inches. Its shaft height is 13 inches which is ok for our requirements.

Its other notable features such as dual pull tabs and scalloped topline only makes it more convenient and comfortable to wear and dance for long hours.

There is internal cushioning as well which makes this boot highly comfortable to wear for extended time period.


a. ​Supportive leather sole makes line dancing easier

b. ​100 percent leather material makes it more durable and supportive

c. ​Perfect shaft height and heel height for dancing

d. ​Comfortable cushioning and dual pull tabs make it easier to wear and dance

e. ​Tonal embroidery on the shaft makes it more attractive and stylish


a. ​Get scuff marks very easily. But you can remove those scuff marks with these homemade cleaning methods.

b. ​Shaft is somewhat stiffer. But you can also make it soft by stretching the leather.

Click here to see some easy methods to stretch leather boots at home.

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​1. Ariat Men’s Heritage R Toe Western Cowboy Boot

Ariat Men's Heritage Western R Toe Cowboy Boot, Distressed Brown, 11 D US

At no. 1, obviously I have ranked Ariat brand which is the best shoe manufacturer when it comes to quality cowboy boots.

Specially this particular Ariat Heritage R Toe Western Boot for Men is ideal for folks who love to perform line dancing on various occasions.

Although, it is not made in USA, it is still really good in terms of its leather construction.

Yes, it is made up of 100% leather material.

Its sole is made from synthetic material. But don’t worry. It is not completely slip resistant.

It will allow you to comfortably move, spin and slide when you perform on the stage.

These boots are also highly stable thanks to its ATS technology.

They will offer good balance and support while you dance.


a. ​Lightweight and highly stable which is good for balance and composure in line dancing

b. ​Outsole is durable and supportive for sliding and spinning

c. ​Well cushioned footbed and full grain leather is comfortable

d. ​Excellent arch support and fitting is perfect

e. ​Very comfortable to wear and dance for long hours


a. ​Narrow shaft can cause discomfort for people with wide calves.

I recommend to look for wide sized cowboy boots if you face this issue.

b. ​Stitching in the sole is not perfect

​I recommend you to watch the below video to discover why men love to wear this Ariat Heritage R Toe Boot.

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​5 Top Women’s Line Dancing Cowboy Boots

​5. Old West Women’s LF1529 Western Boot

Old West Boots Women's LF1529, Tan Canyon, 7 B US

When you search for a reliable pair of women’s cowboy boot for line dancing then the first brand which you should look for is Old West.

I recommend specifically this Old West LF1529 Western Boot for Women.

Obviously, the primary reason for this recommendation is its high-quality leather construction and leather sole.

Its leather sole is perfect for spinning, moving, sliding during your dance sessions.

The boot opening is around 13.5 inches and its heel height is about 1.5 inches.

This is ideal height for comfortable dancing.

However, if you want perfect fitting for your feet, then the company recommends to order half size larger than your actual foot size measurements.


a. ​Full leather lining and distressed leather upper provides higher comfort

b. ​Can be used with jeans and skirts easily

c. ​Cushioned leather insole offers higher comfort and support during dancing

d. ​Leather outsole allows you to slide, spin and comfortably move during dance sessions

e. ​Its reinforced shank provides extra stability and support


a. ​Some people complain about its thin leather quality. It could lead to lower life span of your boot.

b. ​Heel, toe and Ankle areas may rub on your feet sometimes.

If you experience this issue, then I recommend to check out this guide to reduce the rubbing of your boot on your toes.

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​4. Durango Women’s Classic 11 Inch Western Boot

Durango Women's RD4112 Classic 11" Western Boot,Wild Tan,7.5 M US

At no. 4, I have rated Durango Classic 11 Inches Western Boot for Women.

The reasons for the same are simple and straightforward.

Although it is imported boot, it is made from 100% genuine leather material.

Its outsole is not completely leather but made from synthetic material.

It still allows you to comfortably spin, slide and move your feet as you wish during a line dance workout.

Its leather quality is really good and therefore, it is highly durable and comfortable to wear.

Heel height is around 1.75 inches.

So, if you want slightly higher heel, then this is a perfect boot for your feet.


a. ​Fitting is true to size and offers higher comfort

b. ​Leather welt construction is highly durable and gives you good support as well

c. ​Well cushioned insole also comes with flex forepart. It offers more comfort and support

d. ​High heel height and synthetic sole gives you good chances to freely move and spin during dance sessions

e. ​Less break-in time and looks stylish with jeans and skirts


a. ​Mostly suitable for ladies with large calves​

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​3. Tony Lama Women’s Tan Goat Cross TC1002L Boot

Tony Lama Women's Tan Goat Cross TC1002L Boot,Tan Saigets Worn Goat,6 B US

Tony Lama cowboy boots are usually handcrafted and made with premium durable leather material.

This Tony Lama Tan Goat Cross TC1002L Women’s Western Boot is perfect for ladies who want high performance, durable and comfortable pair of cowboy boots.

This completely Made in USA boot is made up of 100% genuine leather material. It is highly comfortable and very durable in nature.

Its heel height is about 1.25 inches which is perfect for line dancing activities. The overall construction of this boot is excellent and its fitting is true to size.

Its leather outsole is ideal for dance workouts and you can move comfortably without injuring your feet when you wear these boots.


a. ​True to size fitting

b. ​100% genuine leather construction

c. ​Leather outsole gives your feet good balance and flexibility to perform dance moves comfortably

d. ​Durable and comfortable leather material

e. ​Perfect heel height and good support


a. ​None as far as my research is concerned

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​2. Ariat Women’s Dahlia Western Boot

Ariat Women's Dahlia Western Cowboy Boot, Silly Brown/Chocolate Floral, 6.5 M US

​​Ariat Dahlia Western Boot for Women is one of the best choices for you if you are damn serious about improving your dance performance.

