VBMBestReviews.com Scholarship Program

VBM Best Reviews Internet Marketing Scholarship Program

VBMBestReviews.com offers completely thorough, in-depth, comprehensive and unbiased reviews of latest footwear products from the market. We specialize in creating world class buyer guides and product reviews related to latest shoes, boots, sneakers and other footwear categories.

We perform complete market research and product research to create high quality buyer guides and best footwear products list. We do take into account past customer reviews, their experiences with the product and their own product ratings.

You can see one of our best footwear buyer guides, by clicking here. You can also check out our Most Popular Reviews section on the right side bar to get an overall idea.

We strongly believe in providing top notch quality content to our readers. We invest considerable time and energy to research and create in-depth and unbiased footwear reviews on our website. We also believe in sharing and religiously try to follow this school of thought:

“If You Have More Than What You Need, Share it With Those Who Need it Most.”

This is the reason we have created and developed this long term and on-going VBM Best Reviews Internet Marketing Scholarship Program. This scholarship program is for all the young and bright students who have excellent academic background and know how to write footwear product reviews online.

If you are a graduate or undergraduate or even post graduate student of a well known educational institution, you are welcome to apply for this scholarship program. Any student of science, arts, commerce, information technology, marketing or business background can take part in this program.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. You should be an active enrolled student of a well-known educational institution or college.
  2. You should be able to research and write good quality footwear product reviews such as latest shoes, boots and sneakers from the market. You can read our buyer guides and review articles for reference.
  3. You need to also submit the proof of your college enrolment. Check our section of Application Procedure for more details.

Terms of Scholarship Program

  1. If you want to participate in our annual scholarship program, you will need to just research and write a well thought out and unbiased footwear review. Your review must be related to any of your currently bought latest shoes, boots, sneakers or any other footwear product you are using right now.
  2. The review you write must be of minimum 500 - 1000 words in length. It must contain things such as product overview, features, pros, cons and verdict. It must be completely unique and plagiarism free.
  3. Once you submit the review, we will check out its quality and will feature it on our site if we find it useful and helpful for our readers. You will also get a good exposure by this way.
  4. The one student who stands out amongst all the applicants with his excellent review article, will be rewarded the scholarship of $500. The cash scholarship fund will be paid through either Paypal or Payoneer. So you need to have either of these accounts (We prefer Paypal).
  5. This will be our annual scholarship program. So if you do not get awarded this year, you are always welcome to participate in the next year.

Application Procedure

  1. First you need to research and write a min. 500 - 1000 word review article for the footwear product you are using right now or have used in the past. It could be your new shoes, boots, sneakers or flip-flops or even sandals. The Review must contain sections such as:
    • Product Overview

    • Features

    • Pros

    • Cons
    • Verdict

    Click here to check out one of our already published review article for your reference.

    Once completed, you can send this review article in Microsoft Word format.Use the following email ID to send your submissions.


  2. Along with the article, kindly send your personal details such as:
  • Your Full Name
  • Your Complete Address
  • Your Email ID
  • Your Paypal ID for Scholarship Payment
  • Contact Number
  • Your Currently Enrolled College or University Name
  • Your Current Area of Specialisation or Expertise
  • Scanned Copy of Your College or University Identity Proof (Your Photo must be visible clearly.)

When you submit your review article, you completely agree to give us the whole permission to use it wherever we want for promotional or marketing purposes.

Scholarship Program Deadlines

Starting Date: January 01, 2017

Last Date of Submission: December 31, 2017

Review of All Submissions: On or Before February 15, 2018

Winner Declaration and Scholarship Rewarding Date: On or Before March 01, 2018

Do remember that this is an ongoing yearly internet marketing scholarship program endorsed from VBMBestReviews.com. You can apply each year to participate in this program even if you get rewarded in the last year.

So, we wish you best of luck and let’s get started.