Top 10 Best Tactical Boots Reviews 2018 Updated

Before diving into the nitty-gritty of tactical boots, let us first find out the top 10 best tactical boots for 2018 updated that are available in the market right now.

What are Tactical Boots?

Tactical boots are alternatively known as military boots or combat boots. When you look for such tactical boots in the market, you will find that there is plethora of options for you to choose. There are several well known boot manufacturers in the market that produce these types of shoes. Some of them are Danner, Rocky, Rothco, Converse, Nike, Reebok, Belleville, Altama, Tactical Research, Bates, Original SWAT, Under Armour, Magnum Elite, Blackhawk and many others.

Tactical boots can be categorized into three main groups. The first group is of the people who use them on a daily basis for casual purpose. The second group is for military personnel. And the third one belongs to the law enforcement officials.

Every group has different requirements and different wants and needs. Most of the police officers and air force, military and navy officers need strong, reliable, comfortable, durable, and flexible tactical boots that can help them survive in any harsh conditions and uneven terrains.


Most people think that tactical boots can be used only by SWAT teams, police and military people. But they are wrong. The reality is these boots are made for everyday usage. They are made to withstand any extreme weather condition and uneven surfaces as well as in mud, water, and various types of chemicals.

They can be used by both men and women without any discomfort. You may find lots of varieties in color, size and style when it comes to shopping for tactical shoes online.

When you talk about style and comfort, you should think about only tactical boots. As they are manufactured by taking into account the best type of padding, cushioning and inner soles. These shoes provide great cushioning and support to your feet as well as avoid any foot pain and discomfort arises due to long time wearing.

Some shoes cause aching feet and pain which disturbs us badly and we can not focus on our daily tasks properly. This problem has been solved completely; thanks to the best quality and branded tactical boots provided by the top boot manufacturers as mentioned above.

If you love camping, hiking, hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities then you definitely need a strong and reliable pair of shoes. In this case, your best friend is a good quality tactical boot that provides you the best possible safety, comfort, durability, and flexibility in uneven and rough surfaces. Such shoes are obviously made from the top quality materials that offer high performance and long time comfort and safety for your feet.

Advantages of Using Tactical Boots

1) Useful for law enforcement and military personnel: People working in potentially dangerous conditions such as police officers, military and army personnel and firefighters need best quality boots for maximum work performance. Tactical boots naturally fulfill all their requirements. They provide the much needed comfort, flexibility, safety, firm grip and traction. That is why tactical shoes are best for law enforcement, military and firefighting professionals.

2) They come handy in survival environments: Even if you are not from military, army or law enforcement background, you still can use such boots. If you love hiking, jungle and desert safaris, you need a good quality pair of tactical boots. They are the perfect choice for people who love adventure sports. These types of shoes provide great breathability, flexibility, safety and comfort for your feet when you are walking in the harsh terrains and rough surfaces.

3) They also offer great grip and traction: If you are working in dangerous locations such as oil rig, chemical factory, you certainly need to wear a quality pair of waterproof work boots.Even here, you can use good quality tactical boots that can offer the best grip and traction on the most uneven and slippery surfaces. They can protect your feet from hot and cold weather. These boots do come with steel toes and 100% waterproof material. This can greatly help you avoid any unfortunate slip accidents at your workplace.

What are The Primary Criteria for Choosing the Best Pair of Tactical Boots?

After extensive and detailed research, we have found out that there are several criteria that make any tactical boots best or worst. Some people strongly believe the shoes must have firm grip while walking on all kinds of surfaces, in the chemicals and in all types of adverse weather conditions. Some feel that boots should be highly breathable and some demand that shoes must be comfortable while wearing all the day along.

We have carefully analyzed the reviews of the users of the XDTalk Forum and also read their own experiences about usage of the tactical boots. The following is what we have come up with…

Features and Characteristics That Really Make Any Tactical Boots The Best of The Best:

Before you go deep into the features, let us take a closer look at this video which explains you the best features you should look for in any tactical boot. This will simplify your buying decision a lot.

1) Comfortable: If you are law enforcement official or military personnel, you must have an experience of standing all the day in the adverse weather conditions. I know how it feels when your shoes provide complete discomfort while you are on the duty. The tactical boots you wear must provide maximum comfort to your feet.

