How to Clean White Mesh Shoes

Why White Mesh Shoes are Loved by Millions of People Across the Globe?

Having a pair of white mesh shoes or sneakers in your shoe rack can be one of the best gifts you can give to yourself because it comes with different advantages. Mesh shoes are the favorite because of its light-weight nature which makes it the most preferred by notable sports men and women.

It enables them to run or joggle freely when compared with the other types of shoes. Mesh shoes keep your feet cool because it allows the movement of air around the feet and also reduces sweat related odors.

Because of the quality and reliability of mesh white shoes, you need to keep it clean and spotless all the time. The efficiency and durability of mesh shoes makes some people to ignore the basic rules of its maintenance.

Every owner of mesh white shoes should understand that it’s not stain resistant. After the days hike or run, it will look dirty.

You are going to learn a simple 7 step approach to learn how to clean your white mesh shoes so they can last for a very long time. Dirt and stains build up on shoes over time, and if not removed properly, it will make your shoe look filthy.

Wearing a grimy white shoe as a sports man sends the wrong message to your fans and other people about your personality. Your mesh white shoes or sneakers need to be distinctively clean.

Apart from your outlook to your fans and friends, the cleanliness of your shoes gives you confidence as you run, joggle or when you are training for a competition.

No Excuses for Cleaning Your White Mesh Shoes Regularly !

You do not have any reason whatsoever not to clean up your White Mesh Shoes after each jogging regime or workout routine. The material used in manufacturing mesh shoes is not delicate and mesh white shoes are designed with the knowledge that the user will consistently clean these shoes.

Therefore, you should not be worried about its longevity assuming you regularly clean it up. This way the shoes will last longer than your actual expectations.

The colors will continue to remain as it is when you keep your shoes clean regularly. You will have to consistently clean your mesh athletic white shoes for them to look very attractive and stylish.

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Currently, there are many brands and styles of mesh athletic white shoes in the market with different cleaning instructions. For every model, there should be recommendations from the manufacturer of these mesh shoes.

Keeping your white mesh shoe in a near-new condition can be difficult if you are not informed about the techniques to be adopted.

The secret of maintaining the quality and cleanliness of your mesh shoes is to start the cleaning process right from the first day of usage. They need to look very clean and tidy from any part of the mesh white shoe up to the sole no matter what you used it for.

The aim of this article is to give you the right information on how to clean your white mesh shoes. Before getting access to that, we like to advise you on upgrading your personal hygiene to avoid smelly shoes and feet.

Few Tips on Preventing Shoe Odor and Smelly Feet

  • Avoid Wearing Shoes Without Socks: It can be disgusting and embarrassing to have smelly shoes. The first step is to avoid wearing shoes on bare feet because it is the main cause behind your mesh shoes becoming so dirty and smelly.
  • Do not Dampen Your Shoes: Another cause of smelly shoes and legs is allowing your shoes to get damp knowing that bacteria thrive in the dark and damp environment. To prevent smelly shoes, you need to put on very clean socks.

  • Use Quality Thick Socks: The function of the socks is to absorb sweat from the feet and water from the shoes. Do not use already used worn-out socks. You should make sure that you have more than 10 pairs of quality thick socks to enable you to change them on a daily basis.
  • Make use of Foot Powder: Some people experience odors even after wearing their clean socks. In such situations, you need to sprinkle some foot powder which helps the foot to get dry and it should be done before lacing up.
  • Keep Your Shoes in Sunlight: If you take a notice that your shoes are damp, then you need to leave them in the sunlight for natural dryness or deodorization from the sun.

7 Simple Step to Clean Your White Mesh Shoes at Home

Step 1

Start Cleaning from Day One

Maintenance of your sports mesh shoe from the first day of purchase should start on the go. As you start jogging and running on the street, you need to have a white handkerchief or a quality art eraser to be used in cleaning of your shoe once you stop for a break.

Using this strategy will reduce the work of cleaning at the end of the day and it will also reduce your stress. If you are using a white art eraser, you just have to rub it on the affected area and blow off the eraser. Cleaning your sports shoes can be done on your break or while you are in transit.

If you want to clean on the go, there is a really handy product named as a Tide-To-Go Pen. At the same time, you can also use a Shoe Cleaning Wipe. They are very handy and will allow you to clean off any stains and stop it from penetrating into the fabrics of the mesh.

