5 Best Winter Boots Reviews for Men and Women You Can’t Afford to Lose in 2019 Updated

  • By: Vishal Mahadik
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Cold season is out there and you are badly in search of a good winter boot that can suit all of your requirements. But no matter how much you try, you can not find the best pair of winter boots or snow boots either at your local shoe store or online.

Is this the situation you are currently going through?

Here are our thoroughly researched and reviewed top 5 best winter boots for men and women for 201​9. Take a look before we dive in actual reviews.

​One of my friends was once in this situation and he equally tried his best to get his hands on the high quality winter boots.

After hours of searching online, he only could manage to find a mediocre quality of cheap winter boots.

And you can guess what might have happened next! Those cheap pair of winter boots/snow boots damaged quickly and they were of no use at all after only one month of regular usage.

If you don’t want to go through this bad experience, you must know how to choose only the best winter boots with hands on knowledge of the most important features that are present in such types of high quality winter boots.

Here I kindly request you to ignore towards the price factor.

If price is your concern, it is better for you to ignore my tips all the way. The features that I am going to explain here only apply to the best quality winter boots that are not cheap and come in the moderate to above average price range.

Now that is explained, we can move on to see what are the greatest features of quality winter boots (or snow boots) that you must pay attention to while buying them either online or at your local shoe store.

​Buyer's Guide to Choose Top Quality Winter Boots

​5 Greatest Features of Best Winter Boots

How to Choose Good Quality Winter Boots

When it comes to choosing quality winter boots or snow boots, you will have to know the most important features that make any winter boot a winner or a loser.

The following are few of the most essential features that any quality winter boot must have.

1. Comfort:

Whether you need boots to wear for short duration or for a full day in the winter season, they need to provide your feet the necessary comfort.

Your boot must provide good support and protection for your feet, ankles and heels. At the same time, a stable walking posture is very important for you.

A quality winter boot always has the quality insoles with appropriate arch support and padding at the bottom.

The insole and the lacing system of your boot need to be of high quality in order to get the right comfort for the feet.

If you intend to use your winter boots for a full day time, you will have to look for the boots that come with full lacing and quality insoles.

Some boots offer ​orthopedic insoles​ as well as pronation control features. These features must complement well with your feet otherwise they can cause knee pain and back pain.

In the end, I highly recommend looking for the winter boots that come with full lacing and quality insoles. These features will make your boot extremely comfortable to wear in the cold winter months.

2. Warmness:

This is also an equally important feature that must be present in any quality winter boot.

But the main question is how you can figure out the warmth factor of any snow/winter boot without ever trying it out?

There are some ways that can help you find out the warmth factor of any winter boot present in the market.

The first factor is the temperature rating. Many popular winter boot companies such as Sorel, Columbia, etc. display the approx. temperature rating for their boots.

Some of their highest selling winter boots offer up to -100 degrees Fahrenheit temperature rating.

The second factor that decides the warmness of any winter boot is the quality of its lining material. Most of the snow boots make use of the lining materials that are made up of elements such as acrylic, polypropylene and wool. If you want to use your winter boots for hiking then your boot must have the ability to rapidly dry out in the cold weather.

Some snow boots incorporate thermal elements such as Thinsulate.

These boots come with removable liners and often provide high insulation from 400 to 800 grams. However, if you want to use these boots in the spring and fall season, look for less amount of insulation.

The third factor that is responsible for the warmness of your boot is its insole. Always go for the boots that provide insulated insoles.

These types of boots provide higher amount of warmness as compared to those that come without insulated insoles.

3. Waterproof or Water Resistant:

In the cold winter weather, you obviously have to walk through ice, snow, mud and water. That is why it is of paramount importance to wear the boots that keep your feet warm and dry all the time.

If you look in the market, it is somewhat difficult to find the winter boots that are the best combination of style and waterproofing features.

However, you will have to find the best combination of both features if you want 100% waterproof boots that can protect your feet from cold ice and water in the winter.

