Adidas Neo Men’s Cloudfoam Race Running Shoe 2016 Review

Adidas Neo Men's Cloudfoam Running Shoe Review

What is So Special About Adidas Neo Men's Cloudfoam Running Shoes?

Adidas Neo Cloudfoam Mens Running Shoe Heel Counter

There are so many folks out there who are always on the lookout for simplistic and minimal stylish running shoes. Adidas Neo Men’s Cloudfoam Race Running shoe is one of those shoes. Though it looks simplistic, do not go by its looks only.

This Adidas Neo series running shoe is primarily made for modern runners. It is for them who are not just looking for a style boost but also for an extraordinary comfort by all means. It is very lightweight and highly comfortable to wear while running.

My Personal Observations About Adidas Neo Cloudfoam Shoe

Durable Toe Cap of Adidas Neo Cloudfoam Running Shoe

  • No. 1 thing that comes to my mind when I see this shoe is its high comfort factor. Yes, it is truly a very comfortable running shoe to wear for all your outdoor activities.
  • Its cushioning is also good which kind of adds extra layer of comfort for your feet.
  • Its gummy style white rubber sole gives additional support and comfort which also comes equipped with Adidas Boost Technology.
  • These shoes gives you style boost because they look good with your Adidas pant, t-shirt and cap!
  • You will have to wear them first in your home and relace them in order to break in those shoes faster.
  • Size is something that is an issue with almost all shoes while you order online. With this shoe, sizing and fitting is almost very comfortable and without any major issues. Anyways, it is always a good idea to learn how to stretch your new shoes in case your newly ordered Adidas shoes are bit smaller for your feet.
  • I feel this shoe offers good support for your heels, arches, and soles. You can walk in these shoes for hours without getting tired due to its higher comfort, support and well cushioned features.
  • They are lightweight for sure and come with great variety of color combos.

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Primary Features

Upper Design and Insoles of Adidas Neo Cloudfoam Running Shoe

Before knowing the actual features of this shoe, let us take a look at the following video review of this Adidas Neo Cloudfoam running shoe by the the user named as "Rico Swank".


Well Structured Mesh Upper

The upper of this Adidas Neo running shoe is made up of mesh synthetic leather overlays. This upper has two-tone oval-pattern knit mesh design which kind of looks stylish and attractive.


Cloudfoam Midsole

The midsole of the shoe is made from Adidas Cloudfoam technology. This enhances the comfort and cushioning factors of the shoe.


Well Supportive Heel Counter

The heel counter of this Adidas shoe is made from molded TPU material. This material gives you well protection and support for your feet while running and performing other outdoor activities.


Quality Rubber Outsole

The outsole of the shoe looks really good and gives you high amount of cushioning, comfort and support. Thanks to its gummy white rubber construction.


Cloudfoam Footbed

The outsole of the shoe looks really good and gives you high amount of cushioning, comfort and support. Thanks to its gummy white rubber construction.


Durable Toe Cap

The shoe possesses seamless toe cap. This enhances the durability factor of your shoe.

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Adidas Neo Men’s Cloudfoam Race Running Shoe Review


Highly Comfortable to Use

The prominent feature of Adidas Neo Men’s Cloudfoam Running Shoe is its highest standard of comfort. The insoles and sockliners are highly comfortable too due to Cloudfoam technology boost. You can walk and run in them almost anywhere for long hours without getting fatigued.


Well Supportive and Highly Cushioned

The Adidas Cloudfoam Technology enhances the cushioning and support in the upper, footbed, sole and outsole departments.


Stylish Running Shoes

They look good, fit well on your feet and gives you a style boost whenever used for any kind of outdoor activity.


Lots of Color Combos

There are wide varieties of colors available to choose from. You can choose completely black or completely white color or a combo of yellow-black, grey-black, blue-black, red-black, etc.


Cushioned and Supportive Sole of Adidas Neo Cloudfoam Shoe


Little Slippery Soles

The soles of this shoes when get wet could be very slippery. So it is important for you to walk carefully in rainy season while wearing this shoe.


Happens to Be Squeaky

Some people have experienced that the shoe is little bit squeaky. Though it might happen in few cases, so we cannot generalize it for sure.

My Verdict

Sythetic Leather Mesh Overlays of Adidas Neo Cloudfoam Shoe

What I mainly liked about Adidas Neo Men’s Cloudfoam Running Shoe is its highest level of Comfort factor. It is equipped with Adidas Cloudfoam technology that boosts its cushioning, support and comfort. Its footbed, sole and upper is very comfortable, durable and lightweight.

Considering all these features, this Adidas Neo shoe is ideal for modern day runners, casual users and for your everyday routine outdoor activities. Its average customer rating is 4.7 out of 5. Therefore, I personally give it 4.8 out of 5 due to its sheer comfort and support features.

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