Adidas Human Race Shoes Review Guide

  • By: Edmond Clark

Any sport needs proper equipment and gear for the player to perform to his maximum level. Just like that, running requires the optimum kind of suitable footwear that has been created to produce the best results for runners.

To equip runners with the best footwear, many shoe brands have created several shoe models. They are trying their best to produce the perfect piece. Adidas, as you already know about this brand, is the giant name in the footwear industry. It has spared no effort in creating a masterpieces one after another.

After numerous trials and errors, they have created the much awaited Adidas Human Race Shoes. These shoes have now become known for their style and efficiency all over the world.

Here at VBMBestReviews.Com, we present an overall comprehensive review and buying guide for these Human Race Shoes. We believe that this unbiased review will definitely help identify its best features and make an informed buying decision.

But before that, we take you to the buying guide and other essential information of these shoes like what human race shoes really are, their history, meaning and sizing guide, etc. This is equally important to know for all Adidas Human Race Shoe admirers. So do not miss this part!

What is The Meaning of Human Race Shoes?

Human race shoes are actually a series of shoes that are designed for both male and female users. The first shoes in the series have been released and it is expected that many will like these versions of Human Race Shoes.

These shoes are unique in the sense that they have an integrated lacing system which changes the entire feel of the shoes. In addition to this, one shoe has been human stamped along the tongue and the other has a race, which really gives these shoes an edge. The series have been much awaited for and is finally out for all the sneaker heads and enthusiasts to buy.

History Behind Adidas Human Race Shoes

It all goes back to Pharrell Williams who collaborated with the shoe giant adidas and Hu, who is a designer of footwear and clothes. They had the vision to incorporate and acknowledge the beautiful diversity of this world and its many cultures.

This vision inspired and motivated them to create a unique pair of shoes for the whole world shoe lovers. Pharrell has been wearing the shoes but they were not been open for sale at the beginning. The shoes were released on July 22nd 2016 through retailers such as and KTH. 5 new colorways were released on September 29, 2016.

The word HUMAN RACE emphasises that we are all one being, no matter what our color, religion, race, gender or sexual orientation is. These shoes are for all and for very human being on the planet earth.

Initially, the NMD shoes were only available in the color yellow, but more are to follow with the time. The shoes are designed to have a moccasin type of feel, promoting an oneness of the shoe and the foot, an ideal characteristic for runners.

Its newly designed lacing system helps you to securely lock the foot. At the same time, the integrated white boost midsole helps in taking the ventilation of the shoe to a higher level.

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Adidas Human Race Shoes Buying Guide

If you are interested in buying these shoes, just like so many other sneakerheads in the world, there are a certain things that you need to know beforehand. For a start, the features of the shoes hold critical importance.

The shoes come with a spectacular cage and unique branding that adds flavour to the overall footwear. Its comfort and support are told to be exemplary in nature.

What is the Color Range of Adidas Human Race Shoes?

Originally, the shoes were debuted in yellow color. Later on, 5 new colors have been introduced which include scarlet, sharp blue, black, green and tangerine. This gives these shoes the entire spectrum of colorful combinations.

What is the Price Range of Adidas Human Race Shoes?

The price of this beautiful footwear was originally set at around $250. However, there are other markets that have been taking advantage of the rarity of these shoes. They have increased the price, so you can find them for a massive amount of $1500 and sometimes higher.

To save your hard earned money, we really recommend that you opt for the official retailers online as well as offline. They will be more economical and will definitely be the real deal. You can find these shoes at great discounts and at an approx. price range of $500-$800 on popular online shopping stores such as and

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Where Can You Buy Adidas Human Race Shoes Online?

The best place to get your hands on these shoes is by contacting one of the official retailers. Places which are selling these magnificent beauties include Amazon and eBay. Other sites are also offering these shoes, but there is no surety of their authenticity.

Sizing and Fitting Guide for New Human Race Shoes

The size of these shoes is said to be spacious. They are perfect for the wide toed people out there. Generally, you might want to go down on your size by a 0.5 to have the perfect fitting for your feet.