I strongly recommend using the shoes that are made up of lightweight materials and sufficient padding. Your boots must provide sufficient rest to your feet when standing all the day or in the night time. That is why we have included comfort as the very first factor you should be looking for while buying such tactical boots.

2) Durability: According to the article, durability factor is really important for any tactical boot. The boots you are going to purchase must obviously be made up of highly durable materials. If you are in an army or in law enforcement, you know the importance of possessing shoes that can last as much longer as possible. Anyways, if you are spending hundred or more bucks for your tactical or army boots, you must at least expect to have shoes with highest quality and durable materials.

3) Lightweight in Nature: When it comes to military and law enforcement activities, it is crucial for any soldier or a police official to be light on his/her feet. Easier mobility in uneven and harsh terrains is the number one requirement when you are involved in sudden fire fight with unknown people. This highlights the importance of having lightweight shoes while you are on a duty which can also help you avoid fatigue.

Even when you wear tactical boots for casual purpose, it is important to have lightweight shoes to avoid any unnecessary pressure and pain for your feet. This is why we put emphasis on the usage of lightweight materials such as Pylon midsoles and rubber outsoles and insoles while you select a pair of tactical shoes.

4) Strong Grip and Good Traction: Now people, who love hiking, jungle trips, and mountaineering activities, must be aware of the importance of shoes having strong grips and good traction. If you are passionate about the above hobbies, you really need tactical boots that provide firm grip and good amount of traction on rough, uneven grounds.

By wearing shoes of high traction outsoles, you can easily avoid slippery surfaces and can get good grip on the ground you are standing. Thus a strong grip and good traction are other two important features which you should be looking for while purchasing a pair of best tactical boots.

5) Flexibility: Flexibility is the next most important feature of a good quality tactical boot. If you are law enforcement personnel or military personnel, you might have involved in sudden criminal chase event. In such unexpected circumstances, you need to be ready to pursue and apprehend criminals without injuring yourself.

In such conditions, your boots must be highly flexible to provide greater maneuverability to your feet. Therefore, we have included flexibility as the fifth most important requirement while purchasing tactical boots from the market.

6) Highly Breathable: The next requirement is the highest possible breathability. You want shoes that do not cause excessive feet sweating in harsh terrains and hot climate, Right? To get highest possible breathability for your feet, your shoes must have perforated padding. This will keep your feet cool and dry all the time. Also the uppers of your boots should be made up of full-grain leather or suede or nylon blends. This helps to maximize comfort and breathability for your feet in any type of climate.

7) Water Resistant: Another important feature you should look for while buying these boots is their ability to withstand water, mud and oil. If you are a soldier or a police officer, you might have to roam around the hostile environments like swamps, rivers and mud. You need to make sure that your feet remain dry and warm all the time to perform better on duty.

There are some shoes that are made up of 100% waterproof leather material along with the waterproof lining comprised of Sympatex technology. Some also come with pathogen-resistant membranes. Look out for these features and give preference to 100% waterproof tactical boots.

8) Safety for Feet: Finally, the safety of your feet is the paramount factor while choosing top quality tactical boots. The boots or shoes you wear while on duty must provide you maximum safety and security to your feet. Remember, if your feet are strong and safe only then you can work at your best capability. So max safety should also be at your top priority when choosing a pair of tactical shoes.

Now that we have covered the primary features and characteristics of best tactical boots, we can discuss more about the major categories of tactical boots.

Primary Types of Tactical or Military Boots:

There are several categories of tactical boots. Men’s tactical boots and women’s tactical boots are the first major category that we think of. The second category is based on the profession of the person. There are several types of tactical shoes available depending on your work or profession.  These boots are especially tailor-made for professions such as army, navy seal, police, law enforcement, firefighter, infantry, and swat, etc.

The next category depends on your hobby or interest. There are different types of tactical boots available for each activity such as hiking, jungle trips, motorcycle riding, running, backpacking, and desert trips, etc. Different weather conditions are also something you should think of while choosing such boots. There are different models available for hot weather as well as for cold weather or winter season.

