Top 10 Best Boat Shoes for Men for Sailing 2017 Review

Best Boat Shoes for Men for Sailing Review

Before you read our actual reviews of the best boat shoes for men, we have prepared a comparison table that will give you our top ranked boat shoes for men in 2017. Check the ranking carefully and then read further for our buying guide and in-depth unbiased reviews of these boat / deck shoes for men.

Best Boat Shoe for Men Brand


Average Rating


1. Sperry Top-Sider Men's Gold Two-Eye Boat Shoe

  • Premium Leather
  • Tru-Moc Design
  • EVA Midsole
  • Non-Marking Rubber Outsole


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2. Sebago Men's Docksides Boat Shoe

  • Sebago Docksides Rubber Outsole
  • Genuine Mocassin Construction
  • Handsewn Leather Upper
  • Molded EVA Insoles


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3. Adidas Outdoor Unisex Climacool Boat Lace Water Shoe

  • Climacool Construction Technology
  • Drainage Holes
  • Non Marking Rubber Outsoles
  • Stretchable Heel Insert


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4. Crocs Men's Beach Line Boat Shoe

  • Siped Rubber Outsole
  • Functional Laces
  • Textile Tongue
  • Fully Molded Croslite Material


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5. Timberland Men's Classic Two-Eye Boat Shoe

  • 360 Degree Lacing System
  • Premium Leather Upper
  • Recycled Rubber Outsole
  • Full Length EVA Insert


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6. ECCO Men's Eisner Boat Shoe

  • Breathable Textile Lining
  • PT/TPU Inlay Soles
  • Cushioned Footbed
  • Nubuck Leather Construction


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7. Skechers USA Men's Provider Boat Shoe

  • Canvas Upper
  • Non Marking Rubber Outsole
  • Lightweight Midsole
  • Gel Infused Memory Foam Insoles


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8. Columbia Men's Bonehead Vent Pfg Boat Shoe

  • Techlite Midsole
  • Omni-Grip Outsole
  • Premium Leather / Canvas Upper


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9. Irish Setter Men's 3819 Lakeside Slip-On Boat Shoe

  • Non Marking Rubber Soles
  • EVA Footbed
  • Dynamic Spine System
  • Distressed Leather Construction


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10. Clarks Men's Cape Boat Shoe

  • Nubuck Leather Construction
  • Mocassin Toe Design
  • Lightweight Synthetic Outsole
  • Internal Air Channel and Vents


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What are Boat Shoes or Deck Shoes?

Deck shoes are popularly known as boat shoes and vice a versa. They are usually made up of material like leather and canvas. These shoes or boots are specially designed for people who sail on a boat or spend a lot of time in the sea travel. The soles of these shoes are made from non-slippery rubber material.

These boat or deck shoes have oil resistant and water resistant soles which help people to have solid grip on slippery surfaces of deck on the boat. These shoes have typical features like solid leather construction, highly durable stitching along with greater comfort factors. The deck shoes are often used without socks.

Do You Really Need Best Boat Shoes for Sailing?

Lots of people usually ask this question. Do we really need to use specialty boat or deck shoes for sailing in the sea? Can you not use a regular shoe for sailing on the deck? I often get to see this question in several online forums.

According to the past experiences of several boat travellers and sea fishers, it is often said that you definitely need a special deck shoe or a boat shoe for sailing purpose. There are several reasons to validate this fact.

The primary reason is lack of support, grip and control by your regular shoes. You can not use a regular shoe on a boat because of the presence of oil and water on the boat or a ship. You are obviously traveling in the sea with water all around you.

There are lots of huge waves coming across while you travel on the boat. So obviously regular shoes can not provide you the much required solid grip, traction, support and control which you definitely need while sailing on a boat.

The second reason is the ability of the deck shoes to offer higher water and oil repellence and greater waterproof features as compared to your regular shoes.

Nowadays, these deck shoes or boat shoes are also used on most of the popular coastal areas of United States, U.K., Canada, Italy, Spain, etc. like a casual footwear.

The most popular boat or deck shoes brands are Sperry Top-Siders, Timberland and Sebago, etc. One thing to note here is these types of footwear are very soft and bendable due to their base craftsmanship nature. So obviously their average life span is somewhat less as compared to their regular counterparts.

Primary Features of Best Boat Shoes for Men

Before you read further, we have a very informative and thoughtful video that provides you the best tips about boat shoes. I mean how you can wear them, break in those shoes and some of the mistakes which you can avoid while using these shoes. Check it out.


Waterproof Upper

When it comes to quality deck or boat shoes, you almost all the time see the upper of such shoes made up of high quality leather and canvas material.

For deck sailing purpose, you usually require shoes with waterproof and stain-proof upper. The uppers of these shoes are very good in protecting your feet from water, oil or any other liquid while traveling in the sea or while you wear casually at your home too.


Solid Grip and Traction Soles

Due to the abundance of water and oil on the deck of the ship, you usually need to protect yourself from accidental falling or slipping on the boat. This is where your specially fabricated deck shoes for sailing can come very handy.

These shoes are made by solid leather and canvas material and the sole is made up of non-marking rubber soles. They are often accompanied with quality Herringbone pattern which offers solid grip. These are the reasons why these soles offer high traction and grip on slippery surfaces.