Sometimes, these shoes might feel somewhat tight for your feet. Now this all depends on the actual size and width of your feet. If you know your foot size correctly, it becomes easier for you to order the right sized shoe online. Therefore, we highly recommend you to first measure your actual foot size and then order these shoes online according to your size requirement.

How to Identify Real Adidas Human Race Shoes from Fake Ones?

One of the rising concerns for these new Human Race shoes is the identification of authentic Human Race footwear models. With the latest thrill and craze of this new footwear in the market, a lot of fake ones have sprung up in lots of places.

A great way to identify the real ones is by carefully looking at the brands. The real Adidas Human Race shoes have Adidas branded logo on the back of the right side of the shoe and Pharrell Williams on the left side of the shoe.

Also, if you look at the pattern of the outsole, it will really help you differentiate the fake ones from real ones. Compare the sole of any footwear claiming to be the human race shoe with the original ones. If you find any discrepancy in the sole design, this means those shoes are not original.

Our Unbiased Review of Adidas Human Race Shoes

First thing which we would like to mention here is these Adidas Human Race shoes have taken the market by storm. Several folks have gone crazy and literally trying any means possible to get their hands on this Adidas masterpiece.

However, are they really what they claim to be? Here, we give you the primary specifics of these shoes to help you get a greater overview of these shoes.

Main Features:

  1. Low Cut Design: Low cut design adds to the attractiveness of the whole Adidas shoe.
  2. Prime Knit Structure: This specific Prime Knit Design feature enhances the comfort and durability of the whole shoe structure. The unique texture also adds to the style of the shoe.
  3. Enhanced Cushioning: This Adidas Human Race shoe has a unique technology known as Boost Cushioning. This particular cushioning technology provides maximum support and comfort during your walking and running experience.
  4. Unique Shoelace Cage: Integrated, newly designed black shoelace cage supports the midsole of your shoe. This gives you a moccasin-like feel.
  5. Stitched HUMAN RACE Text Upper: The upper of the shoe features the unique stitched text in an asymmetrical manner on both shoes. One having “HUMAN” and the other having “RACE” on it that magnifies the appeal of this footwear.
  6. Cloud Foam Insoles: Cloud foam insoles of the shoe offer long lasting comfort and a smoother running experience on almost all kinds of tracks.
  7. Cloudy Appearance Outsoles: Cloudy appearance on the outsoles which makes the overall looks and style of these shoes more fascinating and attractive.

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  • Unique Attractive Design: Extraordinary design, we give Pharrell the credit for designing such a masterpiece. The unique cage, the detailed outsole, the asymmetrical branding, all of it goes to produce Adidas’s one of the best looking style icon for runners.
  • Enhanced Injury Prevention: This Adidas running shoe is extremely secure and helps to prevent your leg injuries in many cases. It comes with the integrated lacing system which connects the midsole with the upper part of the foot to wrap it securely. This takes the security of these shoes up by a mile.


  • Higher Price: They are for sure a bit expensive. If you are in love with expensive stylish running shoes then we definitely recommend you to make this significant investment. At $240 or even higher, you need a good chunk of cash to buy these beauties.
  • Somewhat Hard to Buy: The demand for these shoes is all time high now. The stock is limited as compared to its high demand. So they are definitely very hard to find, at the moment, the shoes are extremely hard to locate.

Markets are out of stock and pre-order lines are ever increasing. This can be a bit of an inconvenience, having to wait for ages for a pair of shoe. But I am sure you will get your desired pair of Adidas Human Race Shoes at online shopping sites such as Amazon and Zappos.

Final verdict

Although the Adidas Human Race Shoe does have a significant price tag, its appeal, and the craze about them makes it worth it. The shoes are a signature and huge style icon at the moment.

Besides this, they have been equipped with state of the art accessories to convert them into a runner’s dream choice. Even if you do not regularly run, these shoes are a stylish addition to your wardrobe so that you can really show off them to your friends and colleagues.

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