5 Best Boots for Dairy Farmers Reviewed

  • By: Edmond Clark
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One of my old relatives is in farming sector. Few months back, he started his own dairy business. One day he asked me what are the best boots for dairy farmers and I really had no best answers. So, I researched online and found some of the best options for him.

Today, I want to share those best boots that I found online with my dairy farmer friends. But before I mention them, I want to share with you some tips regarding how to choose the best work boots that will be useful for you when you are performing dairy farming activities.

7 Important Tips To Choose the Best Work Boots for Dairy Farmers

1. Look for the Comfort and Convenience: The first thing you must look for in any dairy farming boot is how comfortable it is to wear when you work at your farm. You need the boots that can keep your feet comfortable and relaxed for the whole day of your work.

I am sure you really don’t want the boots that will provide excessive foot pain and discomfort all day while you work. Therefore, the comfort factor of your work boot really matters a lot when you use them at your farm.2. Lightweight and not too Heavy: The dairy farming boots that you will be wearing at your work must also be lightweight in terms of its overall weight. A heavier boot will really make your feet fatigued and uncomfortable after few hours of work. So, it is better to have the boots that are light in terms of its weight.3. Easy to Put on and Take Off: The boots that are not very comfortable to wear is something which you really don’t wish to have. At your work, as a farmer you need a boot that is very easy to put on and takes less time to take off too. Your boots must not be very difficult to handle and must not waste your precious work time.4. See Whether it is Waterproof: As a dairy farmer, you need to work in the fields and in a barn. At these places, usually there is a possibility of lot of mud, water, and dirt.

In such working conditions, your boots must have 100% waterproof material or at least water-resistant features. Your feet must remain dry in these places. 

Water soaked feet for long duration can cause bacterial infection and several other foot conditions. In order to avoid these unwanted situations, your work boot must be waterproof by nature.5. Breathability and Proper Insulation Matters a Lot: Your work boots for dairy farming must provide optimum insulation for your feet. At the same time, they must provide proper ventilation to keep your feet moist and sweat free. These two features are important to keep your feet infection free.6. Your Boots’ Life Span in Important Too: You really don’t want the boots whose life span dramatically reduce when you start working in manure. No one wants those crap work boots that are not durable and last only few weeks. Therefore, my recommendation for you is to always select the most durable dairy farming work boots.7. Don’t Go for Cheap Rubber Boots: There are several types of cheap quality rubber work boots available in the market. Cheap rubber quality makes more harm than good to your feet. These kinds of cheap boots are usually very hard to handle and they do not last longer. Plus, they cause pain and discomfort for your feet while you work with them in the farm.

Now that we know what features to look for when we choose the right dairy farming work boots, it is time for me to mention my top 5 best boots for dairy farmers. So, keep reading further.

Reviews of Top 5 Best Boots for Dairy Farming Work


Bogs Classic High Handle Waterproof Insulated Farming Work Boot

Bogs Classic High Handle Waterproof Insulated Farming Work Boot

For a dairy farmer, your first priority should be comfort and protection for your feet when you are choosing a dairy farming work boot. Bogs Classic High Handle Insulated work boot fits these requirements perfectly.

When you work in nasty cold and damp dairy farming locations, these Bogs work boots can provide good protection as well as 24 hours comfort for your feet. This boot comes with 12 inches shaft height and highly durable rubber sole.

Its trademarked Bogs Max-Wick feature keeps your feet dry and sweat free. It also comes with contoured EVA footbed along with its unique DuraFresh technology. This feature helps to keep your feet infection free and odor free as well.

Its non-marking and slip resistant outsoles provide you a better traction and protection against accidental slippage on the slimy surfaces. This is an important feature to have in any dairy farming work boot which protects your feet against any unpredictable injuries.

This Bogs work boot also provides 7MM Neo-Tech waterproof insulation which keeps your feet well insulated and warm all the time. To Understand this insulation technology, I recommend you to watch the following short educational video.

This is a perfect boot for dairy farmers which can be useful in performing your daily chores such as checking cows and working manure, etc.

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Durango Farm and Ranch FR104 Western Work Boot

Durango Farm and Ranch FR104 Western Work Boot

I have rated Durango Farm and Ranch FR104 work boot at no. 4 due to its exceptionally high leather quality and its ability to provide you a very good oil and slip resistance. It is important for any dairy farmer to keep their feet safe and avoid slippage on slippery grounds.

Its insole offers high amount of comfort for your feet. You can work in these boots for long hours and you will not feel much fatigue while working in them.

This Durango work boot also has Carbo-Tec mini-lug outsole that provides firm support and slip resistance for your feet as well. No matter where you work in your farm, the durability and the comfort this boot offers is amazing to mention.