One of the unique features that you must look out for is gusseted tongue. It is usually connected to the boot in order to prevent the entry of ice and water from outside.

Most of the recent water resistant snow boots come with another good feature known as a gaiter or a cuff.

The main function of the cuff or a gaiter is to prevent the entry of snow from the top of the boot.

They are helpful in catching the snow before they enter from the topside of the boot and then the gaiter or a cuff makes that snow to fall off easily.

So these important waterproofing features must be present in your new winter boot. They will definitely help you keep your feet dry and warm in the winter season.

4. Good Traction and Slip Resistant:

The next most important feature that your winter boot must have is its ability to provide good traction and slip resistance on snowy and watery surfaces.

In order to get good grip and traction on the slippery grounds, your boot must be equipped with the slip resistant outsoles.

The quality outsoles of any snow boot come with quality lugs. The lugs are the kind of bumps and channels that are built in the rubber of the outsole. They are very important in getting good grip and traction on the slippery planes.

Some outsoles even have heel brakes. They prevent sudden slips on the very sharp edges and bumpy roads.

It is highly recommended for you to get the quality winter boots that provide interchangeable outsoles.

These types of outsoles can be easily replaced once they get damaged. This helps you increase the overall life of your new winter boot.

Therefore, we highly advise you to look for the boots that provide high amount of traction and slip resistance in the winter months.

5. Highly Breathable and Lightweight:

High amount of breathability is equally important for your cold winter boot. Look for those boots that offer good insulation along with antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.

This will help you keep your feet warm, dry and away from any kind of foot odor and bacterial infection.

We know that all these above features add considerable weight on your new winter boot.

But it is in your best interest to pay attention to the lightweight feature. The lightness of your boot reduces weight pressure from your feet and avoids the fatigue as well as gives more comfort.

Nowadays, new boots are offering lightweight padding and insulation materials. So look for the snow/winter boots that come with these lightweight features too.

​5 Primary Types of Winter Boots

As far as the primary categories of winter boots/ snow boots are concerned, it really depends on your purpose. The basic functions for which you want to use these types of boots decide their categories. Overall, there are five primary outdoor activities which any person wants to perform in the winter season.

Here is a little video that shows the primary categories of winter boots that you are going to need in this winter seasons. Take a look.

1. Work Winter Boots:

If you are a blue collar worker or an engineer then you definitely need a good pair of work boots that can withstand the freezing conditions in the winter season.

Work winter boots usually have thick leather which offers more stability and strength while working in the cold season.

These types of winter boots are also very durable and sturdier in nature. The outsoles of these boots come with lugs and durable rubber material.

Midsoles of these boots provide good shock absorption which protects your feet in the cold working conditions. The popular shoe companies that offer such types of work winter boots are Carolina, John Deere and Carhartt.

2. Hunting Winter Boots:

These types of hunting winter boots are more lightweight, rough and sufficiently insulated in nature.

Such boots offer good waterproof features as they are often equipped with the popularGore-Tex technology.

Some of these winter boots even come with Vibram hiking style outsoles which help you hike through uneven terrains comfortably.

The insulation for these boots is often made up of well known insulation technology known as Thinsulate technology.

It is always best to use the boots that come with this type of insulation instead of using thick and removable felt liners.

Some of the popular shoe brands that provide these types of hunting winter boots are Columbia, Irish Setter, and Golden Retriever.

3. Hiking Winter Boots:

These hiking winter boots are best suitable for obvious hiking as well as for backpacking activities. These boots come in different size, design and styles which depend upon the actual type and duration of your hiking activities.

The boots are usually very flexible and easy to break in. If you are on to a travel with heavy luggage, these types of boots are highly recommended for you.

They provide great support and protection for the feet in the cold winter days. Some of the most popular brands that produce these kinds of hiking winter boots are Merrell, Salomon, and The North Face.

4. PAC Winter Boots:

The dictionary meaning of PAC is “A soft shoe which is used to worn inside a boot”.