Durable Stitching

These shoes often come with solid stitching which is very durable by nature. The quality deck shoes are hand sewn and often top stitched which increase their overall life span on the boat.


Quality Moc-Toe Design

Such shoes are specially designed using moc-toe construction technology. Moc-Toe construction refers to the kind of shoe which is made in such a way that its seem runs around the top of the shoe. Its toe usually looks like a moccasin style.

Moccasin style shoe is a kind of soft leather shoe which has a sole that is turned up on all sides and hand-sewn to the upper of the shoe in very simple gathered seam style.


360-Degree Lacing System

The conventional deck sailing footwear comes with unique 360 degree lacing system. New ones are coming in the other lacing styles also. These laces mostly come in the same material as that of the upper of the shoe.


Other Unique Features

Along with the above primary features, there are few other characteristics of these shoes which are worth mentioning here. Those features are 2-3 eyelets and shock absorbing heel cups. Due to these features, your feet do not get too much pressure or high jump shocks and thus they are being supported well by your quality boat shoes.

Different Styles of Deck or Boat Shoes for Sailing

People, who like to use quality boat shoes for their daily usage, often need to make a decision on what kind of style they should choose. There are different styles and varieties available to choose.

Whether you use these shoes as a fashion statement or you use them for the sea traveling purpose, you have to make a decision of which kind of style to choose from the available varieties.

Primary Categories of Boat Shoes

There are basically three main categories which can be used to classify these deck shoes for sailing.


Type of Shoe Material

As we have already seen above, these shoes usually come in two primary material types. One is leather and the other one is canvas. Both kinds of shoes come in wide variety of styles and fashionable features.


Color of the Shoe

The primary colors that are available for these kinds of shoes are black, gray, brown, beige, ivory and white. Depending on your personal tastes and preferences, your personal style and fashion requirements, you need to choose the kind of color you really want.

Usually the deck (boat) shoes with brown, black, beige and gray colors can be used with multiple types of clothing styles. White and ivory shoes are helpful in the summer season.


Use of Print Fabrics

Nowadays, the new kinds of boat or deck shoes come with variety of print fabrics. Such kinds of shoes are very good for the folks who want to showcase their own individuality and fashion sense on the important occasions of their life.

Buying Tips for Best Boat Shoes for Men

These shoes are being used for walking on the deck widely. But there is a rising trend of them becoming a regular and casual footwear choice of millions of folks since 1980 onwards. Since then they have become a popular fashion icon and are popularly called as topsiders too.

These shoes have unique benefits of their own such as the ability to put on and off these shoes easily, ability to offer great traction and grip on slippery surfaces, and attractive colors and design architecture.

In order to buy the right boat shoe or deck shoe, you need to first know certain selection criteria in advance. We have prepared a list that can help you ease your buying decision of these boat shoes. Take a look.


Identify Your Cause

The very first thing you need to remember is your primary purpose or a cause behind buying these boat shoes. You have to first decide whether you need them for long distance sea travel, sea fishing, boating or you need them for casual and regular activities.

Many of these kinds of shoes come in unisex form means men and women both can use these shoes without any issues. The purpose for which you are buying these shoes makes all the difference.

If you are a ship worker who is often deck sailing or a sea traveller, you need to use specific deck shoes or boat shoes that offer greater grip and solid waterproof and oil resistant soles.

The shoes with more durable material and good fitting suit such kinds of professionals. If you are a person who is regularly sailing on a boat or if you are a sea fisher, you definitely need your boat shoes to be made up of high quality leather or canvas material. Such shoes protect your feet from regular exposure of salty sea water and other liquids present on the boat.

We see that most of today’s next generation ships, cruise boats have decks made up of material like fiber glass. Such surfaces become very slippery and wet when exposed to the sea water. In such a scenario, you definitely need a kind of shoe that can offer you great friction and solid grip.

The shoe soles that are made up of non-marking rubber and crosshatched leather, offer firm grip and control on the dicey surfaces. You gain higher stability and support on these slippery platforms when you use quality boat (deck) shoes for sailing purpose.

If you are a casual fashion sneaker lover, you are better off buying a fashionable deck shoe with attractive colors and stylish looks. Such shoes are less functional but highly fashionable by nature. The variety is huge in this category of fashionable boat shoes.

Depending on your actual needs and requirements, you can select plenty of colors, material, style or pattern for these kinds of shoes. If you want to use them for regular day-to-day activities, you can choose the ideal combination of fashion and function both.

In this scenario, you need to think of various factors such as material, fitting, sole pattern, tread, etc. Such everyday use boat shoes should be more comfortable and should be compatible with the specific climate in your region. Thus, depending on your style and type of requirement, you can take the appropriate buying decision.


Know Your Right Foot Size

Men and women have different sizes and style requirements. Knowing your correct foot size is the next most important buying criteria. Right fitting is very essential from the comfort angle of your feet.

Inappropriate fitting of the shoes can cause severe discomfort or blisters or other harmful foot ailments such as bunions, hammertoes and planter fasciitis, etc. Your shoes should be 100% waterproof and should correctly fit your feet in order to save yourself from further discomfort and foot ailments.

