3 Best American Made Cowboy Boots for Men and Women – Only Made in USA Western Boots

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​I am sure you will certainly agree with me when I say that using only made in USA branded cowboy boots or western boots give you that proud and fulfilling experience. Wearing American made cowboy boots is a thing of our nation pride and it gives us that emotional attachment with using only the products that are manufactured natively in our country.

The bitter truth is very few big shoe manufacturers are making their western boots in USA. To save manufacturing cost and other overhead expenses, most of them are now giving preference to import their boots from other countries like China, Mexico and India.

If you really don’t want to use western boots that are made in China or India or in any other country other than USA, then you have just found the right resource. After a ton of research, I have found some companies that are still making good quality western boots in USA factories only.

Today, I am providing some of the top brands that produce only the best American made cowboy boots. I have gone through a great deal of research to find these quality western boots for men and women.

I hope you will love these boots once you start wearing them. So, without further delay, let us delve into the list of top 3 made in USA cowboy boots for men as well as for women.

​Top 3 Men's American Made Cowboy Boots

​Our #2 Rated

​​Double-H Boots Men's 12 Inches Gel Ice Safety Toe Western Boot

Double H Men's 12" Gel ICE Work Western Safety Toe
  • ​​Very Comfortable for ​Daily Work
  • ​​Stylish and Attractive Construction
  • Offers Good Cushioning and ​Very ​Breathable
  • ​My Rating - ​​9 / 10

​Our #3 Rated

​​Tony Lama Men's Bay Apache 7902 Cowboy Boot

Tony Lama Boots Men's Bay Apache 7902 Boot
  • ​​Completely Handmade Craftsmanship
  • ​​100% Genuine Full Grain Leather ​Material
  • ​​Comfortable and Quick Break-in
  • ​My Rating - ​8.5 / 10

​Top 3 ​Women's ​Made in USA ​Western Boots

​Our #2 Rated

​Tony Lama Boots Women's Stallion 7906L Western Boot

Tony Lama Boots Women's Stallion 7906L Boot
  • ​High Construction Standards
  • ​Comfortable Leather Material
  • ​​Higher Arch Support
  • ​My Rating - ​​9 / 10

​Our #3 Rated

​​Justin Boots Women's Bent Rail 11 Inches Broad Square-Toe Cowgirl Boot

Justin Boots Women's Bent Rail 11" Broad Square-toe  Boot
  • ​​Perfect for Narrow Feet Ladies
  • ​Comfortable & Durable by Nature
  • ​Handcrafted in USA and Stylish Construction
  • ​My Rating - ​8 / 10

​Buying Guide for Purchasing Best Made in USA Western Boots

​What Features Should I Look for When Buying Cowboy Boot for Myself?

​There are certain things you should not ignore when shopping for cowboy boots or western boots for your feet. Some of those most important factors are as follows.

1. Comfort Level: The comfort is the number one factor for me when I buy any cowboy boot. If the boot you are wearing is giving you a painful and uncomfortable walking experience, then you certainly need to rethink of using that footwear again.

I know how painful it is when your boot is totally mismatch for your foot size, width and height. So, it is most important for you to measure your foot size correctly before you buy these types of exotic footwear.

The western boot you will wear must also have a shorter break in period. To learn how to break in any boot quickly, check out my guide on breaking in Birkenstock shoes faster. You can use the same techniques to break in your new cowboy boot rather quickly.

Once you break in your boots, then they become super comfortable to walk in. So always go for those boots that have quick break in period.

There are other things that matters when it comes to comfort level of your boots. Those are good arch support, the support and comfort of your outsole, shaft height and internal lining, etc.

If all these factors are well and good then you surely can be assured about its high comfort level.

2. Construction Standards: The next most important feature to look for is their overall quality of craftsmanship.

Most made in USA footwear products are built with top notch raw materials and with defect free and more streamlined manufacturing process. Some cowboy boots are even handcrafted in factories to ensure their highest quality and durability.

You will need to look at few things related to the boot’s construction such as their material quality, stitching level, outsole support, shaft height, comfortable fitting and stylish looks. If the boot you are choosing fits or even surpasses these parameters, then consider it as a model of great workmanship.

