5 Best Alegria Nursing Shoes for Women in 2017

  • By: Edmond Clark

Best Alegria Nursing Shoes for Women ReviewAlegria Nursing Shoes for Women – 2017 Buying Guide

Before we go into the actual buying tips, first take a look at the ranking chart of our top 5 best Alegria nursing shoes of 2017.


When it comes to wearing nursing shoes, the first thing that comes to our mind is the comfort factor. Yes, it’s true that most female and male nurses work several hours without any major break in their hectic work schedules.

If you are a professional nurse, then you are definitely aware about those long working hours and consistent walking, running and standing experience. In such lengthy work schedule, your legs definitely hurt badly if you do not use specialized comfortable nursing shoes.

This is the reason most female as well as male nurses look for a reliable, durable and most importantly a comfortable pair of nursing shoes. Now, there are many brands out there in the market that offer high comfort and quality nursing shoes.

But Alegria is one of those nursing shoe brands which is consistently offering highest comfort and support quality for its users. If you are a nursing professional, you must be looking for the best nursing shoes that can provide your legs ample support and comfort as well. Alegria nursing shoes are some of the best nursing footwear which gives you all kinds of comfort and right arch as well as heel support.

At the same time, it helps in relieving your stress on the hips, back, legs which comes after long hours of consistent working in hospitals and clinics. Its unique features such as signature Classic Footbed, ergonomically designed memory foam, patented interlocking technology and slip resistant outsoles provide highest level of comfort while you perform your nursing duties.

Let us see some of the user questions related to [easyazon_link keywords=”Alegria Nursing Shoes” locale=”US” tag=”vbar-20″]Alegria Nursing Shoes[/easyazon_link] that are often asked in most of the popular forums and social sites.


Where does Alegria Nursing Shoes Made?

There are several online shoe stores that sell these Alegria nursing shoes on the internet. But the main headquarter of Alegria shoes lies in Ontario, California. Most of the Alegria shoes are manufactured at the plant located at this location.

There are also some international locations where these shoes are available for sale. Those international countries are Australia, Croatia, Norway, Poland, Taiwan, UK, Russia, Austria, etc.

Are Alegria Shoes Good for Female Nurses?

Most of the Alegria nursing shoes look very distinctive and fashionable. But they also offer highest standards of comfort, support, durability and professional styling.

These shoes are very ideal for nursing professionals. They are not only trendy but useful and comfortable to use while you are performing your duty. So, yes these shoes are best for female nurses.

Which are the Best Shoes for Nurses?

Many people ask this question in online forums. To decide which one is the best amongst the rest, we need to identify first which brand performs best in which department. There are certain criteria and features which highlights the superiority of particular nursing shoe over the other.

There are lots of nursing shoe brands available in the market. But among them, there are 3 prominent brands which need our significant attention. Those are Birkenstock, Dansko and Alegria.

To make things simpler, we have tabulated the comparison chart which shows our personal rating for these shoes in terms of the features they possess. Have a look at it.

Comparison Chart for Alegria Nursing Shoes vs. Dansko Nursing Shoes vs. Birkenstock Nursing Shoes

From the above comparison chart, you can realize that in some departments Alegria is best such as comfort, slip resistance and overall support. On the other side, in some departments Dansko and Birkenstock gets the upper hand.

But if you compare these 3 brands in totality, Alegria nursing shoes definitely rank better. Therefore, you can always go for Alegria nursing footwear when it comes to deciding which shoes for nurses are best for female nurse professionals.

Here is a video that tells you the best buying tips and advice for nursing shoes. You can use them while shopping for the best shoes for nurses online.

Primary Benefits of Best Alegria Nursing Shoes for Women

1. Highly Comfortable to Use on a Regular Basis

2. Slip Resistant Soles That Offer Good Grip and Traction

3. Perfect for Wide Feet and Flat Feet Female Nurses

4. True to Size Shoes That offer Good Fitting and Sizing for Your Feet

5. Good Protection Against Plantar Fasciitis, Bunions, Arthritis and Other Foot Ailments

6. Availability of Replacement Insoles Because of Which You can Use Custom Orthotics

Here is one more useful video that shows the best features and benefits of Alegria Nursing Shoes for Women. Check it out.