This is why it is utmost important for you to know your correct foot size. You can either measure yourself at your home or you can visit your local cobbler shop to know your accurate foot size. Here is a great video from that shows how you can easily measure your foot size at home.


Read Online Reviews for Best Deck Shoes Available

When you know your right foot size, it is time you perform some basic online research. The best way to find the quality boat shoes is to read quality footwear reviews about the best boat shoes available to purchase online.

You can also read online shoes forums where people share their experiences about their deck shoes purchases. This way you will know the best shoe models available online.


Buy from Reputable Online Stores

Once you decide the best types of shoes to buy online, it is time to find the quality online shopping stores that offer the top boat shoes at great discounts.

One of the great advantages of shopping these shoes online is you get huge discounts on quality brands of deck or boat shoes. This type of discount and rebates you usually do not get at your local shoe stores. Popular online shopping stores such as Amazon and Walmart offer great discounts on the best quality deck shoes.

Reviews of Top 10 Best Boat Shoes for Men in 2017

We have performed a long time research on finding the best quality boat shoes or deck shoes for men who are sailing in the sea or want to use them for casual purpose. After this strenuous time consuming research we came up with our top quality best boat shoes.

These are not just best for sailing in the sea but are also good for casual wear. This is our top 10 most comfortable and functional men’s boat shoes of the year 2017 and onwards.


Clarks Men’s Cape Boat Shoe Review

Clarks Men's Cape Boat Shoe Review

As you are already aware about the quality of Clarks shoes, we don’t want to spend too much time telling you about how great the Clarks brand is. Instead, we will directly put forth the primary features of this casual cum boat shoe produced by Clarks.


  • The shoe is crafted with high quality nubuck leather material.
  • It has internal air channels and vents that offer great breathability and moisture control.
  • This Clarks Men’s Cape Boat Shoe has approx. 1 inch heel measurement.
  • The shoe also offers contrast overlay at the topline and quality moccasin toe.
  • It has protective leather and suede lining along with the removable Ortholite footbed.
  • The outsole of this Clarks shoe is made up of very lightweight synthetic material.


  • Very Comfortable and Durable to Use: These Clarks pair of deck shoes are considered to be durable as well as very comfortable for regular use. The shoe offers good cushioning for the heels and for the balls of your feet.
  • It also gives good arch support at the same time. You can use them on the deck with comfort and for long duration of time due to the quality material construction.
  • Great for People with Wide Feet: If you have wide feet, these deck shoes will be a perfect fit for you. The shoe runs a half size larger so it is advised to order half size smaller than your actual foot sizing.
  • Good Shock Absorption and Flexibility: Due to the inclusion of lightweight outsole, the shoe gives you medium level grip on slippery decks and good amount of shock absorption while sailing in the water. At the same time, your feet gain good amount of flexibility and cushioning thanks to this synthetic outsole.
  • Very Lightweight Versatile Deck Shoe: The shoe is really light in terms of its overall weight. Plus you can use these Clarks deck shoes for casual as well as for deck sailing purpose without much hassle.


  • Do not use socks and shorts with these shoes: The socks and shorts do not look good and compatible with these Clarks boat/deck shoe. Plus the socks with these shoes do tend to make you feel sweaty according to some users of the shoe. So it is a good idea to use long pants with this shoe.
  • It is not the most stylish deck shoe: Though the shoe is very comfortable, lightweight and durable to use, it is not very stylish and classy in the looks department. Therefore, if you are looking for a trendy, classy and great looking deck shoe then go for our other top rated boat shoes in this list.

Final Verdict

You will agree that this specific Clarks Men’s Cape Boat Shoe is not perfect by all means. Yet it has some positive aspects that are required to be the best deck/boat shoe in the market. It has lightweight outsole, high quality leather construction, breathable lining, comfortable fitting, etc.

Along with these features, the shoe is built with good moccasin toe design, solid grip and durable stitching characteristics. Plus it is a versatile deck shoe which can be used on the boat as well as for casual wear purpose. Average Customer Rating for this shoe is 4.5 out of 5. We give it 4.1 out of 5.

Click Here for Customer Reviews and Discounted Price of Clarks Men’s Cape Boat Shoe.


Irish Setter Men’s 3819 Lakeside Slip-On Boat Shoe Review

Irish Setter is a well-known segmented brand of Red Wing shoes. It is producing some of the finest quality boating and fishing shoes since last few years. We have ranked this Irish Setter Men’s 3819 Lakeside Slip-On Boat Shoe at no. 9 due to the following unique features.


  • Quality Construction: The shoe is made up of rugged distressed leather material. This helps you to maintain your feet dry and warm on the slippery and wet deck surface.
  • Dynamic Spine System: This specific Irish Setter deck shoe offers unique Dynamic Spine System. This feature gives you good shock absorption and also helps to reduce the fatigue while working on the boat.
  • Stability Soles: The soles of the shoe are made up of non-marking rubber which gives you good grip and traction on the wet and slippery deck surfaces.
  • EVA Footbed: The midsole and the footbed of this boat shoe is made from industry standard EVA material. This EVA footbed gives excellent support and comfort while working in these shoes.