So this literally means they are kind of winter or snow boots which come with another insider soft shoe. The only thing is this shoe is in the form of thick, removable liner that provides good insulation at the same time.

These PAC winter boots are not just very warm but also very comfortable in nature.

If you love playing in the snow or like snowshoeing and ice fishing then you will literally fall in love with these boots. These boots are also very warm and best for people who have very cold feet.

The liners of these boots are removable and can be dried quickly in case your boots get wet in the winter days. Few good brands that provide such boots are Columbia, Sorel and LaCrosse.

5. Fashionable Winter Boots:

In the end, there are fashion winter boots that are boon for folks who do not want to sacrifice style over usability features. These winter boots often come with stylish faux fur cuffs, wide slip-on design and shearling insulation features, etc.

These boots provide good sense of fashion, style and elegance. However, one word of advice for you is it is important to avoid too much high heels, and boots that have non gripping outsoles and lower ankle heights.

​5 Important Tips To Buy Only The Best Winter Boots Online and How to Not Get Carried Away with Cheap Boots

In order to avoid buying wrong sized and low quality winter boots, it is critical for you to follow some buying guidelines. The following five best tips will help you to get only the best quality winter boots online.

Before checking out these tips, have a look at this video that explains number of important factors that you should look for while shopping for quality winter boots online.

Buying Tip 1: Keep in Mind Your Main Purpose for Buying the Winter Boots

Before you go and buy any kind of winter boot online, it is very important for you to know the real purpose behind your purchase.

There are some questions you need to answer in your mind before you order any boot online. Those questions are:

Why am I buying this winter boot?

What activities are most important for me in the coming winter season?

Do I need boots for my regular work or hiking purpose or do I need them just for casual walk in the cold winter period?

Do I really need to save money on my purchase or Do I need to spend good amount of cash for buying high quality winter boots that can withstand any type of cold weather?

Do I need to buy these boots at my local shoe store or on the internet?

There can be many more such questions that can appear in your mind. But the above ones are the most common ones. Once you get the right answers to these questions, you are ready for the next step.

Buying Tip 2: Measure Your Correct Sizing And Width of Your Feet

This is the most obvious buying tip anyone knows but most fail to perform appropriately when it comes to shopping winter boots online. As far as I know, many people make this mistake and then regret over their actions.

If you want to purchase right type of winter boots online that provide good fitting over your feet, you will have to know correct measurements of your feet.

In order to know correct size and width of your foot, you can visit your nearest local sit and visit style shoe store. Once you know your correct sizing measurements, you can move forward for the next action.

Buying Tip 3: Do Not Forget To Pay Attention To The Above Best Winter Boots Features

When you know your foot size accurately, it is time to go online and do some internet research for latest high quality winter boots. But before you begin your research, it is essential to read the above necessary features of the best winter boots.

The boot you are going to buy must be very warm, comfortable, and lightweight. At the same, it should provide good grip and traction on the slippery surfaces.

The material construction of the boot must provide high breathability to keep your feet dry and warm in the winter days.

And last but not the least; your boot must be made up of either waterproof material or at least water resistant material quality. Do not ignore these features while shopping for the winter boots on the internet.

Buying Tip 4: Perform Internet Research Well in Advance Before Visiting the Online Shopping Sites

The next step is to carry out proper online research. The best way to start your research is to visit the popular shoes forums online. Search on Google with the search queries i.e. “best winter boots forum” or “need quality winter boots + forum”, etc.

You will find good number of forums where you can read more about the experiences of the people who have already bought some quality winter boots in the past.

Read those threads and ask those people about their recommendations. Another way to find some good brands and models of current best winter boots is to visit popular shoes review sites such as this one.

These sites are good places to find the latest high quality shoes, boots and sneakers online.

Buying Tip 5: Check Out The Shipping Terms And Refund Policies Before Actual Buying The Boots

After the step no. 4, you would have good number of brands and models written down on the piece of paper.