3. Quality of Leather Material: The third most important factor to think of is the overall quality of leather material used in these boots. If the leather used is not 100% genuine and not full grain leather then I advise you to stay away from those types of western footwear.

Such types of boots do not last longer and can quickly deteriorate after 3-4 months of usage. On the other side, genuine, full grain leather is highly durable and provides really good support and comfort for your feet.

Full grain leather is soft and much more flexible in nature. It has lesser break in period. So the boots that are made from this leather quickly break-in after using them for a week or so.

Due to less break-in period, this leather type is much more comfortable and supportive for your feet.  It is highly durable in nature at the same time.

Due to all these reasons, I often prefer the boots that are made from full grain leather. I also suggest you to choose the cowboy boots that are made from only 100% genuine, full grain leather material.

4. Style and Design: When you look at the modern cowboy boot designs, you will realize there are usually lots of attractive and colorful designs, stitching details and vibrant colors present on the shaft. This exotic look and style makes your boot very unique and attractive.

If you want to present yourself as a fashionable and modern person, then my suggestion is to choose the western boot that comes with attractive style and unique design pattern.

The external look of your boot tells a lot about your personality and mood. So, don’t ignore the external aesthetics and design features of your cowboy boot.

5. Size Fitting: Finding the right size and width of the boot that perfectly fits you is of paramount importance. If you wear improper sized boot for a long duration, you might end up hurting your feet and it may cause discomfort and certain foot disorders such as bunions and plantar fasciitis.

Some men and women have wide feet while some have narrow sized feet. Depending on your foot size, you should choose the boot in accordance with your foot measurements.

If you are currently searching for cowboy boots for wide feet women then I recommend you to read my another review of top 5 cowboy boots for wide feet ladies.

When you choose a boot for yourself, I suggest you to choose the one with a bit of snug fitting. Because most cowboy boots with full grain leather constructions expands and conforms to your feet gradually after few days of usage.

If you choose a perfect sized boot then it might become loose for your feet later on due to its natural expansion. To avoid these fitting issues, always go for the boot that is half size or one size shorter than your current foot size.

​What Brands of Cowboy Boots are Made in USA?

​There are lots of good quality brands present in the market that manufacture top quality cowboy boots for men and women. Unfortunately, most of those companies are nowadays have setup their manufacturing process in the other low cost countries such as China, Mexico and India.

From those countries, they import their footwear products to USA. During this import process, somewhere in order to save the cost and other expenses, they unknowingly compromise the quality of craftsmanship.

But there are some shoe companies present in the market which are still manufacturing their own western boots in USA alone. These companies have been successful in producing top notch quality American made cowboy boots.

So, the brands of cowboy boots which are still manufacturing footwear products in America are Tony Lama, Double-H, Justin Boots, Chippewa and Dan Post. These are some of the big names in shoe industry.

There are also some small players which are producing boots in USA alone. I will not mention them here because they are quite a few to list here. You can search them online if you want.

​Reviews of Top 3 American Made Cowboy Boots for Men

​I recommend to read these reviews carefully and choose the one that suits your style and preference.  These 3 cowboy boots are made in USA and comes with great leather quality. Let us have a closer look at them.

​No. 3: Tony Lama Men's Bay Apache 7902 Cowboy Boot

Tony Lama Boots Men's Bay Apache 7902 Boot

​This particular Tony Lama Bay Apache 7902 Men’s Cowboy Boot is totally made in USA. The leather quality is excellent.

Shaft height is about 12.25 inches from its arch and heel height is about 1.5 inches. So this boot is a good choice for bike riders. I loved its leather sole which comes with stacked leather heel.

It is highly supportive and durable in nature. Its handmade construction represents a great workmanship standard.

You can use them on a daily basis without any discomfort. These boots manage bumps, abrasions and scrapes really well as compared to the other average leather cowboy boot brands.

I also liked the fact that these boots break in quickly. So you won’t have to struggle much in the initial days to make them comfortable to wear.

Plus these boots look really stylish and attractive. The stitching is done seamlessly and that has made them reliable and durable to use for long period of time.

What I disliked is its toe design. It is little bit long and pointy which might be uncomfortable for some guys who want roomier toe boxes for their boots.