  • Very Stylish and Comfortable to Use: The shoe is very well constructed with top quality distressed leather and with rugged looks. They make your look cool and stylish at the same time. It is very comfortable to use not just on the deck but also for casual purpose.
  • It Gives You Good Grip: As a sea traveller or fishing enthusiast, you definitely need a pair of shoes that can protect you from slippery surfaces. The wet decks and oily areas on the boat necessitate the need for a quality non-slippery boat or deck shoe.
  • This is where this particular Irish Setter Men’s Boat Shoe comes very handy and useful to you. The non-marking non-slippery rubber soles and quality leather construction gives you good protection against accidental slip or skidding on the slippery decks.
  • Great Fitting and Durable Too: Due to the high quality construction of this Irish Setter deck shoe, it gives you much longer life span. The fitting is also true to size in many cases.


  • It Lacks Extended Ankle Support: Though this shoe is comparably light and very comfortable to use, you can not use them for long hours working or hiking activities. They are unable to give you extended ankle support and toe protection for long hours.

Final Verdict

Apart from the lack of better toe protection and arch support, the shoe scores well in the department of comfort, support, durability, grip and fitting. The shoe is versatile and very stylish too. Customers have given this shoe a rating of 4.6 out of 5 and we give it 4.2 out of 5.

If you are looking for a boat or a deck shoe that is good for multiple activities such as boating, fishing, office and casual purpose, then you should definitely think about buying this specific Irish Setter deck shoe for men.

Click Here for Reviews and Best Price of Irish Setter Men’s 3819 Lakeside Slip-On Boat Shoe.


Columbia Men’s Bonehead Vent Pfg Boat Shoe Review

Columbia is another very reputed boat shoe brand in the market. There are many well known boat shoes produced by this company such as Columbia Drainmakers, Columbia Powerdrains, etc. But we have chosen Columbia Men’s Bonehead Vent Pfg Boat shoe as our no. 8 best deck shoe for sailing purpose. The reasons are as follows.


  • Techlite Midsole: This particular Columbia deck shoe has a midsole which is made from Techlite technology. This kind of midsole offers very high cushioning as well as responsive support while you work on the deck. There are quite a few midsole ports that offer good amount of air flow and water drainage without much hassles.

Watch this video to learn more about Columbia Techlite Technology.

  • Quality Upper Construction: The upper of the shoe is constructed with the good combination of leather and canvas material. As we have already discussed above in the features section, such an upper protects your feet from water and oil in every possible weather conditions.
  • Omni-Grip Outsole: The outsole of this Columbia boat shoe is constructed using Omni-Grip technology. These types of Omni-Grip non marking wet grip outsoles provide strong grip and traction on the most slippery and oily surfaces. We must prefer such kind of boat or deck shoes that possess this kind of Omni-Grip technology.


  • Highly Comfortable and Breathable: Due to the super ventilated construction and use of canvas leather upper, this boat/deck shoe has become very comfortable to use. At the same time, it is very breathable by nature and helps to keep your feet cool, dry and sweat free in most sea weather conditions.
  • Easy Draining of Water: The specially constructed Techlite midsole has 3 medial and 3 lateral draining ports. These ports expedite the process of water evacuation and air circulation. Thus the shoe is highly waterproof and properly ventilated by default.
  • Easy Cleaning of the Shoes: This Columbia deck shoe has a removable footbed. This makes it very easy to clean on a regular basis. You can even change the sockliner or footbed as per your requirements. If you do not much about the sockliner, we have produced a complete guide for sockliner do’s and don’ts. Check it out.
  • Excellent Grip and Traction: This shoe is perfect to use on slippery decks due to its Omni-Grip outsole. It has an ability to firmly stabilize your feet on the most slippery and oily surfaces. At the same time, it gives you good shock absorption ability due to its sole quality.


  • Leather Shoe Laces: The only thing which some people complain about this shoe is its shoe laces. The laces are made up of leather material. Some folks prefer traditional rope laces instead of leather laces. If you don’t mind using leather laces, then you will really feel comfortable while handling these shoes.

Final Verdict

This particular Columbia Men’s Bonehead Vent Pfg Boat Shoe is very good to use on the decks for sailing purpose. At the same time, you can also use it for casual wear purpose. It has all the best features which are needed to become one of the most comfortable deck shoes.

The strengths of this shoe are its Techlite midsole, Omni-Grip outsole and leather-canvas combination upper. Along with these features, the shoe has systematic water drainage and air ventilation ports.

So you can comfortably use this shoe for sea travel activities. We highly recommend using it if you are looking for the best quality boat shoe. Customer's rating for this shoe is 4.6 out of and we give it the rating of 4.3 out of 5.

Click Here for Reviews and Discounted Price of Columbia Men’s Bonehead Vent Pfg Boat Shoe.


Skechers USA Men's Provider Boat Shoe Review

Skechers has unique base models for quality boat shoes. You will get to see variety of men’s Skyfall oxford shoes that are suitable for sailing on deck. Its unique features are provided as follows.


