Are Hunter Boots Comfortable to Use? – My Top 3 Recommendations

  • By: Edmond Clark

These days many celebrities like Kate Moss, Jenna Louise Coleman, Alessandra Ambrosio and every fashion-conscious guy and girl seem to be wearing hunter boots. Why these hunter boots are so much popular these days?

With the rise of popularity of these boots, another question that might be coming in your mind is are these hunter boots really comfortable to use on a daily basis.

This is the same question that I was thinking about this last week and today I am trying to provide the best possible answer to it. So, lets find out the truth about these hunter boots.

Origin and Brief History of Hunter Boots

Hunter boot brand was first founded by US businessman known as Henry Lee Norris. In the beginning, the company name was the North British Rubber Company.

This British brand is in the boot manufacturing business since 1856. So, yes its almost 162 years old shoe company. During both the World Wars, the company was called upon by the government to make the most protective rubber footwear for the soldiers stationed in trenches.

Since then, the popularity of these hunter boots began to rise all over the world. Today, they are widely used in mining, construction and other major industrial work field.

In 1956, the company launched its trademarked brand known as the Original Green Wellington. It is today popularly known as the Original Boot.

These boots are primarily known for their high quality and durable rubber and protective features. They are also called as “Wellies” or rain boots.

These boots are used primarily as safety work boots. But today several popular personalities and celebs are using hunter boots as a style statement. Due to the rise of this popularity, many people across the globe are using these hunter footwear just to show their fashion sense.

But we are here to find out the real truth. Are these hunter boots really comfortable to wear on a regular basis? This is the question and we will find the answer now.

To answer this query, let us first take a closer look at the primary factors of these boots that decides how comfortable your new hunter boots would be.

3 Things That Matters When it Comes to Comfort Factor of Hunter Boots

  1. Height of the boot: You need to remember that these kinds of boots are usually taller in terms of their height. The height of hunter boots can range from 14.8 inches to 18.9 inches.

Some short versions can range from 9.6 inches up to 14.2 inches. Therefore, it is essential for you to choose the right height of the boot which suits your own body height.

Short women or men need to go for short boots and tall men and women can opt higher versions.

  • Sizing and Fitting: If you are looking for proper sizing tips to choose most comfortable hunter boots, then this is the section you must pay attention to. The main thing about sizing of these rubber wellington boots is most of them come in full sizes.

The full size boots are perfect for big guys and tall women. But if you are an average height person then you will need to go half size down when choosing any type of hunter footwear for your feet. Wrong sizing may lead to more discomfort later on.

When it comes to fitting factor, you will need to wear and try these boots first before you buy them. Most of these footwear come with adjustable straps at the back.

If you are a person with wide and muscular calves then you will need larger area to fit in.

This is where you can make good use of adjustable strap to make fitting more comfortable for your feet.

If you are looking for wide calf hunter boots then I suggest you try a good quality hunter rain boot. Because these boots are ideal for short to average height person with wide calves. One more thing I would like to mention here is about the adjustable strap.

Certain boots do come with real straps while certain boots have the straps only for show purpose. So, if you want to find out which are most comfortable hunter boots with adjustable straps, then click here to check online.

  • Weight of the Boot: How much hunter boots weigh? This might be the question that comes to your mind when I mention about the weight factor here.

Most of these boots weigh in the range of 2 pounds to 4 pounds. So, if you are a person with average body weight, then it is beneficial for you to choose lightweight hunter boot.

More weight means you will feel more fatigued and uncomfortable while walking in them. This is why, my suggestion is to always choose more light weight version when you think of choosing comfortable wellies.

Are Hunter Rain Boots Comfortable for Walking?

Hunter rain boots are widely famous in youth due to their rising popularity among celebrities and well known personalities. These rain boots do come in several color patterns and they really look fashionable to wear. They also work well by keeping your feet dry and waterproof in rainy seasons.

But the main question is are they really comfortable for long distance walking. If you decide to buy these boots for your regular walks, then I suggest you think again. Because these boots are tall and there is not much space for proper ventilation inside.