Tactical boots also come in different colors such as black, dark, dark brown and green, etc. You can have lots of choices in terms of colors while purchasing these shoes. If you are especially concerned about the actual dimensions of your boot, you should focus on size and width of tactical shoes. There are few categories based on size and shape parameters. Those are minimalist, zero drop, youth size, extra wide, knee high, low cut, narrow width, and wide feet.

And the final category is the features and characteristics of tactical boots. Depending on your requirements, you can choose shoes that have composite toe, flat sole, front zip, Gore-Tex, high gloss, insulated, 100% waterproof, leather material, lightweight, thinsulate, tan, slip on, steel toe and safety toe. There are also boots that come with knife pocket, side zipper, front zipper, Vibram sole, and some other unique features.

There are some miscellaneous types of these shoes like interceptor boots, Israeli boots, Kevlar tactical boots, khaki shoes, zombie boots, Made in USA boots, police gear, response gear boots and ridge tactical boots. Based on your actual wants, needs, budget and likings, you can choose the category of tactical boots.

Proven Tips To Help You Buy Only The Best Tactical Boots Online

1) Check out our list of features and characteristics: The very first thing we can recommend you to do is to check out our list of essential features that are needed to have in your tactical boots. In short, your boots should be comfortable to wear, provide good grip and traction, should be made up of flexible and durable material, and must be lightweight and highly breathable.

Along with these characteristics, your boot must provide the highest possible safety for your feet and should have the ability to protect your feet from water, mud, oil and all types of chemicals.

2) Go for well known brands: There are several highly famous brands that produce quality tactical boots. Some of them are provided in our top 10 list of the best tactical boots. Few examples can be Danner, Rocky, Original SWAT, Altama, Bates, Tactical Research, Blackhawk and many others. These brands have good reputation in the market and they have great past customer reviews which you can read at the Amazon online store.

3) Do not sacrifice quality over price: Most people go for cheap tactical boots when it comes to actual shopping online. The truth is you get what you paid for. The low priced boots are often not able to provide all the features and characteristics as mentioned above. They get damaged pretty fast and you need to buy them again within few months of usage.

Now, instead of wasting your time and money, you can spend few more dollars to purchase a good quality and reliable tactical boot that actually survive most adverse climates and harsh terrains for longer period of time.

Now it is time to present our honest reviews of the top 10 best tactical boots that we have found out after long extensive research. Here is the list…

Reviews of Top 10 Best Tactical Boots of 2018

No. 10: Thorogood Men’s Trooper 8″ Side Zip Boot Review

Thorogood Tactical Boots The first thing that is the most favorable characteristic about Thorogood tactical boots is their comfort factor. They are very comfortable to use and you will feel that comfort either while walking or standing on your feet all day.

Another good thing about these shoes is their firm grip and good traction.  I know how it feels when you wear costly shoes and still slips or slides on the muddy ground. These shoes are great for people who love trekking, hiking and jungle safaris.

Oh, one more thing… Don’t worry if your boots are full of mud or dirt. Thorogood Men’s Trooper 8’’ Side Zip boots are very easy to clean. The side zipper is a good addition to these shoes and they look attractive and stylish too. The only problem I found is they make a bit of noise when you do not want to.

Except this problem, Thorogood Men’s Trooper boots are excellent tactical boots if you are looking for high quality, comfort, durability and style.

Verdict: Customer Rating: 4.6/5

Recommended for Daily Usage.

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No. 9: Adidas Men’s GSG-9.2 Tactical Boot Review

Adidas Tactical Boots Adidas Tactical Boots are well known for their ability to withstand any adverse climate conditions. Whether you are trekking in the night with -10 degrees temperature or you are walking in the desert in 100 degree heat in day time, Adidas Men’s GSG-9.2 Tactical Boots provide the best possible breathability. These shoes are best to protect your feet from excessive sweating and cold.

The boots are also lightweight, comfortable, and provide good amount of traction while walking on any type of rough grounds. Adidas tactical boots are really dynamic in nature and can be used for variety of activities such as trekking, hiking, and while you are on your duty. However, there is one downside of these boots and that is they are somewhat not as much breathable in extreme heat and extreme cold as compared to Gore-Tex boots.

Overall, they are excellent choice for people looking for comfort, traction and safety in the tactical boots.