One more thing that I would like to mention is that these boots are little tighter for people who have narrow feet. If you have narrow sized feet, you will have to order one size larger for comfortable fitting.


​Completely Made in USA boots

​Quality handmade craftsmanship

​100% genuine full grain leather construction

​Quick break-in period and comfortable to wear

​Very stylish and attractive design


​Toe design is pointy and tighter

​Not suitable for narrow feet guys

​No. 2: Double-H Boots Men's 12 Inches Gel Ice Safety Toe Western Boot

Double H Men's 12" Gel ICE Work Western Safety Toe

​At the second position, I have placed Double-H Boots 12 Inches Gel Ice Safety Toe Western Boot for Men. This is also an American made boot with lots of good features.

One of the unique features of this Double H western boot is its Ultra Welt system. There is a specially designed Gel-Cell insole inside the boot that provides a lot of comfort for your feet.

It also helps to get good cushioning for the ball of your foot and reduces heel strike. This insole is highly breathable in nature.

It is also equipped with unique Vitalize footbed that offers good shock absorption for your feet. This Made in USA footwear offers best comfort because it comes in true to size fitting.

There is a safety toe that provides good protection for your toes while working in these boots. This mid-calf cowboy boot is ideal for male workers.

You can even use them for daily wear and casual outdoor activities.

The only drawback of this boot which I feel is its leather quality. The leather of this boot is somewhat stiff and it takes more time to break-in.

But once you break-in these boots, they become comfortable to work.

One more thing that I noticed is the outsole of this boot is not so durable as compared to the other boots in this category. You will need to resole after six months if you use these boots rigorously.


​Immensely comfortable to work in

​Stylish and attractive design

​True to size fitting

​Highly breathable and offers good cushioning

​Durable build quality


​Stiff leather takes more time to break in

​Outsole is not so durable

​No. 1: Justin Boots Men's Bent Rail Cowboy Boot

Justin Boots Men's U.S.A. Bent Rail Collection 13" Boot Wide Square Double Stitch Toe Leather Outsole,Black Wildebeest/Red Classic,6 D US

​At no. 1, obviously Justin Boots rank due to their exceptional build quality, durable leather material and very exotic looks. The following features are responsible for making Justin Boots Bent Rail Cowboy Boot for Men the top choice for Made in USA male western boots.

The very first special thing about this Justin boot is its attractive style and variety of color combos. There are more than 25 different colors available for you to choose.

Plus they look really stylish and fashionable. The special features like Justin Jel Insert, J-Flex and JST make this boot extremely comfortable and durable by nature.

Its heel height is 1.25 inches and shaft height is around 11 inches from its arch. At the same time, it comes with square toe and stacked heel features.

This makes it very strong, supportive and protective for your feet.

The distressed leather is genuine and 100% authentic. It offers great flexibility, quick break-in period and durability.

The outsole is also made from leather and other synthetic material. You can resole it easily if it damages after consistent usage.

I really loved its overall look because it seems to be getting lot of nice complements from other folks. You will feel like you are wearing a comfortable sandal when you wear these boots.

What I don’t like about it is its little tightness feeling in the square toe area.

Being a square toe western boot, it must offer comfortable toe box. But I think this boot needs to get little more space in the toe area.

And the boot seems to be little narrow for wide feet men. So, you might have to order one size larger than your actual foot size.


​Highly comfortable walking experience

​Leather quality is excellent

​Looks really stylish and comes in wide varieties of colors

​Made in USA with top Justin Boots technology

​Fitting is true to size


​Little narrow sized; may not be suitable for wide feet folks

​Instep size is small, need to have more space in toe area

​I highly recommend to check out the following review video to get much clear idea about its high performance and top notch construction quality.

​Reviews of 3 Best Made in USA Western Boots for Women

​Now that we have seen top cowboy boots for men, its time to take a look at 3 best American made cowgirl boots for women. I am sure you will like these boots and will try one of them to see how wonderful they look on your feet.

​No. 3: Justin Boots Women's Bent Rail 11 Inches Broad Square-Toe Cowgirl Boot

Justin Boots Women's Bent Rail 11" Broad Square-toe  Boot

​Just like men’s Justin Boots Bent Rail version, these Justin Boots Bent Rail 11 Inches Cowgirl Boot for Women are highly comfortable and durable by nature.