Due to lack of sufficient ventilation, your feet tend to get moist and sweaty when you go for long distance walking. Therefore, you need to wear right socks that will help you during long distance walking.

Even though you wear the right socks for long distance walking, these hunter rain boots are not that much comfortable as compared to the other walking footwear. That is why I strongly recommend to not use these boots for long distance walks.

Yes, you can use these rain boots for short walks on a regular basis.

Can I Stretch Hunter Boots to Make Them Comfortable?

Some people ask this question that “Can you stretch hunter boots for real?”. The answer is politely no.

The hunter rain boots are used for the purpose of saving your feet from water exposure. Sometimes, it may happen that the opening of the boot is little tight for some folks.

In this situation, fitting your leg inside the boot can be cumbersome and little uncomfortable. So, stretching these boots to some extent might seem a wise decision at first.

But you need to remember that these are rain boots that are made from premium rubber material. Stretching a rubber material can be tricky. If you stretch it more than expected, then you may face the risk of cracking your boots or damaging them later on.

Many hunter boots have wide opening. You may need to purchase hunter boots with wide calf fitting instead of stretching your existing rubber boots. Because if you take the risk of stretching these boots, you may damage them and may make them unwearable.

Some boots do come with a gusset which is at the side or on the backside of the buckle. These boots usually have larger room at the top for easier entry of your foot. With the help of top adjustable straps, you can adjust the fitting for your feet.

If you have ordered them online, you need to first wear them immediately and walk in them for few minutes. You will know how much comfortable you feel in these boots while walking. If they are too tight in terms of size and fitting, you may think of returning them to the vendor and order another more comfortable pair.

Therefore, my suggestion would be not to stretch your new hunter boots if they do not fit you properly. Although there are lots of easy tricks to stretch your regular shoes at home, it is not easy to stretch any type of rubber rain boots like these ones. If you want to read more information regarding stretching these hunter boots, kindly visit this forum thread.

My Top 3 Recommendations for Most Comfortable Hunter Boots for Women

No. 1: Hunter Women’s Original Tall Rain Boot

This Made in USA Hunter Women’s Original Tall Rain Boot comes with textile lining which provides excellent comfort and right fitting for your feet. It is completely waterproof and its outsole gives you much better traction in slippery rainy environment.

Its natural vulcanized rubber material is highly durable and strong in nature. You can use its adjustable strap for proper fitting. These boots are perfect for comfortable and warm walking experience.

Click Here to See Latest Price and Reviews of Hunter Women’s Original Tall Rain Boot.

No. 2: Hunter Women’s Original Short Rain Boot

Hunter Women’s Original Short Rain Boot is equally great when it comes to comfortable walking and fitting for your feet. They are more similar to the above no. 1 rated hunter boot.

The premium rubber and sufficient traction outsole makes it more comfortable and durable to use on a regular basis in rainy seasons. Plus, they are lightweight, waterproof and comes in wide varieties of attractive and fashionable colors.

Click Here for Current Price and Reviews of Hunter Women’s Original Short Rain Boot.

No. 3: Hunter Women’s Original Short Gloss Rain Boot

At no. 3, I think Hunter Women’s Original Short Gloss Rain Boot provides comfortable fitting as well as durability. Its height is perfect and you can walk in them without any discomfort for long distances.

Although, they run little larger in terms of sizing, it is still ok to use them without much discomfort. The boots provide warm and comfy environment for your feet when you start using them. Even if you have large calves, you can comfortable fit inside these boots; thanks to its adjustable straps.

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Final Thoughts

As far as comfort factor is concerned, most hunter boots do provide several features that make them comfortable to use. They are equipped with features such as textile lining, adjustable straps, vulcanized natural rubber material, waterproof and traction outsole, etc.

All these features help these boots to provide more comfortable experience for the user to walk in them. I am just not sure how they can help you walk comfortably for long distances.

Because long distance walking cause perspiration and excessive sweating for your feet. This is where most hunter boots can not provide much ventilation and thus cause moisture and possibly blisters creation if you use them excessively for long distance walking.

So, my suggestion is use them for short and comfortable walks. You can also use most comfortable walking socks with your hunter boots if you want to go for long walks sometimes in a week or so.

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