Verdict: Customer Rating: 4.4/5

Recommended for Average Usage.

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No. 8: 5.11 ATAC 8 Inches Men’s Boot Review

5.11 Tactical Boots 5.11 tactical boots are world famous for their strength, roughness, safety and comfort. One of the best things I would like to mention about 5.11 ATAC 8 Inches Men’s Boots is their superior ability to handle the stress on the back of the ankle and on the top of the feet. They have excellent ability to provide good support to your ankle and toes.

This tactical boot is very lightweight and is excellent for superior maneuverability in tight situations. The shoes are well padded and are made up of full grain leather material. There is a side zipper and hidden pocket which can be used to hide money or any other small valuable thing. The price of these shoes is very affordable and compared to the quality, we can not ask for more.

All in all, 5.11 ATAC 8 Inches Men’s Boot is a good choice for people looking for strength, roughness, good ankle and toe support and comfort.

Verdict: Customer Rating: 4.5/5

Moderately Recommended and Best for Rough Usage.

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No. 7: Bates Men’s GX-8 GTX Side-Zip Military Boot Review

Bates Tactical Boots If you are looking for a strong Gore-Tex technology boots then I can recommend you Bates tactical boots. According to this press release information, Bates boots are some of the most technologically advanced and superior tactical boots at present.

These boots are great suit for military, law enforcement and police officers. People, who are in love with hiking, biking and running, can also use these shoes. The side zip feature of the boot supports your feet and ankles so much that you do not feel much tired after long walking and running.

It is equipped with waterproof leather and nylon upper. It also features manmade sole, EVA midsole and slip resistant rubber outsole which provides great grip and traction in harsh environments. Size and weight is also perfect for Bates Men’s GTX Side-Zip Military Boot.

I highly recommend Bates Tactical Boots if you are looking for a comfortable, well padded, durable and well priced tactical boots.

Verdict: Customer Rating: 4.4/5

Moderately Recommended ad Great for Law Enforcement and Military People.

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No. 6: Blackhawk Men’s Warrior Wear Black Ops Boots Review

Blackhawk Tactical Boots Searching for a very lightweight and comfortable tactical boot? Go for Blackhawk tactical boots. The first impressive feature about these boots is their ability to offer good ankle support and comfort for your feet all the day. They are highly breathable, abrasion and water resistant in nature.

Blackhawk Men’s Warrior Wear Black Ops Boot is equipped with full grain leather and Cordura upper, Vibram outsole, Dri-Lex lining, SympaTex waterproof technology, and Ortholite footbed. This footbed is anti-microbial and highly washable. Its insoles provide cool environment within the shoes that keeps your feet cool and dry all the time.

Its upper provides great amount of comfort and durability for ankles and toes. The only problem I see with these boots is their sole’s stability. Its soles are little slippery in extreme cold and snowy conditions.

Besides this little issue, they are extremely fit and suitable for military, law enforcement personnel and hiking lovers.

Verdict: Customer Rating: 4.3/5

Moderately Recommended for Military and Law Enforcement Individuals.

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No. 5: Under Armour Men’s Valsetz Side Zip Tactical Boots Review

Under Armour Tactical Boots Under Armour Tactical Boots have made their own position and identification in the market. They are light, they are comfortable and above all they are the best choice for professionals like firefighters, military and law enforcement officials.

Forget any back pain and knee, toe pain while wearing these shoes. They offer amazing arch support and they are the toughest and durable tactical boots I have seen in a long time.

You won’t feel any discomfort and your feet will say thanks while you wear these Under Armour Men’s Valsetz Side Zip Tactical Boots! There are lots of pros of this shoe such as great traction, good amount of breathability, right flexibility, and stylish too.

The boots are highly water resistant and provide great cushioning for your feet. The only problem I could find in these shoes is their weight. They are bit on the heavier side.

Its not that it is a big issue but if you love heavier boots, buy them by all means.

Verdict: Customer Rating: 4.4/5

Highly Recommended for People with Army and Police Background.

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No. 4: Magnum Men’s Elite Spider 8.0 Boot Review

Magnum Elite Tactical Boots The first positive factor about Magnum Elite Tactical Boots is they are available in wide variety of sizes and weights. They are equipped with waterproof leather upper, roomy toe box, moisture wicking lining, and well cushioned collar along with tongue. These boots are very light and their mesh inlays provide great breathability for your feet.