  • Canvas Upper: The upper of this shoe has made up of quality canvas fabric material. Its lining is also made from soft fabric material.
  • Cushioned Insoles: The insole and sole of the shoe has a comfortable synthetic material structure. The insole is made up of gel infused memory foam material which is highly comfortable and supportive by nature.
  • Quality Outsoles: The outsole of this Skechers deck shoe is built with quality rubber material. This offers high traction and grip on uneven and slippery surfaces.
  • Lightweight Midsole: The midsole is highly lightweight and supportive in nature. At the same time it gives you shock absorbing ability which is a big plus for such kinds of boat shoes.


  • Comfortable Fitting: This particular Skechers USA Men’s Provider Boat Shoe possesses relaxed Fitr design and structure. It offers the user the much required comfort and support while walking on the deck and in the boat. Plus the shoe fits comfortably for most folks and gives good working experience over all.
  • Good All Purpose Shoe: This shoe not only works well for boating purpose but you can use it for your everyday daily routine such as your work in the office or for your regular all day wear in your home. The colors look very modest and suit all occasions. You can basically say this shoe is versatile and all-purpose boat shoe in totality.
  • Highly Comfortable: Due to the inclusion of gel infused memory foam, relaxed Fitr design and canvas upper, this Skechers deck shoe offers maximum comfort and support all the time for your feet. At the same time, due to its slip-on features, you can easily put on and off the shoe without much hassles.
  • It Gives Good Grip and Traction: Due to the shock absorbing ability and quality rubber outsoles, this Skechers Men’s boat shoe provides good grip and traction at the same time. These shoes are very useful in sailing on slippery and oily deck areas.


  • Back of the Shoe Must be Little Higher: If you start running in these shoes, you feel that the heel of the shoe is coming off gradually. So according to some users, the back of the shoe must be higher in order to avoid this inconvenience. So we also feel that this particular boat shoe is not made for running long distances.

Final Verdict

If you are a person who hates tying laces of your shoes, this particular Skechers slip-on boat shoe is a good choice after all. The shoe is very lightweight, comfortable, nicely cushioned and offers good grip on the slippery surface.

It fits comfortably for almost all men’s feet sizing and can be used for multiple activities along with your regular boating function. Customers have given this shoe a rating of 4.7 out of and we give it 4.4 out of 5. I highly recommend this Skechers men's boat shoe for the folks who are looking for nice comfortable slip-on boat shoes.

Click Here for Discounted Price and Customer Reviews of Skechers USA Men's Provider Boat Shoe.


ECCO Men's Eisner Boat Shoe Review

Since 1963, Ecco is producing high quality leather made Ecco shoes in Europe and Asian countries. This one shoe particularly tops in our list of best deck shoes for sailing due to the following unique features.


  • Quality Leather Construction: This Ecco Men’s Eisner Boat Shoe is made from top notch nubuck leather material. Its leather upper offers great comfort and support for your feet while you work on the deck. It has a contemporary boat shoe look which can also be used as a casual sneaker for your everyday activities.
  • Breathable Textile Lining: The shoe has a moisture wicking and highly breathable textile lining. This helps you to avoid moisture and keep your feet warm, dry and ventilated at the same time.
  • Cushioned Footbed: It also features the quality footbed that gives your feet high cushioning and additional comfort. The insole of this shoe is made from leather material and it is removable by nature.
  • Quality Outsole: The outsole of the shoe is made up of quality rubber material which provides your feet the much needed flexibility and support. It is durable in nature and keeps your shoes safe for long hours. The sole also consists of PT/TPU inlay material which keeps your shoes air ventilated.
  • Leather Laces: This specific Ecco deck shoe features casual 2 eyelet boat shoe inspired leather lace ups.


  • Very Stylish Looks: This specific Ecco deck shoe looks very elegant, stylish and attractive. You can use it for boating activities as well as for your casual work too. So in this way, it is dynamic and versatile in usage.
  • Highly Comfortable and Perfect Fitting: According to the buyers of this shoe, the shoe offers great comfort and support for the user. At the same time, the shoe fits well for all types of people with varied feet sizing.
  • Superior Construction Standards: The quality of leather used in the construction of this shoe is really at the par and above the average standards. The overall workmanship and design quality is really great to mention here.
  • Highly Ventilated, Cushioned and Moisture Free Shoe: You can not go wrong with Ecco leather shoes when it comes to moisture free and breathable boat shoes. You definitely need properly air ventilated and cushioned boat shoe while working or living on the boat. For this purpose, ECCO Men's Eisner Boat Shoe is perfect by all means.


  • It Lacks Some Traction: As far as the outsole of this shoe is concerned, it is not like a typical Sperry style boat shoe. It has more wide spaced treads. This gives you less amount of traction which is the only drawback we can mention here.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for high quality leather constructed deck shoe for sailing purpose, we really recommend this Ecco boat shoe for men. It is comfortable, stylish, well cushioned, moisture free and properly ventilated deck shoe. You can use it not just for boating but can be used for everyday casual activities too. Customers have rated this shoe 4.9 out of 5 and we give it 4.5 out of 5.

Click Here for Reviews and Latest Price of ECCO Men's Eisner Boat Shoe.


Timberland Men's Classic Two-Eye Boat Shoe Review

Timberland brand needs no special introduction because we all know the actual level of their quality shoes and boots. As far as this particular Timberland Men’s Classic Two-Eye Boat Shoe is concerned, the company has taken special efforts to build this unique nautical beauty. Its special features are provided as follows.