These boots are made from 100% genuine leather material. This has made the boot durable, comfortable and immensely supportive for your feet.

The sole is also made from leather material. This is why it is highly durable and comfortable too. You can even resole it easily once it worn out.

The boot is made from double stitched welt construction system. This feature has made the boot more durable and protective for your feet.

The total construction is handcrafted in USA and have used complete American manufacturing standards. Because of these facts, this particular cowgirl boot is something you will feel proud and patriotic once you start wearing it.

Its insole is also highly supportive and comfortable for your feet. Because it is made from Justin’s specially constructed J-Flex Comfort System insole technology.

What I don’t like about this boot is its fitting factor. It is not suitable for wide feet women. If you have wide feet, then I suggest you to check out our top 5 cowboy boots for wide feet ladies.


​Perfect fitting for narrow feet women

​Highly comfortable and durable by nature

​Gel insole is super comfortable and well cushioned

​Handcrafted in USA and offers best manufacturing standards

​Looks stylish and has a great stitched welt construction


​Not suitable for wide feet women

​No. 2: Tony Lama Boots Women's Stallion 7906L Western Boot

Tony Lama Boots Women's Stallion 7906L Boot

​At no. 2 comes, Tony Lama Stallion 7906L Western Boot for Women. Again, it is made from 100% genuine leather material.

Its outsole is also made from leather which makes it more comfortable and durable by nature. You can resole it easily once it gets damaged after constant usage.

The shaft height is about 11 inches from its arch and heel height is 1.5 inches. This Made in USA cowgirl boot is ideal for women who love to wear stylish square toe designed western boot.

I liked its consistent and detailed stitching which makes it more durable and stronger. It offers good comfort and arch support as well.

The square toe design is pretty good for your toes. However, it seems the color of this boot is little off; might be due to mildew.

The construction standards are pretty high as this is a Tony Lama boot. Some users have reported the toe design is too pointy for them to be comfortably walk into it.

And if you have thin calves or narrow calf then the shaft of this boot might be too wide for you. So, I suggest you to choose only the best narrow calf boots for your feet.


​Pretty high construction standards and quality workmanship

​Comfortable leather material

​Detailed and consistent stitching makes it durable

​High arch support

​Attractive looks and stylish design


​Color feels little off

Extra pointy at toe area​​

​Not suitable for narrow calves ladies

​No. 1: Justin Boots Women's Classic Western Boot

Justin Boots Women's Classic Western Boot Narrow Square Toe,Testa Torino,10 C US

​At no. 1, I have ranked Justin Boots Classic Western Boot for Women. This boot has so many unique benefits and features which makes it most recommended and most in demand cowboy boot for ladies.

Leather material used in this footwear is pretty comfortable and 100% genuine. The shaft height is about 13 inches from arch and heel height is close to 2 inches.

So these boots are great choice for motorcycle riding and also good option for short height ladies. It comes with memory foam insole which provides high comfort and cushioning for your feet.

There is also Justin’s trademarked J-Flex Comfort System included in the boot design. It increases its comfort and support to the next level.

This Justin boot is made from single stitched welt construction and there is a leather lining present. All these features enhances its ability to provide long time comfort and support for your feet.

The only thing that I don’t like about this boot is its pretty large calf size. It is a good match for ladies having wide calves but not so good for women with thin calves.


​Extremely good for female motorcycle riders

​Memory foam midsole is well cushioned and comfortable

​Leather quality is durable and comfortable too

​Leather outsole is highly durable and supportive

​Stylish looks and pretty design


​Not suitable for women with narrow calves

Needs longer time to break-in​​

​​Wrapping Up

​I recommend you to first read our buying guide in this article. Once you know what features to look for in a cowboy boot; it becomes easy to choose the right western boot which is also made in USA.

You can choose any one of 3 top rated cowboy boots provided above. For men, I recommend to choose Justin boots or Tony Lama boots. For women, Justin Boots are great choice.

Whatever boot you choose, it is important that you get the highest comfort, support, protection and proper fitting for your feet. If you are also looking for a reliable pair of socks for cowboy boots, then I suggest you to read this buying guide.

Best of luck!

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