Now it is time to perform the comparison study on the popular online shoe shopping sites such as Amazon and Zappos.

Enter the brand names and model names in the search bar of these sites. You will get to see the current customer ratings and their reviews for the specific winter boot brands.

Compare these brands on the basis of their current reviews and ratings and finally find out the best suitable boot of your choice.

In the end, do not forget to check out the shipping charges and refund policies on these sites. It is in your best interest to calculate your total cost of purchase including shipping charges.

Do find out whether they charge you any refund charges. Nowadays, most sites offer free shipping and no refund charges. So you can comfortably purchase the quality winter boots from the sites like Amazon and Zappos.

​5 Best Winter Boots of 201​9 Updated

​Finally, we have come to meat of the article.

We have gone through deep online research and found out the best 5 winter boots for men and women. These boots are going to be trending in 201​9 and ahead.

If you want more trending winter boots, then check out this article.

So let’s check out these top 5 winter boots one by one.

​5 Best Winter Boots (Snow Boots) for Men

​Finally, we have come to meat of the article.

We have gone through deep online research and found out the best 5 winter boots for men and women. These boots are going to be trending in 201​9 and ahead.

So let’s check out these top 5 winter boots one by one.

​No. 5: Baffin Men's Wolf Winter Boot

Baffin Men's Wolf Snow Boot,Black/Pewter,7 M US


1. Unique combination of foam based inner boot system along with unique molding technology.

2. Provides maximum warmth, comfort and fitting for your feet.

3. Sole and midsole of the boot are both molded in a single process.

4. Offers right combination of protection, support, traction and lightweight features.

5. Boot is more lightweight because of the use of synthetic recyclable rubber.

6. Seven layers of removable insulated material that provides good amount of insulation.


1. It’s one of the most effectively performing winter work boots.

2. Good combination of fashion and functions.

3. Most helpful boot for everyday walking in deep snow.

4. Boot is highly recommended for superior arch support.


1. Boot is more rugged and highly durable in nature.

2. Very easy to go on and off.

3. Takes very less time for breaking in.

4. Provides good grip and traction on slippery grounds.


1. Though the company says the boot can withstand up to -40F temperature, your feet may feel the cold at -20F temperature.

2. As far as support and stability is concerned, the boot lacks in these departments to some extent.

3. There is less ankle support as compared to the other boots in this list.

​Our Verdict:

Baffin Men's Wolf Winter Boot is a good work winter boot for men which can withstand the low temperature up to -20F. The boot is highly recommended for the activities such as ice fishing, snowmobiling and snowshoeing.

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​No. 4: Kamik Men's Greenbay 4 Cold Weather Boot

Kamik Men's Greenbay 4 Cold Weather Boot,Black,11 M US


1. Temperature rating for this winter boot is given up to -40F.

2. Comes with very lightweight and highly durable waterproof nylon upper.

3. Offers a removable felt liner along with a lace-lock snow collar.

4. It has an adjustable mid-foot Velcro closure strap which provides your foot stability and support.

5. Outsole of this boot is equipped with self-cleaning PULSE Rubber HE technology.

6. Provides Removable Thermal Guard moisture wicking lining.


1. Collar and liner of the boot keeps warmness in and cold outside of the boot.

2. Thick treaded rubber outsole of the boot gives more grip and traction on the icy and slippery grounds.

3. The boot is extremely comfortable and ideal for folks who deal with the extreme weather full of snow and ice.

4. The shaft is well insulated which helps you to comfortably tuck your pants into the shaft of the boot.


1. This Kamik men’s cold winter boot is sufficiently tall which keeps snow from entering inside the boot.

2. The sole of the boot is thick and highly comfortable.

3. The boot looks stylish and good alternative for other out of fashion cold winter boots.


1. The boot provides no extra padding.

2. It is somewhat clunky and needs to be used in conjunction with ​heated socks​ in order to get warmth at -40F temperature.

