5 Critical Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Shoes, Sneakers and Boots Outside Your Home

  • By: Edmond Clark

Shoes, boots and sneakers are integral part of our daily life routine. We wear them as soon as we learn to walk as a little baby till our last breath. So, yes you can say they are part and parcel of our life. But it has been found out that many US citizens use sneakers, shoes and other footwear inside their homes.

Many people wonder whether it is a good idea to use our sneakers, shoes and boots inside our house. Several eastern and some western cultures consider it as an uncivilized action and mark it as a very bad as well as unhygienic habit. Some female strictly instruct their hubbies to prohibit the use of the shoes inside the home.

I know many folks use their footwear while working in the house as well as while watching TV and resting in their bedrooms. But have you ever given a second thought about whether you should use sneakers and shoes inside your home? Here are 5 important reasons that will tell you why you should completely avoid using any kind of footwear while you are at home.

5 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Using Sneakers, Shoes or Boots inside Your House:

1. Shoes Bring Mud and Dirt With Them Inside Your House.

It is much obvious thing to notice when you use sneakers and shoes inside your house. I mean, when you bring your shoes full of mud and dirt inside your home, they are obviously going to spread mud and dirt on your floors. This also indicates that you will have to perform more cleaning functions in the households.

By the way, here is a short video that shows you how to clean and wash your shoes in your washing machine without damaging them. Take a look.

If you don’t want to wash your shoes directly in the washing machine, you can always try out your hands on some [easyazon_link cloaking=”default” keywords=”shoe cleaning” localization=”default” locale=”US” nofollow=”default” new_window=”default” tag=”vbar-20″]popular shoe cleaning kits[/easyazon_link] available online.

Instead of using these shoe cleaning methods, why not just make a wise decision to keep your shoes at your house gate? It is definitely going to help you avoid the entry of mud and dirt in your home which automatically comes with your shoes and sneakers from outside.

2. Outside Used Sneakers Have High Chances of Spreading Viral and Bacterial Infection for Your Family Members.

Most of you might be using your shoes, boot and sneakers for office work or factory work purpose. Some of you might be using them for exercise and jogging purpose. Now just imagine how much of bacteria and viruses your shoes and sneakers might be carrying when you jog or exercise or work at your workplaces.

According to a recent medical research carried out by the University of Arizona, it has been found out that your shoes, sneakers and boots carry more than 421,000 different types of bacterial units. Some of the bacteria found on these shoes were responsible for the diseases such as diarrhea, Klebsiella Pneumonia, E. coli, common wounds, bloodstream infections, meningitis, respiratory tract infections and several other viral infections too.

I know all of you love your family a lot. I too love my family and kids. And if we truly love our family, we must care for their well-being too. When we use our shoes and sneakers in the outside environment, we acquire lots of bacteria and viruses on our footwear. So yes, it is a wise decision not to use them inside your home in order to avoid the spread of those harmful bacteria and viruses inside the house.

3. Your Kids Could be Exposed to More Harmful Toxins.

Have you heard about a recent EPA research study performed by Environmental Science and Technology? As per the data published by this study, it is much evident that there are residues of harmful herbicides which can be found on your shoes, sneakers and boots.

When you work outside or play or exercise in the outside environment, there are greater chances of the intrusion of herbicide 2,4-D in your home via your shoes and boots. The amount of these types of chemicals and harmful toxins can be much more than the toxins found in the non-organic vegetables and fruits in your house.

The lead researcher Dr. Robert Lewis even said that this herbicide 2,4-D can cause some immediate as well as some minor health issues such as gastrointestinal upsets and skin rashes. One study also suggests that majority of the intrusion of lead in your house happens due to the stuff that comes from the outside environment. This also includes your shoes and sneakers.

Considering all this research data, we can without a doubt say that our kids and other family members could be exposed to these harmful toxins and chemicals if we do not pay proper attention to our hygiene and sanitization habits. This definitely includes keeping your shoes, boots and sneakers outside the door of the house.

4. Your Dirty Sneakers and Shoes Can Deteriorate Your Floor Coverings in the Long Term.

One worse thing about using shoes inside your house is they make your floors dirty and muddy. If you use them on a consistent basis in your home, they tend to spread grit and dirt on the hard floors. If you have carpet surface in your house, they tend to get tarnished and dirty due to shoes with dirt.

In such scenario, you constantly need to provide you attention on cleaning and scrubbing your carpets. Regular use of the shoes on these floors also damages them quickly. More tear and wear occurs which follows a regular maintenance and even replacement of your deteriorated floors. This increases your floor maintenance and replacement cost.

If you want to avoid all these flooring issues, you will have to stop using your shoes, boots and sneakers inside your house.

5. Feet Become More Strong and Flexible When You Walk Barefoot in Your Home.

Many recent studies have proved the fact that barefoot walking is a very healthy habit and provides several health benefits over use of footwear for walking. The health benefits such as good balancing ability, grounded feeling, enhanced strength of your feet muscles, increased energy, improved blood circulation in the legs, less strain of leg muscles and pain free walking are evident from barefoot walking lifestyle.

A lot of people have experienced these health benefits after adopting this barefoot style at their home. Even kids who go barefoot style tend to experience fewer cases of flat feet and their feet become stronger over the period of time. Their feet become more strong and flexible after following a barefoot lifestyle at home.

Instead of using shoes, boots and sneakers at your home, you can go for a healthy barefoot lifestyle. This habit also makes your legs stronger and flexible after some time period. Regular use of shoes at home creates certain leg health issues which I am sure you do not want to experience in your life.

Therefore, considering all the above 5 reasons, I strongly recommend you guys to avoid using shoes at your home. I definitely suggest you to start following a barefoot lifestyle at your home and see the results for yourself.

  1. My wife has used Brooks Athletic shoes for years on a doctors advice because of her bunions. The latest pair, however, has a part sewn onto the shoe where the bunion is located on her foot and now causes pain, Is there any way to stretch the athletic shoe (permanently) where her bunion is located?

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