  • Premium Leather Upper: The upper of this boat shoe is made from premium quality full grain and nubuck leather material. This is the reason the shoe offers great comfort and long term durability.
  • Top Notch Construction Standards: This specific Timberland deck shoe features moccasin toe as well as slotted collar with rawhide lacing system. This unique 360 degree lacing system gives you custom fitting.
  • At the same time, the upper of the shoe is hand sewn and it is well stitched to the midsole of the shoe. The upper is also firmly connected to the outsole. This has made the shoe very durable and supportive by nature.
  • Strong Grip Outsole: The shoe has a 15% recycled rubber outsole. Such an outsole gives you maximum slip resistance and traction at the same time. This is really useful when you roam or work on the deck of the boat.
  • EVA Cushioned Insole: It possesses full-length EVA insert which also comes with extra layer of Poron Foam that is placed under the forefoot. This EVA insole gives you maximum possible cushioning for your feet.


  • It is very Comfortable and Durable: There is a durable EVA insert with Poron Foam technology. Plus the shoe is made up of premium leather and also features quality construction standards. This has increased the comfort and overall life span of this Timberland boat shoe.
  • Fitting is True to size: This shoe comes with wide variety in sizing. It fits perfectly for almost all feet sizes and shapes. So ordering the correct foot sized shoe will not be an issue in this case.
  • The Shoe Looks are Stylish: If you take a close look at this Timberland men’s boat shoe, you will find it really attractive and stylish by all means. The looks, style and class it reflects is truly awesome. It is not just good for boating purpose but also fits perfectly for regular and casual wear activities.
  • It Offers Strong Grip and Cushioning Too: This specific boat shoe is really good in terms of its grip and traction features. Due to its quality rubber outsole, it offers maximum slip resistance and grip on oily and slippery surfaces. Along with that, the shoe has an EVA insert which also gives you good amount of cushioning while walking and working in this shoe.


  • The Shoe Wears Out Quickly: Some customers have reported that the shoe wears out faster than they actually expected. But according to our knowledge, it doesn’t seem so for most folks.
  • The boat shoes are usually not to use on harsh terrains and grounds due to their comparably weaker sole life span. So it is always advisable to use such classic boat shoes for casual and boating activities to avoid further damage to your shoes.
  • Sometimes Can Cause Blisters and Hotspots on Your Feet: If you use this shoe for considerably longer timer period without your socks, then it may cause some blisters or hotspots on your feet. So we recommend using the quality socks along with this Timberland Men’s Classic Two-Eye boat Shoe.

Final Verdict

This particular Timberland men’s boat shoe is really useful for both classes; Casual Users as well as for Sea Travellers and Fishers. Though some customers reported that this shoe wears out quickly and it may cause blisters in some cases; it is not entirely true for all folks.

The shoe is really stylish and looks attractive by all angles. It is true to size, very comfortable and durable to wear all day. The shoe also offers good cushioning and breathability at the same time.

Customers of this shoe have provided rating of 4.1 out of 5. Considering all these good features, we rate it 4.6 out of 5. We recommend this Timberland boat shoe to all classes especially people who are looking to wear stylish and classy casual boat shoe on a regular basis.​

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Crocs Men’s Beach Line Boat Shoe Review

Crocs is in the business of quality designers and branded shoes manufacturing since last so many years. This brand showcases extensive innovation, quality construction and versatile craftsmanship standards. Here are the unique reasons why we have ranked Crocs Men’s Beach Line Boat Shoe at no. 4 best men’s boat shoe.


  • Lightweight Cushioning: The shoe is made up of fully molded Croslite material. This material is highly lightweight and it enhances the cushioning factor of the shoe.
  • Textile Tongue: This Crocs boat shoe also comes with textile material tongue. This improves the comfort factor.
  • Siped Rubber Outsole: The outsole of this shoe is made from premium quality rubber material which increases the grip and traction. This is really helpful in slippery and oily deck conditions on the boats.
  • Functional Laces: The laces of the shoe are really easy to operate that you can adjust them for the comfortable fitting.


  • Very Lightweight and Highly Comfortable to Use: The Croslite material of the shoe and textile tongue improves the comfort and support of this Crocs boat shoe for men. It is highly buoyant and lightweight too due to its lightweight material nature.
  • Extra Grip and Traction: On the slippery boat grounds, you need a shoe that can give you good amount of grip as well as traction. This is the one shoe that you can always rely on when it comes to getting strong traction and grip on the slippery boats.
  • Attractive Looks and Design: The design and style of this Crocs shoe is very unique. It looks really attractive and fashionable by all means. I mean, every woman you see will definitely be curious by just looking at your new Crocs boat shoe!
  • Do not Stink And Highly Breathable: The shoe has a good internal air ventilation facility. This makes your shoes breathable and that’s why they do not stink and do not create horrible smell while you are on the boat or whenever you are using it casually.
  • Fitting is True to Size: The fitting is comfortable thanks to is functional laces and textile tongue design. They do run little narrow but it can be tackled easily by ordering half size larger shoes.