Our Verdict:

Kamik Men's Greenbay 4 Cold Weather Boot is highly recommended PAC winter boot for men. The boot is durable, warm and more water resistant.

Again they are great fit for the outdoor activities such as snowshoeing and snow shoveling. The boot is equally waterproof and provides warmth in the cold temperature up to -20F.

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​No. 3: Merrell Men's Thermo 6 Waterproof Winter Boot


1. The boot comes with Vibram sole that offers good grip and traction on uneven grounds for hiking activities.

2. TPU waterproof shell of the boot makes it one of the best waterproof hiking winter boots in the market.

3. Equipped with Nubuck leather upper along with Snowshoe strap ridge.

4. Comes with Merrell trademarked Opti-Warm insulation technology that keeps your feet warm and lightweight.

5. Also features about 200 grams of Thinsulate insulation.

6. The boot has very comfortable footbed which comes with Ortholite anatomical technology.

7. Its Grade 2 nylon insole heavily supports trail hiking activities.

8. Cushioning is great because of its compression molded EVA footframe.

9. Merrell air cushioning provides optimum shock absorption.

10. Merrell ActiveHeat insole technology helps to keep your legs warm and insulated all the time.


1. The boot is great for hiking activities in the winter season.

2. The TPU waterproof shell and waterproof membrane avoids entry of ice and water inside the boot.

3. The boot is highly lightweight and comfortable in nature because of lightweight outsole, footbed and upper.

4. It is well insulated and works best in keeping the inside temperature warm to acceptable levels.

5. Also provides good stability and shock absorption at the same time.


1. Extremely comfortable and lightweight amongst the other winter boots on our list.

2. The waterproof features of this winter boot are great.

3. The break-in period is also a lot less as compared to the other hiking winter boots.

4. The boot helps your feet to stay dry and warm during hiking in the cold winter days.

5. It is easier to go on and off with this boot and it takes less time to lace up this Merrell winter boot for men.


1. Some customers report the temperature rating of this Merrell winter boot is only up to -10 degrees F to -20 degrees F.

2. Some past customers also report about the boots inability to last longer. The boot has got less rating in the durability department as compared to the other winter boots for men in our list.

Our Verdict: ​

Merrell Men's Thermo 6 Waterproof Winter Boot​ is one of the best hiking winter boots which are exceedingly recommended for men who love outdoor hiking.

If you love trail hiking then this is the ideal winter boot for you. The comfort, warmth and traction this boot provides are very superior than the other hiking winter boots in the market.

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​No. 2: Sorel Men's Caribou ​Boot

SOREL Men's Caribou Snow Boot, Oatmeal, Quarry, 7 M US


1. Its outsole is highly durable and offers good grip and traction over the slippery surfaces.

2. Comes with removable ThermoPlus inner boot.

3. Temperature rating is provided up to -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

4. The boot’s comfortable Sherpa Pile cuff prevents coldness from entering inside and keeps the warmness to appropriate levels.


1. Highly waterproof in nature and provides great protection from outside snow and ice.

2. The removable inner boot offers excellent cushioning and comfort while walking in the snow.

3. The boot is one of the most durable and comfortable cold weather snow boots in the market.


1. It is well and good for working in the winter conditions.

2. The insulation and traction of the boot is excellent. They provide good amount of warmth and grip for your feet in the snow.

3. It keeps your feet warm and dry all the time in the snow and water.

4. Easy on and off.


1. This Sorel winter boot for men lacks somewhat in lateral stability in the sole.

2. The twisting motion of the boot makes it tedious for hiking activities to some extent.


Sorel Men's Caribou ​Boot​ is not just one of the most comfortable and warm snow boots but also offers good insulation and protection against ice and water. 

Highly recommended snow/winter boots for casual wearing and regular working in the cold weather conditions.