Reviews of Top 5 Best Alegria Nursing Shoes for Women in 2017

No. 5: Alegria Women’s Kayla Clog Review

[easyazon_link identifier=”B00BEYPTAW” locale=”US” tag=”vbar-20″]

alegria-womens-kayla-clog-review[/easyazon_link]This particular [easyazon_link identifier=”B00BEYPTAW” locale=”US” tag=”vbar-20″]Alegria Women’s Kayla Nursing Clog[/easyazon_link] comes with attractive printed leather upper. This upper is extremely stain resistant and highly comfortable. Its easily removable insole gives your feet proper fitting and the required comfort while working in hospitals and clinics for longer duration.

This Alegria nursing clog possesses anti-slip rubber outsole, lightweight polyurethane midsole, well cushioned memory foam and cork footbed. All of this helps you to work without getting any extra pressure on your heels and central metatarsal areas.


1. Well Protection for Female Nurses Who Suffer from Foot Ailments like Arthritis, Bunions, PF, Fibromyalgia, etc.

2. Highly Supportive and Well Cushioned Removable Insoles

3. Provides Extreme Comfort and Support for Nurses Who Stand On Their Feet All Day

4. Looks Good while Wearing and Working in them and Offers High Durability


1. Sometimes Sizing Could Be an Issue due to Mismatch in The Sizing Chart and Your Actual Sizing Requirements

2. Heels May Slip Out for Some Female Nurses Who have Skinny Feet

Our Verdict:

We recommend this Alegria nursing shoe for female nurses who are looking for higher comfort, support and fashionable looks. We give it 7 out of 10 stars.

[easyazon_link identifier=”B00BEYPTAW” locale=”US” tag=”vbar-20″]Click Here for Latest Discounted Price and Customer Reviews of Alegria Women’s Kayla Clog.[/easyazon_link]

No. 4: Alegria Women’s Dayna Professional Slip Resistant Work Shoe Review

[easyazon_link identifier=”B00EDR1NDY” locale=”US” tag=”vbar-20″]alegria-womens-dayna-professional-slip-resistant-work-shoe-review[/easyazon_link]If you are a female nursing professional, you definitely know the importance of having the shoes that can offer the consistent comfort and support for your feet. [easyazon_link identifier=”B00EDR1NDY” locale=”US” tag=”vbar-20″]Alegria Women’s Dayna Professional Slip Resistant Work Shoe[/easyazon_link] is one of those nursing footwear brands that gives you unmatched support as well as comfort for your feet.

The shoe possesses moisture proof leather interior that gives your feet moist-free environment for all day comfortable walking. It also has a stain-proof leather upper which comes with hook and loop closure along with improved Mary Jane vamp strap. This gives you perfect fitting for additional comfort.

The best thing is its soft foam, leather covered footbed which is completely removable. If you use custom orthotics then this shoe is perfect match for you. Its PU outsole offers great slip resistance and gives you perfect stability while working in slippery conditions of hospitals and clinics. This Rocker outsole also plays an important role in providing natural motion and reduced heel and metatarsal pressure when you walk and run in these shoes.


1. Roomy Toe Box

2. Extra Arch Support

3. No More Painful Feet while Working in Hospitals and Clinics

4. Higher Comfort and Support for Your Feet

5. Offers High Protection and Healing Environment for Your Foot Ailments such as Plantar Fasciitis, Bunions and Hammertoes, etc.

6. Sizing and Fitting is Almost Perfect.


1. You Need to Use Thick Socks to Break in These Shoes in the Beginning.

2. You Need to Order Half Size Larger When Purchasing These Shoes Online.

Our Verdict:

I definitely recommend this Alegria female nursing shoe to all women nursing professionals because of its exceptional comfort and support features. If you are a woman working late hours in the clinics and hospitals, you definitely have to use this shoe.

Its price is also in the affordable range and its really worth your money. Customers have given this shoe rating of 7.5 out of 10 and I am giving it 8 out of 10.