  • Uncomfortable Ankles: If you buy new shoes, then in the beginning it is essential that you break in these shoes quickly before you start using them regularly. Few people have complained some pain in their ankles while using these shoes. But this problem can be easily tackled by using thick socks with this shoe so that you can break in these shoes faster.
  • Need to Order Half Size Larger: While ordering online, one thing needs to be taken care of is the shoe size. Just buy half size larger than your actual size requirement so that you will get correct sized shoes.

Final Verdict

This Crocs Men’s Line Boat Shoe is perfect for men who are searching for a reliable, fashionable, unique, comfortable, and durable deck shoe. It offers good cushioning and breathability.

It lacks some arch support and you have to use them with proper socks to avoid rubbing with your skin. But these issues are minor as per my observations and they can be handled easily. Customers have already given it 4.3 out of 5 and we give it rating of 4.7 out of 5.

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Adidas Outdoor Unisex Climacool Boat Lace Water Shoe Review

This particular Adidas boat shoe for men is excellent in many departments such as unique Climacool Technology Construction, EVA tongue, stretchable heel insert, comfortable sole and upper, etc. Let’s see the features of this incredibly ventilated, well gripped and durable Adidas Outdoor Unisex Climacool Boat Shoe for Men.


  • EVA Tongue Top: This Adidas boat shoe has EVA tongue top which gives your feet the required fitting and enhanced comfort.
  • Stretchable Heel Insert: This flexible and stretchable heel insert offers optimal fitting and comfort for the feet as well.
  • Climacool Technology: The unique Climacool technology of Adidas Outdoor Unisex Boat Shoe has several advantages for a person who is boat sailing. The Climacool open mesh increases the breathability factor of this shoe. At the same time, Climacool tooling construction improves the comfort and internal ventilation so that your feet remain cool and dry all the time.
  • Non Marking Outsoles: The quality rubber outsoles of this boat shoe provide better grip and traction for your feet. Also, the trademarked Traxion outsole technology increases your grip which comes with improved lug pattern design.
  • Drainage Holes: The shoe possesses convenient drainage holes. They help in quick drying and in keeping rocks away from your feet.


  • Eco-Friendly Design: The design of this Adidas boat shoe for men is completely environment friendly. It has 5% to 10 % recyclable non-visible material.
  • Very Comfortable and Lightweight: The weight of the shoe is only 7 oz. and it is one of the lightest boat shoes in our list. You can wear this shoe with or without socks without getting any discomfort.
  • Looks Really Attractive: The overall design and style is very attractive. You can use these shoes with all kinds of apparels and clothing styles.
  • Strong Grip and Traction: This is the most useful benefit of this shoe. It offers really good grip on slippery grounds. At the same time the Traxion technology improves the traction of the shoe.
  • Multi-Purpose Usage: Obviously, you can use this shoe for your boat sailing activities. But at the same time, you can use it for your dry outdoor activities like gardening, lawn mowing, etc.


  • Gets Dirt in the Soles Easily: When you walk in the mud or dirt with this shoe, the dirt tends to get in easily through drainage holes of the outsole. The mesh covering of the shoe must be finer to avoid this kind of dirt entry.
  • Less Padding: In the front part of the shoe, it feels like there is less padding. Though the heel is well supported, I think there must be little more padding involved in the front part of the shoe. But I know this is a boat shoe and it is not made for walking on the street.

Final Verdict

Though this Adidas boat shoe for men has some flaws like less padding and entry of dirt through drainage holes, it is still one of the best boat shoes for men made till this time. It looks really well, offers high comfort, gives your feet good grip and traction and it is very lightweight too.

Shoe laces sometimes get untied easily while swimming, but its not that a major issue to think about. Considering the unique Climacool and Traxion technology involved, this shoe offers the best features of quality boat shoe. Customers have given it 4.5 out of 5 rating and we give this shoe a rating of 4.8 out of 5.

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Sebago Men's Docksides Boat Shoe Review

When you take a name of Sebago, it simply signifies elegant looks, authentic and timeless design quality. Sebago Men’s Docksides Boat Shoes are just superb when it comes to durability, fashion, support, comfort and traction and quality crafting. This number two best boat shoe for men has some of the most unique and amazing features which are as follows.


  • Sebago Docksides Non-Marking Outsoles: The outsole of this shoe is highly non-slip in nature. Thanks to its unique trademarked Sebago Docksides outsole technology. It is made from premium quality non-marking rubber material which gives you solid grip and traction on the slippery surfaces.
  • Rawhide Lacing System: This particular Sebago boat shoe possesses around the collar full functioning rawhide lacing system along with moc-toe stitching. This system gives your feet the much required comfortable fitting.
  • Genuine Mocassin Construction: The shoe is built on the principles of Genuine Moccasin Technology. The shoe has a premium leather construction which conforms to actual foot size comfortably.
  • Handsewn Leather Upper: The upper is highly breathable and prevents sweating of your feet to keep them cool and dry. It is made possible thanks to the use of handsewn unlined, full grain nubuck or distressed leather construction.
  • Molded EVA Insoles: The shoe insoles are made from molded EVA foam material. So those insoles offer better cushioning and support at the same time.
  • Misc. Features: The shoe also comes with leather sockliners, anti-corrosion brass eyelets, and good quality stitching.