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​No. 1: Columbia Men's Bugaboot Plus ​IV Omni-Heat Snow Boot

Columbia Men's Bugaboot Plus IV Omni-Heat Mid Calf Boot, Black, Phoenix Blue, 10.5


1. The boot features reflective lining which captures body heat and amplifies it up to 200 grams of Omni-Heat insulation.

2. Dual compound high traction rubber Omni-Grip outsole gives good traction, grip and stability on the most unpredictable and uneven surfaces.

3. Upper is equipped with full waterproof seam sealed leather that offers effective warmness in the cold weather.

4. Midsole has the most reliable and effective Techlite lightweight technology that provides comfortable cushioning for your feet.


1. This Columbia winter boot for men is surprisingly very lightweight and highly comfortable to wear in the ice and snow.

2. The fitting is perfect and the boot looks very stylish and attractive too.

3. Takes very little time to break in and delivers good ankle support.

4. Works very good for the cold regions where temperature is usually from -10 degrees F to -40 degrees F.

5. Feet remain warm and dry due to its waterproof leather upper and quality soles.


1. This ​Columbia Men's Bugaboot ​Omni-Heat Snow Boot​ is really effective in keeping warm temperature inside and cold outside.

2. You will get full range of motions even in this 8 inches high snow boot. This is why the boot is one of the most flexible and durable winter boots in the market.

3. Offers good grip and traction on the slippery grounds.

4. The boot has completely non-bulky design and lightweight architecture.


1. Some customers report that the boot lacks in warmth department in some cold regions where the temperature drops below -20 degrees F.

2. The cushioning in the interior side is somewhat weak.

3. The bottom sole of the boot catches snow quickly and you have to shake it off to avoid getting cold.


This Columbia Men's Bugaboot Plus IV Omni-Heat Snow Boot is our no. 1 most recommended winter boot for men who love outdoor adventurous activities during winter season.

Whether you are cycling or hiking, you must try out this snow boot at least once to see its benefits.

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​5 Best Winter Boots (Snow Boots) for Women

​No. 5: Kamik Women's Momentum Snow Boot

Kamik Women's Momentum Snow Boot,Black,7 M US


1. Shaft of the boot is about 10 inches high from the arch which covers your feet well from snow and ice.

2. Temperature rating is up to -25 degrees F.

3. 200B Thinsulate insulation offers good protection from outside cold and provides good amount of warmth.

4. Has a removable antibacterial footbed which protects your feet from any fungal or bacterial infection.

5. The boot also has a seam-sealed waterproof upper that protects you from outside water and snow.

6. This Kamik winter boot possesses faux fur lining, subtle print and embossed lacing graphics which creates attractive feminine look and style.


1. One of the most affordable women’s winter boots that is “Made in USA” (or in some cases imported).

2. The boot delivers superior comfort and protection for your feet.

3. It is a good combination of both style and warmth which is essential in any women’s fashionable winter boot.

4. This boot is very easy to put on and off plus it is very lightweight in nature.


1. ​Kamik Women's Momentum Snow Boot​ is highly regarded as one of the most comfortable, warm and lightweight snow/winter boots out there in the market.

2. Fitting is true to size and available in five attractive colors. Plus it looks very stylish and fashionable.

3. Very good for hiking in snow and mud.

4. It also provides very good grip and traction on uneven and slippery terrains.

5. Somewhat better arch support as compared to the other women’s winters boots in this price category.


1. Some customers say that the boot lacks some insulation and protection for the outside temperature when drops below -20 degrees F.


Kamik Women’s Momentum Snow Boot is highly recommended for ladies who really want to have an affordable and fashionable winter boot.

It is a good combination of comfort, warmth, lightness, and protection from snow. If you are passionate about USA made boot brands then this is the one winter boot you should go for.

Click Here to ​See Reviews and Price of Kamik Women's Momentum Snow Boot​.

​No. 4: Baffin Women's Snogoose Winter Boot

Baffin Women's Snogoose Insulated Boot,Black,10 M US


1. Temperature rating is provided up to -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Removable liners and aluminum membrane provides high insulation and warmth.