You will feel very comfortable while walking and running with these shoes because of their full lace-up panel. Magnum Men’s Elite Sniper 8.0 Boot has the rugged rubber outsole that provides good amount of grip and traction in the bumpy and tough terrains.

This shoe is great in hot climate because they keep your feet dry and cool in the hot season. The only lacking point that I feel about this boot is it does not come with steel toes. If you are looking for steel toes boots then look for our other listed tactical boots.

Otherwise, go buy Magnum tactical boots without any prejudices.

Verdict: Customer Rating: 4.6/5

Highly Recommended for Hiking, Biking and Adventure Lovers.

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No. 3: Original SWAT Men’s Metro 9″ Tactical SZ Air Work Boot Review

Original SWAT Tactical Boots Entering at No.3, Original SWAT tactical boots remain the best choice for us while reviewing all the tactical boots. The reasons are obvious.

They are more comfortable, warm, and really worth every penny spent. They are really good for hiking, motorcycle riding, hunting and other adventurous activities.

Because of the compact size and side zipper, the Original SWAT Men’s Metro Tactical Air Work Boot is much easier to get on and off. The boot is very sturdy, lightweight and made up of high quality leather material. Its outsole is stitched at heel and toe which provides good grip and traction while walking in any type of rough environments.

Its waterproof breathable membrane keeps your feet dry and warm. The boots are also highly oil and slip resistant and provide great athletic cushioning to your feet.

Thankfully, we have found no major flaws in Original SWAT tactical boots and they are recommended for every type of person who love to wear high quality tactical shoes.

Verdict: Customer Rating: 4.5/5

Strongly Recommended for All Types of Shoe Lovers.

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No. 2: Danner Men’s Acadia Uniform Boot Review

Danner Tactical Boots Coming at No.2, Danner Tactical Boots are truly amongst the top rated and the most favorite tactical boots from boot lovers across the globe. Several users from forum seem to love Danner tactical boots for their high comfort and durability factor.

The best thing about these shoes is they are equipped with well known high quality Vibram sole and they are built on Danner’s famous stitch down construction technology. With 8 inches of good support and high quality leather and cordura material, you get optimum stability and durability.

Danner’s stable underfoot platform offers great amount of grip and traction. These shoes look very good with official uniforms.  The boot is very lightweight and you will feel like you are wearing good quality running shoes. You will not feel fatigue and tiredness even after long stretch of walking or running.

This boot comes with a plain toe which looks suitable with all uniforms. And one more thing is Danner Men’s Acadia Uniform Boot gives you great ankle support and comfort for the feet. There are no major downsides to mention about these tactical boots.

I definitely recommend you go and buy these shoes if you are looking for great quality, durable, comfortable, safe, and stable tactical boots.

Verdict: Customer Rating: 4.6/5

Very Strongly Recommended for Everyone Who Love To Wear Tactical Boots.

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No. 1: Rocky Men’s C4T Tactical Boot Review

Rocky Tactical Boots And finally our top choice is Rocky Tactical Boot. Rocky boots are world famous for their excellent breathability, comfort and light weight features.

They are better than Danner boots when compared in terms of weight and mobility factors. Rocky Men’s C4T Tactical Boot is much better in terms of breathability, comfort and flexibility also.

They just feel like sneakers and provide great speed and maneuverability for an individual. Except low ankle support, there are no major flaws regarding Rocky tactical shoes. The shoes get dry very quickly and are highly water resistant in nature. Looks are great and if you love stylish looking lightweight tan tactical boots then this is you best choice.

If you are looking for the best lightweight army tactical boot then definitely go for Rocky Tactical Boots.

Verdict: Customer Rating: 4.3/5

Very Strongly Recommended for Anyone Looking for Lightweight, Speedy, Durable and Comfortable Tactical Boots.

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So here are our best rated top 10 tactical boots of 2018. Now you know what to see and how to identify the best quality tactical footwear because of our in-depth buying guide. With the help of our top rated tactical boots, it becomes easy for you to take well informed buying decisions. So we wish you best of luck for your next new tactical boot purchase.


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