[easyazon_link identifier=”B00EDR1NDY” locale=”US” tag=”vbar-20″]Click Here for Latest Price and Reviews of Alegria Women’s Dayna Professional Slip Resistant Work Shoe.[/easyazon_link]

No. 3: Alegria Women’s Classic Clog Review

[easyazon_link identifier=”B0055J7WX4″ locale=”US” tag=”vbar-20″]alegria-womens-classic-clog-review[/easyazon_link]With the availability of huge 68 color combinations, this [easyazon_link identifier=”B0055J7WX4″ locale=”US” tag=”vbar-20″]Alegria Women’s Classic Clog[/easyazon_link] offers vibrant and dynamic work environment for female nurses. Its uniquely designed embossed leather upper enhances its dynamic and attractive looks and style.

You can use these clogs all day and night without getting any discomfort for your feet. This Alegria nursing shoe has all the exciting things and features that any medical professional look for while working on their feet all day.

It has a completely removable footbed which is a plus feature for women who are using custom orthotics for their feet. Its organically leather insole offers high amount of breathability and higher arch support. This allows you to work for long hours without getting any fatigue or painful feet.

This Alegria women’s nursing shoe is also equipped with uniquely designed Rocker Outsoles that supports your central metatarsal and heels; thus helping in reduced stress and pressure from them while you perform your duty for longer duration of time. This outsole is designed in such a way that it aids in maintaining your right posture and appropriate gait.

Plus the shoe has extra width and a roomier toe box. This gives your toes ample space for comfortable movements. And finally the flat bottom sole gives you enhanced stability and support for your feet.


1. This Shoe Especially Helps in Healing Your Foot Conditions such as PF, Hallux Limitus, and Bunions.

2. It has One of the Widest Toe Boxes Amongst Other Popular Nursing Shoes. It Offers Plenty of Internal Room for Comfortable Feet and Toe Movements.

3. The Kind of Support and Comfort it offers, is Amazing! You can easily Rank it Among the Top 3 Best Female Nursing Shoes.

4. These Clogs are Durable Too. And You can Use Them for Long Hours During Your Hectic Work Schedules. They also Offer High Amount of Grip and Traction on Slippery Surfaces.


1. Sizing could be a Bit Misleading for Some Folks. Its Better to Order Half Size Larger When Placing Order Online.

2. The Shoe Sometimes Feel Squeaky for Some Users. But You can Easily Find a Solution to it Online.

Our Verdict:

There are number of reasons why I have ranked this Alegria Women’s Classic Clog among the top 3 Best Alegria Female Nursing Shoes. As you have already read above that the shoe provides the user the greatest level of comfort, support, stability, protection and grip.

The shoe is highly durable and gives you a great fatigueless working experience. The customers have provided this shoe the rating of 8.5 out of 10. I definitely give this shoe 9 out of 10 rating.

[easyazon_link identifier=”B0055J7WX4″ locale=”US” tag=”vbar-20″]Click Here to Know The Discounted Price and Reviews of Alegria Women’s Classic Clog.[/easyazon_link]

No. 2: Alegria Women’s Classic Pro Shoe Review

[easyazon_link identifier=”B00THHL8LM” locale=”US” tag=”vbar-20″]alegria-womens-classic-pro-shoe-review[/easyazon_link]If Alegria Women’s Classic Clog is considered as a crown nursing shoe then this one; [easyazon_link identifier=”B00THHL8LM” locale=”US” tag=”vbar-20″]Alegria Women’s Classic Pro Shoe[/easyazon_link] can be mentioned as a diamond of that crown. Yes, there is a strong reason why I have given this shoe as the second best Alegria nursing shoe for women ranking.

There are plethora of features which can be attributed to the second best ranking of this Alegria shoe. The first one is its leather made insole which is highly breathable in nature. This keeps your feet warm and dry for longer working hours.

Its premium leather upper and adjustable buckle strap offers you customized fitting. This increases the amount of comfort for your feet while working in the clinics and hospitals. Its footbed is completely removable and replaceable which is very helpful for ladies who use custom orthotics for their feet.

This Polyurethane made footbed also gives your feet the required fitting adjustment which perfectly matches with the sizing of your feet. This shoe gives you plenty of toe box for comfortable wiggling. Its specially designed anti-slip mild rocker outsole offers a great help in properly improving your posture while performing your duties.