3. Its locking snow collars prevent entry of snow and ice effectively.

Polyester lining wick is very helpful in keeping your feet dry, warm and moisture free.

5. The boot fitting is true to size due to its nylon lacing cordlocks.

6. It has
thermoplastic rubber bottoms which are extremely waterproof in nature.


1. Very lightweight and highly comfortable women’s winter boot.

2. The boot is equally breathable due to its two-tone nylon uppers which also prevent entry of water and snow.

3. It is extremely lightweight, durable and flexible due to integrated dual-density thermoplastic rubber midsoles and right arch support.

4. This Baffin Women's Snogoose Winter Boot provides great grip and traction on slippery grounds.

5.GelFlex midsoles and heels offer good shock absorption and prevent foot fatigue.


1. Extremely well constructed winter boot which is made to provide you maximum comfort and warmth along with flexibility and breathability.

2. Not too much clunky and snug fit.

3. The boot is warm and cozy and there is lots of padding for comfortable walking in the ice and snow.

4. Easy on and off as well as possesses lots of space in the uppers to comfortably tuck in your pants.


1. Sizing runs small which is why it is essential to know your correct foot size and order the right size of the boot.

2. Some people say that the boot hurts your ankle which can be attributed to ordering the wrong sized boot.

3. Fitting at ankle level and calf level takes some time to adjust.


If you are looking for affordable warm and comfortable winter boot, ​
Baffin Women’s Snogoose Winter Boot​ fits the bill perfectly.

It is not just affordable but provides good protection and support for your feet. It is highly recommended for ladies who want a durable and flexible winter boot to wear for outdoor activities in the cold weather.

Click Here to View Reviews and Check Price of Baffin Women's Snogoose Winter Boot​.

​No. 3: Timberland Women's MT Hope Mid WP Boot

Timberland Women's MT Hope Mid L/F Waterproof Boot,Black,11 M US


1. The boot has high quality premium waterproof leather and fabric upper.

2. Shaft height is approx. 9.5 inches from arch.

3. Heel measurement is approx. 1.5 inches.

4. It has completely removable footbed which allows your feet to stay active and away from fatigue.

5. This Timberland women’s winter boot is made from aluminized strobel material which enhances warmness factor just by reflecting back the radiant heat inside the boot.


1. Unarguably one of the most comfortable and warmest winter boots for women out there.

2. The boot is highly breathable and waterproof in nature.

3. Ultra warm 200 grams of
PrimaLoft insulation gives full-fledged warmness to your feet anywhere and all the time.

4. It is completely made up of organic and recyclable material which is why this Timberland winter boot is eco-friendly boot.


1. The premium quality fiber lining and leather keeps your feet more comfortable and warm throughout the cold weather days.

2. The fitting is true to size and the boot also looks very stylish and sturdy.

3. Regarded as the most durable and environment friendly winter boots for women.

4. Provides good protection and support for your legs in the winter season.

5. Mid-calf is very comfortable and keeps water and snow away from the feet.


1. Though the insulation level is moderate, the boot lacks in providing warmness for the temperature below -20 to -25 degrees F.

2. The boot somewhat gets tight across knuckle area which may cause discomfort for your toes.

Verdict: ​

Timberland Women's MT Hope Mid WP Winter Boot is one of the most durable, fashionable and comfortable winter boots for women.

The insulation level is moderate but still manages to provide good warmth and breathability in the cold weather.

We highly recommend this Timberland winter boot to ladies who are looking for multiple winter boot features in a single brand.

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​No. 2: Columbia Women's Minx Mid II Omni-Heat Winter Boot

Columbia Women's Minx MID II Omni-Heat Snow Boot, Purple Dahlia, Ancient Fossil, 5.5 B US


1. Fully waterproof membrane construction.

2. Temperature rating is given up to -25 degrees Fahrenheit and it has up to 200 grams of insulation strength.

3. Upper is made up of 100% waterproof woven synthetic textile along with tongue lining and faux-fur collar construction.