It comes in 2 colors viz. brown and brown chocolate.

This is a comparatively shorter cowboy boot.

If you don’t want to wear long shaft western boots, then this is an ideal pair of boots for your feet.

It is made from 100% genuine leather which is highly durable and comfortable in nature.

Although, it is an imported boot, the quality is not compromised at any level.

Heel height is about 2.5 inches. So, it is little bit higher than my recommended heel height for line dancing.

But some women do prefer boots with higher heels. For them, this is a perfect boot.

Its composite forked shank and Advanced Torque Stability (ATS) technology increase its stability and support for your feet.

Its D toe design safeguards your toes and gives more comfort for long hour dance sessions.


a. ​100% genuine full grain leather construction

b. ​Higher comfort and support for your feet

c. ​Leather sole gives more flexibility and higher chances to perform flawless dance moves

d. ​Stylish and beautiful floral embossing design

e. ​True to size fitting


a. ​Not suitable for women with smaller sized ankles and calves

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​1. Dan Post Women’s Maria Western Boot

Dan Post Women's Maria Western Boot,Black,8 M US

Finally, at no. 1 Dan Post Maria Cowboy Boot for Women stands tall among its other competitors.

It has all the features that are necessary to have in the best boot for line dancing.

It is made from 100% premium leather material. And its sole is also made from leather which is highly convenient for people wanting to dance on the wooden floors.

The heel height of this boot is little higher which is about 2.5 inches.

But this boot is perfect for women with short height and still want to make a good impression while dancing.

Its leather lining and ultimate flex insole increases its comfort and cushioning level.

At the same time its leather is very durable in nature.

Its stylish Rockstar overlay enhances its overall look and makes it more attractive in the crowd.

This Dan Post cowgirl boot is a perfect match for ladies who have narrow calves and who want to wear skinny jeans during dance sessions.


a. ​Perfect for short and skinny women

b. ​Very comfortable and well cushioned boot

c. ​Made from 100% leather material which is durable and flexible too

d. ​Leather outsole is perfect for line dancing workout

e. ​True to size fitting and highly durable in nature


a. ​Not suitable for women with large calves or wide calves

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​Most Frequently Asked Questions About Line Dancing Boots

​What Features To Look for When Buying Good Boots for Line Dancing?

1. ​Must be Comfortable: The first feature that your dancing boot must have is a higher comfort.

If your boots are not comfortable and supportive, then your feet tend to have pain and discomfort after few hours of dancing sessions.

Therefore, look for the pair which offers more comfortable leather or suede material.

2. Leather or Suede Sole: Most boots with rubber sole or deep treads provide you much higher traction and grip.

These are the two things that prove to be a nuisance or a disturbance while you move your feet during dancing.

Therefore, the sole of your boot must be somewhat slippery in nature.

To perform line dance moves comfortably and without any hindrance, you need to choose the dance footwear that have leather or suede sole.

Sometimes synthetic soles are also ok if they are good enough for sliding, spinning and jumping.

These types of soles aid you in sliding and spinning on the dance floor very effortlessly.

This is the reason you need to opt for the boots that come with either leather or suede outsole.

3. Lightweight and Flexible Material: When you perform line dancing activity, your feet are constantly in motion.

You usually need to do different types of spinning, pivoting, skidding, turning, and shuffling during the dance sessions.

If the boot you are wearing is not lightweight and flexible enough then it can be a burden and harmful for your feet.

Being flexible and lightweight is a necessity for your dance boot.

So, always pay attention to buy a boot that is light and sufficiently flexible.

4. ​Regular or Medium Heel Height: The heel height of your dance boot must not be too high which could be a big problem for your feet.

High heel height boots do not offer proper freedom to perform your dance moves comfortably.

In fact, such boots can restrict your foot movements which can affect your dance performance.

So, it is better you opt for line dancing boots that have regular or medium heel height at most.

Most classic style cowboy boots come with 0.75 inches to 1.75 inches of heel height.

This is sufficient for comfortable dance moves.

5. ​Broad Toe or Snip Toe: When you plan to choose a good quality cowboy boot for line dancing then my advice for you is to always prefer a boot with a broad toe or a square toe.

Round toe or pointed toe cowboy boots are not always a good choice for line dance sessions.

Because they do not offer enough space for comfortable toe wiggling.

Although, you can choose those styles of the boot if you are comfortable in them while you dance.

But you certainly need a pair of boot that has a wide toe or a square toe.

These types of toe styles usually offer proper internal space for your toe movements.

Because of this you can prevent cramps and blisters which sometimes can happen if your boots have rounded or pointy toe style.

What Types of Boots are Best for Line Dancing?

The ideal types for line dancing would be broad toe or square toe cowboy boots for men as well as for women.

I also suggest to wear good quality ankle boots which offer excellent ankle support during the dance sessions.

Most western boots with either leather or suede sole are perfect for line dancing.

Classic style cowboy boots are more preferable in this case as they don’t have high heel height.

So, my recommendation for this type of dance exercise would be leather soled cowboy boots with short to medium heel height.

​Final Thoughts

​Before you go to the market or decide to purchase these boots online, it is important for you to know the necessary features of these boots.

If you are planning to learn line dancing or simply want to master this beautiful dance art, then you certainly need a good reliable pair of cowboy boots.

I recommend to try out any cowboy boot from the above provided list. I am sure you will love them once you start dancing in these boots on the dance floor.

I wish good luck to you for your line dancing journey.





Featured Image Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ter-burg/27858764286