Stains can be wiped out after achieving a milestone when you are working out. You are not restricted to bringing out any type of cleaner you have and cleaning up your white mesh shoes. It’s easier to use and it also helps in maintaining the color of your shoes. Click here to know More on cleaning up your mesh white shoes on Nike Site.

If you do not want the complicated stuff, you can straightforward use the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser just to get off any dirt or scuff marks easily from your white mesh shoes.

Summer is synonymous with white sneakers but keeping them clean is not easy. Some sports lovers see it as a tough task to achieve after road tripping, jogging or running around the city.

But you don’t need to worry because we have gotten your back covered with our unique procedure and outlined strategies and step by step procedures.

Items to Be Used for a Thorough Cleaning of Your White Mesh Shoes

  • Warm and Cold Water
  • Bristled Toothbrush (Soft)
  • Laundry Detergent
  • White Vinegar
  • Plastic Spray Bottle
  • Soft Cloth
Step 2

Use Bristled Toothbrush for Scrubbing the Shoe Areas

The light soil needs to be removed from the white mesh shoes or sneakers using a stiff-bristle brush to scrub the sole of the shoe. If the top parts of the shoe have dirt on it, you can equally scrub it until the mesh surface is cleaned.

Use your boiler or heater to warm three cups of water; add one teaspoon of mild dish soap. You need to stir the water thoroughly until suds form. Get an used toothbrush and dampen it with the soapy mixture.

Watch the following video that shows you how you can use soft bristled toothbrush and soap water to clean your white mesh shoes.

Step 3

Soak Your Shoes in Lukewarm Water

Remove the lace from your white mesh shoes or sneakers and soak the shoes in the lukewarm water. Now you can leave it until a greater percentage of the dirt is gone. You can even change the water if the dirt on your shoes is in greater amount.

Step 4

Make Use of Laundry Detergent

Do not forget to wash your laces because they need to be in mint conditions as the rest of the shoes. Damp laundry detergent over the dirt areas of the laces and place them in a delicate bag to launder.

They should be allowed to air dry. The areas surrounding the laces should not be left out while the entire shoe is getting air dried.

Step 5

Use Stain Remover to Clean The Remaining Dirt

Your aim should be to totally cleanse the shoes. Therefore, you should remove it from the water and check if they are still looking grimy. Then you need an all-purpose stain lifter or quality stain remover to mist the shoes.

Use the stain lifter to spray the shoes until you are sure that they are damp to the touch. You need to scrub the shoes in a circular motion using a bristle brush or an used tooth brush.

The surface of your mesh shoes and the sole should be looking so clean as if it’s already a new one.

Here is an interesting video that shows you how you can remove very tough stains from your white mesh shoes easily at your home. Take a look.

Step 6

Dry Your White Mesh Shoes Properly

Time to get your shoes dried up. If you want them to get dried within a short time, you need to use a crumpled paper towel. You can stuff them inside the shoes for a few hours. You can also get the shoes dried up by placing or hanging them outside in the summer.

Step 7

Make Use of Vinegar Only if it is Necessary

The Vinegar Method

If you find out after step 3 that there are still stains on the shoe, or if the white mesh has tuned yellow. In this case, you need to apply the vinegar method.

Bring out the vinegar bottle (remember it is one of the requirements). The white vinegar should be sprayed on the discolored spots and allow it to dry in the sun.

The vinegar and the sun rays will naturally whiten the mesh. You can enable it to dry up till 40mins or more.

Important Caution : Do Not Use Washing Machine

You are advised never to use the washing machine because the wear and tear of the machine will weaken the mesh, and the heat of the drier will weaken the brightness of the colors.

Though it is a faster way of washing, it is not recommended due to the adverse effect it will have on your new white mesh shoes. Also, avoid bleaching the laces of your shoes because it weakens the fiber.

The procedure outlined in this article is the best when it comes to washing and maintaining your new or used white mesh shoes as well as sneakers. You may end up hamming your shoes or destroying the mesh if you use other methods.

So we highly recommend you to follow our 7 step procedure as mentioned above. This way you can easily and harmlessly clean your white mesh shoes at your home.

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