Its level of arch support is excellent due to its hand-sewn leather lining and overall build quality. Its a perfect shoe for your everyday activities as well as for your professional nursing work.


1. Comfort and Support is Excellent.

2. Shoe’s Ability of Offering Slip Resistance and Arch Support are also Above my Expectations.

3. The Shoe has Plenty of Toe Box Space and Also Offers Replaceable Footbed Facility.

4. Adjustable Buckle Strap Gives You Perfect Fitting and Improved Comfort.

5. The Style and Looks are Attractive and The Shoe Looks Beautiful When Used on Duty.


1. The Size Runs Half Size Smaller; So Order Half Size Larger When Placing Order Online.

2. The Shoes Seem Clunky for Few Customers.

Our Verdict:

There are very few drawbacks for this amazingly comfortable and supportive Alegria Women’s Classic Pro Shoe. It offers really good protection for your feet against ailments such as PF, bunions, Hammertoes, Arthritis, etc.

The shoe is really attractive and comes in wide variety of color combinations. Many doctors and medical professionals highly recommend this shoe to ladies who have above mentioned foot conditions. Many customers have given it 9 out of 10 rating. I also give it 9.5 out of 10.

[easyazon_link identifier=”B00THHL8LM” locale=”US” tag=”vbar-20″]Click Here for The Customer Reviews and Discounted Price of Alegria Women’s Classic Pro Shoe.[/easyazon_link]

No. 1: Alegria Women’s Paloma Shoe Review

[easyazon_link identifier=”B00I5B464C” locale=”US” tag=”vbar-20″]alegria-womens-paloma-shoe-review[/easyazon_link]Finally, our number one most comfortable and best quality nursing shoe for women is [easyazon_link identifier=”B00I5B464C” locale=”US” tag=”vbar-20″]Alegria Women’s Paloma Shoe[/easyazon_link]. Your painful feet will really say thank you once you start using this Mary Jane style Alegria nursing shoe.

Whether you are a teacher, restaurant worker or a full time working nurse, these shoes are perfect match for you because of its extreme comfort, support and cushioning factors. The internal leather lining and full grain leather upper gives you good breathability. This keeps your feet warm and dry and also moist free all the time.

It has a removable insole which matches your foot shape and gives you good cushioning as well as high comfort while working for long hours. You can even change it with your custom orthotics in case you are suffering from various foot conditions such as PF, bunions, hammertoes and arthritis.

Its mild rocker outsole and lightweight polyurethane midsole offers stress free and pain free working experience. It is extremely helpful in eliminating your metatarsal and heel pressure. This shoe also gives you sufficient shock absorption ability for your feet.

Whether you are working in single shifts or double shifts in the hospitals and clinics, these shoes provides high amount of stability, support and slip resistance, say thanks to its flat and full ground contact sole. Its toe box is also wide which is why you can wiggle your toes comfortably and can prevent the issue of bunions and other foot conditions.


1. Extraordinary Comfort and Support for Your Feet

2. Prevention of Painful Foot Ailments such as Plantar Fasciitis, Arthritis, and Bunions

3. Wider Toe Box for Comfortable Toe Movements

4. Cen Be Used All Day Without Getting Any Discomfort and Fatigue

5. Looks are Attractive and Style is Beautiful

6. Very Good Arch, Heel and Metatarsal Support

7. High Amount of Foot Stability and Slip Resistance

8. Good Amount of Shock Absorption


1. Somewhat Rough Edges in the Design

2. Sometimes Colors Could be Inconsistent

Our Verdict:

By reading our review, you should have now understood that why we have ranked Alegria Women’s Paloma Shoe as our number one best Alegria nursing shoe for women. It is extremely comfortable, supportive, well cushioned, attractive, and protective for your foot conditions.

It has all the features and benefits that other 14 Alegria nursing shoes offer to the users. Plus these shoes have additional factors which make them our number one highly recommended nursing shoe for women.

Customers have already given it rating of 9 out of 10. So, we also give this shoe 9.5 out of 10 rating.

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