4. Columbia’s unique Omni-Heat reflective lining retains warmness inside the boot and avoids cold from entering inside.

5. Its removable contoured PU footbed is highly comfortable and supportive for feet.

6.Omni-Grip technology of Columbia is known for providing excellent grip and traction on slippery grounds.

7. The midsole is equipped with Techlight technology that offers high cushioning and energy retention.


1. This boot provides good protection against water, snow and ice in the winter.

More features, benefits and detailed review of Columbia women’s Minx Mid 2 winter boot is provided at our site.

2. Excellent quality women’s winter boot for outdoor activities such as regular work and adventure sports.

3. Unique feminine style with maximum comfort and durability features.

4. The outsole provides good grip and traction and it is very lightweight in nature.

5. Faux fur collar and tongue lining offers warmness and prevents snow from entering inside the boot.

Omni-Tech waterproof membrane is highly breathable and keeps your feet dry and warm throughout the day.

7. Footbed gives maximum cushioning, support and shock absorption ability.


1. Very stylish, attractive winter boots for women and fits true to size.

2. Incredibly comfortable and very warm at the same time.

3. Protects your feet from snow, ice and water and gives good grip as well as traction.

4. Plenty of inner space if you want to wear thick socks.

5. The boot is not very heavy and clunky and it is very light in terms of overall weight.


1. There is very little support for arches which can be solved by using right orthotics along with your boots.

2. Feels somewhat narrow for some customers even after loosening the laces.


Columbia Women’s Minx Mid II Omni-Heat Winter Boot is one of the highest selling winter boots for women ​since last so many years. 

​I greatly recommend using it for a casual purpose as well as for regular working in the cold winter months.

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​No. 1: Sorel Women's Joan Of Arctic Winter Boot

SOREL Women's Joan of Arctic Snow Boot, Major, Black, 10 M US


1. Upper is made up of 100% waterproof full grain leather and highly quality suede material.

2. Outsole is made up of waterproof vulcanized rubber shell.

3. Temperature rating is up to -25 degrees Fahrenheit.

4. Shaft height is about 12 inches which is very good for keeping away snow and ice from entering inside the boot.


1. This unique and elegant Sorel Women’s Joan of Arctic winter boot is one of the most stylish, attractive and very comfortable boots out there in the market.

2. Your feet remain dry, warm and moisture free due to removable recycled felt inner boot.

3. The boot is highly supportive and protective for your feet.

4. Provides good amount of grip and traction in the slippery terrains.

5. Highly waterproof and durable in nature.


1. Fits true to size and operates more like cowboy snow boots.

2. Keeps your feet completely warm and dry in the snow and water.

3. The quality of construction is excellent and the boot provides highest possible warmness and protection for the feet in the snow.

4. Grip and traction of this boot is equally good as compared to the other snow boots for women in this list.

5. In terms of waterproof protection, support, style and comfort, the boot stands tall at the no. 1 best winter boots for women in our list.


1. Lacks some comfort if you walk for considerable time period in the snow.

2. There is a little slip in the heel area which is although very negligible for most folks.

3. The boot is little bulky and older women should select the boot with lower weight in this category.


If you love playing in the winter and are fan of winter sports such as sledding, snowmobiling; this ​
Sorel Women's Joan Of Arctic Winter Boot is your perfect companion. 

This is our no.1 most comfortable and warmest winter boot for women due to its vibrant features and benefits.

It is even recommended for winter activities such as hunting and fishing as well as for your everyday work.

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​Wrapping Up

​We know its a long article and more comprehensive review. But we made sure that you get all the information and helpful insights regarding choosing the best winter boots.

I hope you have liked this buying guide. I suggest you choose the one winter boot which suits your need and preferences.

​I wish you good luck for finding the best winter boot that fits you and provides really good warmth and comfort ​throughout th​is winter season.

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