Although these boots are not steel toe boots, they still provide really good protection for your feet. Overall, I highly recommend this Durango Farm and Ranch work boot to all dairy farmers for sure. I also recommend to watch the following short video that provides little bit more features of this boot.

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Justin Boots 3001 Farm & Ranch 10 Inch Work Boot

Justin Boots 3001 Farm & Ranch 10 Inch Work Boot

Justin Boots are really popular amongst farmers and many of the farming friends I have interacted with told me good things about them. As far as Justin Boots 3001 Farm and Ranch work boot is concerned, it possesses best features like J-Flex Flexible Comfort System, J-Flex triple density leather insole, 1-piece molded heel and outsole, and single stitch welt, etc. To Understand J-Flex system, watch the following short informational video.

This work boot is ideal for keeping your feet as comfortable as possible during dairy farming work. It also offers very good cushioning and energy return. Its outsole gives your feet good slip resistance and stability while you work in slippery areas.

The leather quality of Justin Boots is always commendable to mention. Because of this, your work boot’s life span is enhanced to a greater extent and you do not have to spend unnecessary money on purchasing other work boots quickly.

I highly recommend this Justin Boots work boot to all our dairy farmer friends. Use it and see the results for yourself. I am sure you will get really good results after using this boot for next few months.

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Georgia G4432 Farming Work Boot

Georgia G4432 Farming Work Boot

I love Georgia work boots a lot because of their top quality Goodyear Welt leather construction, 100% waterproof features and highly slip resistant outsoles. Georgia G4432 work boot is the one which I specially want to recommend here for our dairy farmer friends.

No mater how harsh weather conditions are or how tough farming lands you are working on, this Georgia work boot is made to last longer. This boot is strong and comfortable for your feet at the same time.

Georgia wellington CC work boot is highly resistant to different types of chemicals, abrasions and oils. Its outsole is really strong and provides good support and stability for your feet when you work in your farming lands.

This boot is made from top quality SPR leather material which is 2.5 times abrasion resistant and 3 times strong as compared to your traditional leather work boots. The boot is equally lightweight and well cushioned as well. The waterproof feature keeps your feet warm and dry for longer duration of your farming work.

Kindly watch the following short review video that will provide more details about this Georgia work boot.

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Muck Boots Chore Cool Soft Toe Rubber Farming Work Boot

Muck Boots Chore Cool Soft Toe Rubber Farming Work Boot

At no. 1 is my most favourite dairy farming work boot brand which is Muck Boot. If you want all the best features of farming work boot in one brand in the most cost-effective manner then you have to choose Muck Boots Chore Cool Rubber Farming Work Boot.

What is not there in this boot to mention! You just say any feature you want in your work boot and it is present in this boot for sure. It is 100% waterproof and its sockliner is helpful in reducing the friction and heat inside the boot.

The 4 mm neoprene material of this boot gives you long lasting flexibility as well as comfort for your feet. At the same time, you will experience good shock absorption, decent waterproofing and proper heat retention ability in this boot.

If you are the person who is prone to blisters and chafing due to excessive use of work boots, then Muck Boots are ideal for your feet. This rubber work boot offers good protection against chafing and blisters by adjusting according to your actual foot shape during your work.

12 inch of height gives your feet proper protection when you work in tall grass and mud area. Its special Vibram rubber outsole provides really good traction and slip resistance when you work in the slippery farming grounds.

There is a steel shank that offers good support for your feet. At the same time, it comes with quadruple rubber heel and triple toe reinforcement. This is why the boot lasts longer and it provides much better protection for your feet as compared to the other farming work boots.

Its anti-microbial XPressCool fabric lining keeps your feet safe from excessive moisture and water. This is really an important feature to have in your farming work footwear because it keeps your feet warm and dry in all types of weather conditions.

You can easily and comfortably perform your daily dairy farming chores with this boot such as cattle feeding, milking your cattle, soil and pasture management, water irrigation, and maintaining the health of your animals, etc. In all of these daily activities, Muck Boots can provide your feet the much needed comfort, protection, support, cushioning and slip resistance to the best level.

I also recommend you to watch the following in-depth review video about this amazing Muck Boots Chore Cool Work Boot.

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Final Thoughts

So far, we have studied the best 7 tips that will help you in selecting the best boot for your dairy farming work. Then we have seen our top rated 5 best boots for dairy farmers as well.

I hope you will like them because I have done a long research to find the best of the best that are most suitable for dairy farming activities. I recommend you to test them out and see the results for yourself.

If you like my recommendations then don’t forget to share them with your other farmer friends. I am sure they are also looking for the best recommendations for dairy farming work boots. Best of luck!

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