  • Breathable Upper Design: Due to the use of handsewn full grain nubuck or distressed leather material, the upper of this Sebago boat shoe for men has become well ventilated and comfortable. It avoids excessive sweating of your feet.
  • Comfortable and Durable to Use: The use of molded EVA insoles, Genuine Moccasin construction and rawhide lacing system make this shoe one of the most comfortable and durable boat shoes in our list.
  • Strong Grip and Traction: The outsoles, as you have already read above, are made with the help of special Sebago Docksides Outsole style construction. These outsoles give you a solid traction and support on the slippery decks which is one of the most important criteria for being the best boat shoe for men.
  • Premium Construction Standards: The construction standard of this shoe is just amazing and much superior to the other shoes in our list. The premium quality of leather is used in the upper and in the insoles of this shoe. The shoe is well stitched and soft suede lining is used. It is highly durable and well cushioned to use on a regular basis.


  • Confusing Size Chart: Sizing of this shoe can be misleading sometimes. The sizing chart could be wrong for some users. You need to make sure that the size of your feet matches with the size of the shoe.

Final Verdict

This shoe is obviously at number 2 in our ranking due to the above mentioned features and pros. Other than few sizing issues, we have not found any major drawbacks in this Sebago boat shoe for men. The shoe is excellent by all means.

I mean it ranks much higher in the comfort, durability, cushioning, support, grip and traction departments as compared to the other boat shoes in our list. Customers have rated it 4.8 out of 5 and we are giving it 4.9 out of 5.

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Sperry Top-Sider Men's Gold Two-Eye Boat Shoe Review

Sperry Top-Sider Men’s Gold Tow-Eye Boat Shoe is our number 1 most recommended deck shoe and one of the most comfortable boat shoes in the market today. If you are looking for top class, luxurious and premium leather boat shoe, then look no further.

This is your number one stop for the best boat shoe for men. Read further to know the amazing features of this Sperry Top-Sider Boat Shoe for Men.​


  • Premium Leather Construction: The quality of leather used in making this Sperry Top-Sider boat shoe for men is excellent and much superior as compared to the other shoes in our list here. This leather is completely water resistant and stain-proof in nature.
  • Tru-Moc Design: The shoe is genuinely hand sewn with Tru-Moc Design standards. That is why it is highly durable and comfortable for regular usage. It also comes with slotted collar and two-eyelet lacing system.
  • Gold Plated Eyelets: Yes, it is true. The two eyelets of this Sperry Top-Sider boat shoe are made from 18K gold. This gives the shoe that classic and stylish look which people admire instantaneously.
  • True to Size Fitting: The shoe comes with 360 degree lacing system. This lacing system gives your feet perfect fitting and comfort.
  • EVA Midsole: The midsole of the shoe is made up of high quality EVA material. The shoe has become very comfortable and flexible to use due to this EVA midsole.
  • Memory Foam Footbed: The footbed of this shoe is highly comfortable and offers good support for your feet. Thanks to its full length triple density memory foam footbed.
  • Non-Marking Rubber Outsoles: The outsole of the shoe is made from high quality non-marking rubber material. It gives you a very good grip and traction to walk on almost all kinds of oily and slippery surfaces without any injuries.


  • Better Comfort and Cushioning: The premium leather upper and memory foam footbed along with EVA midsole makes this Sperry Top-Sider shoe one of the most comfortable and well cushioned boat shoes for men.
  • Durable and Water Resistant: The top notch premium leather material of this shoe is stain proof and water resistant. It also increases the overall life span of your shoe.
  • Great Shock Absorption: As compared to its predecessor, the Original Sperry Top-Siders, this specific version is better impact proof. You can walk in these shoes for long hours and for long distances without getting painful feet.
  • Better Fitting and Dynamic Usage: The 360 degree lacing system of the shoe makes it more comfortable to use. The fitting is true to size and it conforms to your feet easily due to the lacing system. You can also use these shoes casually with your jeans, shorts and chinos, etc.
  • Enhanced Grip and Traction: The non-marking rubber outsoles of this Sperry boat shoe offers great traction and grip. They are anti-slip by nature and give you protection against oily and slippery grounds.


  • Looks are More Traditional: As compared to the Original Sperry Top-Siders, this Sperry boat shoe looks more old fashioned and classic. On the other side, Original Sperry shoe looks more modern and stylish. If you love traditional and classic look, then go for this shoe.
  • Leather Laces Don’t Remain Tied Sometimes: In some cases, when you run or swim in the water, the laces of the shoe get untied. It could be somewhat uncomfortable for some people. But I think this does not happen regularly and you can easily find a solution to this matter.

Final Verdict

What should I say about this Sperry Top-Sider boat shoe? It is almost perfect and superior in many departments when you compare it with our other brands of boat shoes in this list. It is comfortable, durable, cushioned, stain-proof and water resistant.

It also keeps your feet warm and dry. The lacing system gives your feet perfect fitting. The EVA midsoles offer high comfort and support. The rubber outsole provides better grip and traction. It is a classic and stylish boat shoe that you can use for causal purpose with any kind of clothing styles.

Customers have rated it high with 4.9 out of 5 rating. We also provide 4.9 out of 5 rating for its amazing construction quality, looks, comfort and durability factors.​

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